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November 24, 2012
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~White Christmas~

*Husband!England X Wife!Reader*

‘Drabble #3 from ‘All I want for Christmas’ series’

The young couple walked hand in hand,a big smile plastered onto her features,as his was more shy,still giving an happy allure to his handsome face.
The capital city of England was painted in dull greys and couloured blacks as it always had been,the atmosphere humind and holding something of that disgusting mold aroma which caused foreigners to scrunch their noses  - as the inhabitants of the said country were already used to it.
The illuminating posts gave off pale yellow rays which danced on the paved streets,the female`s delicate steps almost inaudible as she snaked her arm around her green eyed husband`s to catch some of the warmth his body always held.
(Name) had always been clingy towards people – but when it came to Arthur,the boundaries of her clinginess were not to be surpassed by any human alive.Though he had found it annoying at the beginning,the Brit got used to it gradually,becoming addicted to the bear hugs,innocent glomps,stolen kisses and all the small things the pretty female applied to him and only him – and he was quite proud that he was the object of (Name)`s affection.
The rather cold wind run at an incredible speed,cutting through void with a creepy sound and as it hit the walls of the brick made buildings slowly died,only to be replaced by another freezing wave which pinched the exposed face and hands of the female,bringing colour to her cheeks and making her body tremble slightly.
Noticing the small shiver,Arthur protectively put his arm over his wife`s shoulders,bringing her small body closer to his,so that the young female was safe from wind and any other harm that could be done.
Taking their time to get to the objective – as the atmosphere was soon to be hectic,noisy,in less words,disturbing -  the Kirkland mannor appeared in the sight,standing tall and proud as always,a typical English villa built in the Victorian style which held so much elegance and mystery.
Every single light in the mannor seemed to be on,as the young couple was soon enough greeted by the Brit`s mother – a female who never failed to surprise people around her,staying the same over years,even though some times were harsh for her – and welcomed into the coziness of the interior.
(Name) and Elizabeth got into a half embrace,barely kissing their cheeks,shortly followed by Joseph`s parental pat on the shoulder.The silence was broken as soon as the youngest Kirkland happily descended the stairs,tackling the (h/c) haired female into a friendly hug at which she gladly responded.Lazily following him were the other brothers,four at number,including their hyperactive cousin which waved towards (Name).
“Hey guys,nice to see you!” the female sort of saluted,patting the honeyed coloured locks of the youngest member.
“I thought you weren`t going to come this year!” Dylan said somewhat shocked.
Arthur and (Name) gazed into eachother`s eye for a moment,silly smiles playing onto their features before actually responding.
“We weren`t planning this,truth to be told!(Name) was quite sick lately and I didn`t want to put her through danger!” the Brit broke the silence,catching his wife`s hand into a soft grasp.
“Oh!But are you feeling better now,honey?” the elder female asked,enveloping the young girl`s free hand into her soft and warm palms.
“I`m better now Mrs.Kirkland,don`t worry!It was just a minor thing.” (Name) responded,welcoming the English female with a soft expression.
“That`s good!Though,you shouldn`t push yourself too hard!We`ll have dinner and you can go and rest darling!” Elizabeth continued,motherly pinching the rosy cheek of the girl.
“This is very gentle of you madam,but I have to refuse dinner!I quite have this vomit feeling which refuses to leave!” the female gave an apologetic smile.
“You should at least drink a cup of tea!It will warm you up!” Liam suggested at which the girl nodded.
“I`m taking care of this!” Seamus offered,making his way towards the kitchen.
“Watch out with that,will ye Seamus?Ye don`t want to kill Arther`s lassie,now,would you?” Allistor said in a mockingly way,gaining a snicker from the said male.
“Bloody hell!You haven`t changed at all!” Arthur intervened,rubbing his temples in annoyance.
“Aww,honey!Don`t get all so stressed!” (Name) cooed,giving her husband a small peck on the lips.
“If it weren`t for you love,I swear I wouldn`t be here now!” the Brit sighed,offering the female his arm for support.
“They are your family too,dummy!And they are also mine.I love them all.Even Allistor`s perverted remarks!” the female took his arm,carefully climbing the wooden stairs.
“I don`t hate them.The fact is that…” Arthur started,awkwardly scratching his neck while they`ve already reached his former room.
“I`ve just wanted to be the two of us this Christmas.I don`t want you to get stressed,because I know how noisy they can be.I`m concerned about your health,ok?” the door opened revealing the untouched objects.
“I`m ok Iggy!~ It`s just natural,so don`t get overworked,will you?” (Name) said in a sweet tone which melted her husband`s heart and at which his stiffened shoulders loosened.

