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May 5, 2013
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~ Du är söt ~

*Husband!Sweden X Wife!Reader*

The (h/c) haired female gasped in surprise at the sight of the washing machine rolling clothes one by one.Was that a red sock?And the other white?
She bit down hard onto her lower lip in expectance,the red light flickering announcing the washing program was over.Pushing onto the button,it all went silent as the female opened the circular door in order to take out the freshly washed clothes.
One by one,socks went into the laundry basket she used in order to take them to their assigned place.But something was wrong this time.
The scarlett red socks had their colours faded,while the white ones were ... well,a very feminine pink.
Catching the said material into her hands,studying just to make sure her eyes didn't betray her,(Name) felt all of a sudden her eyes become tearry.
A shadow prolonged itself above the laundry basket,giving the (h/c) an emotionless ocean blue stare as she stood there,near the washing machine,two socks in each hand,onto the cold floor.
Helping her up,the Swede felt himself being brought into an embrace,his lower part hugged as well as possible by the fragile arms of his lover.
"I'm so sorry Su!Look what I've done!" (Name) spoke,guiltily showing the blonde the former white socks - now a vivid pink.
Tears hit her cheeks in an instant,only to be wiped away in the next second by the large Swedish male.
"'t's f'ne!" Berwald assured the (h/c),taking the socks from her hands and throwing them into the laundry basket,only for him to bend down and peck her lips lovingly.
The action brought warmth to the female's cheeks even if she should have been used with these small signs of affection by now.
(Name) should have knew from the very start how caring and considerate Berwald was - never has he once complained about the mistakes she had done - but well,this one just seemed to top them all in her point of view.
Taking the laundry basket,they headed together for the dryer,arranging the freshly washed clothes.
No matter how tired the Swede was,he always seemed to preserve some of his energy for daily chores or small romantic moments with his wife.After all,they loved eachother.

~Time skip~

"Umm...are those socks ...?" the small Fin started shyly,not believing his eyes.
"Man,are you wearing pink socks?!" Matthias bursted into obnoxious laughter as the Swede nodded in approval.
"Shut it,Dane!" Lukas interrupted the fuss by chocking the taller Nordic with his tie.
"What happened?" the Norwegian asked,cocking a light eyebrow at him in expectance while Matthias tried to pry himself off from his grasp.
"Acc'd'nt!" Berwald simply responded,shrugging as he fixed better his glasses with his index finger.
"Well,some accident I may say!" the Icelander noted,watching the Swedish male take his place in front of the computer and do his work.
A gentle palm slapped him against the back of his silvery haired head,causing the boy to gasp in surprise and protest.
"What was that about Kristjan?!" Emil yelled at his older sibling,gaining a shrug of the elder's shoulders.
"Don't ask me!It was an accident!" the navy blue eyed male responded,causing the Greenlandic to laugh his heart out.
"DEN,I'VE MIXED THE WHITE SHIRTS WITH THE RED ONES!!!" the Danish female yelled across the office,the goofy smile disappearing from Matthias features.
"No,you didn't...Tell me you didn't!!!" the Dane begged,falling dramatically onto his knees.
"U mad bro?!" Suu mocked her older brother,causing everyone's laughter to double - even Lukas was seemingly chuckling at the scene,as well as Berwald's face morph into something similar to a smile.

~Time skip~

"'m hom'!" the Swedish male called,shutting the front door behind him.
"Welcome home,husband!~" (Name) cooed,wrapping her arms around the taller male's neck,who only did to pick her up with ease and waltz with her in the small corridor.
Feeling her palms press against the flesh of his broad shoulders,a silly,still happy smile adorne her features,Berwald couldn't help but smile a little too.
Being with (Name) was the best thing that ever happened to him - she was the passport to a new world,the key to happiness and he treated her like a precious porcelain doll.
It was funny when they stood one to another in front of a mirror,the height difference quite visible - but none of them seemed to mind that,neither the age gap.
People tried to convince (Name) several times she was too young for Berwald and that she might get tired of him - but they were wrong.She loved him daily even more and the fact that he was so caring towards her made things a lot more bright.The large Swede was her fluffy teddy bear she sleept with,the man who was able to support her no matter what,but the most important,trust her and never fail to solve any conflict before it could burst into a small war.
(Name) loved Berwald - and he loved her just as much,if not,even more.Of course he was the man of a few words,but being with her caused him to loosen up and speak more. Even if it was about his political views or reading stories,the (h/c) payed attention to what he had to say and offered her opinion - they took decisions together,that was the main reason they agreed on spending the rest of their lifes being one another's.
"Ber,why do you love me?" (Name) asked all of a sudden,feeling the blonde stop the dance.
"B'c'use y'u ar' cut'!" he sincerly responded,waiting for her reaction.
That wasn't the single thing he loved about her - Berwald loved everything about (Name) - beginning with her beautiful (e/c) eyes,her fragile form and even her sweet antics - he even loved her flaws.
"This was plain adorable!~" the female sung,bursting into delicate laugh.
"I love you Berwald!" (Name) said,a pinkish tinge attacking her features,as she swayed back and forth onto her legs.
"I l've y'u to',m' w'fe!" Berwald responded in his deep,accented voice,bending in order to steal a kiss.
Every single kiss they shared was as fresh as a flower,pure and loving,full of the feelings they held one for another.
Berwald knew why he loved (Name) so much - because she was herself and nothing could change that.Because she was the brightest colour in his monochrome exsistence.
Berwald Oxentierna – Sweden

Matthias – Denmark

Lukas – Norway

Emil – Iceland

Tino – Finland © Hetalia,Hidekaz Himaruya

Kristjan – Svalbard
– OC

Suu – Copenhagen – OC

You – You




‘Du är söt’ (Swedish) = ‘You are sweet’



Story: © VanillaSuu,2013

Warnings: None – apart from


Sooo… I thought about this
while washing the clothes… a good friend of mine came at my place and he had
some white shirts which got dirty and I offered to clean them … but being the
dumb person I am,I forgot that I put them in the washing machine and threw my
red clothes too … which resulted into his shirts becoming pink – very manly,I

I decided to write it for
someone who is manly enough and I had to choose in between Matthias,Berwald and
Ludwig.And tada!~

I hope you enjoy! xD




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Comments are appreciated!~


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Sk8rchic2000 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Try about 3 tablespoons of bleach in an ALL white (or used to be white) load,  then hang dry.
That'll have his shirts back to normal in no time.  Just remember not TOO much bleach or it will melt holes in the shirt.
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