~Time skip~

The female shifted from a side to another,feeling either too warm,either too cold.With a small huff,she threw the covers off of her,carefull not to disturb her sleeping husband.Watching his peaceful features while he slept made (Name) fangirl on the inside.
After 3 years of marriage she still loved her emerald green eyed Brit as if they were at the beginning of the relationship,if not,even more.They had their silly fights,heated arguments which ended with them parting ways and feeling guilty – the blonde male rubbing his hands in concern and regretting his words – the female`s eyes watering and small sobs escaping her lips for which the Brit would feel like a fool and an unworthy man for (Name) – but she loved him with a burning passion and nothing could change what she had felt for him.
Making her way towards the window as silently as possible,a pair of arms circled the female`s slim waist which caused her to tremble in fear.Her heart beat calmed though when the aroma of Earl tea enveloped her senses,placing a fragile hand onto the blonde`s arms.
“Can`t sleep,love?” the Brit sleepedly asked.
(Name) shook her head,drawing a little the curtains so she her (e/c) orbs could see the outside world.When they were enough drawn,she let a small gasp escape her lips,placing a hand over her mouth to suppress a squeal.
Arthur chuckled at his wife`s childish behaviour over something as simple as that.But that`s what he adored the most about (Name) – no matter how many times it happened,simple things meant the world to her – and one of those simple,still amazing things at the moment were the fluffy white snowflakes dancing in circles in the frozen wind,swirling,swaying,as if they were graceful ballerinas and the British capital was their stage.
(Name)’s (e/c) eyes watched with a childish pleasure until the horizon line the soft white cover which made London look so much vivid,more of a playground.Through the foreground of white festive spectacle which blocked most of the view,in the inky black background only the Big Ben was illuminated,precisely pointing the late hours of the night with his big black limbs.
Arthur started drawing soothing circles on the female`s tummy,the said action causing her to softly giggle.
“When are we going to tell them?” the blonde asked more himself than her,dreamily gazing outside the window.
“I don`t know.I hope they`ll enjoy the news!” the female let out a small sigh,suddently uncertain.
“They will!And if they won`t,it`s not their concern.It`s ours!” Arthur kissed the girl`s exposed shoulder.
“What about tomorrow?” (Name) simply asked,a smile playing onto her features.
“Tomorrow is just fine!” the Brit answered,bringing his wife under the covers for the needed sleep.
“Merry Christmas,Arthur!” the female whispered,placing an innocent kiss onto the blonde`s lips.
“Merry Christmas,(Name) and little one!” Arthur contently responded,kissing back.

‘Merry Christmas!’
Arthur Kirkland – England
Allistor – Scotland
Dylan – Whales
Liam – South Ireland
Seamus – North Ireland
Peter – Sealand
Alfred - America
You – You

Elizabeth – Arthur`s mom :3
Joseph – Arthur`s father

So,yeah,my stuff are getting quite… xD Annoying is a good word for this?I don`t know!~
I just can`t wait for Christmas!!!! Please,Christmas,comeeeee….~
Gah,am I the only one obsessed with it?And snow,yeah…let`s not forget snow…!
Ahem…enjoy the cute tsundere Brit!~ :3

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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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