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April 6, 2013
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~Up she goes~

'Sequel to 'White Christmas' - Husband!England X Wife!Reader from 'All I want for Christmas' series'

'Up she goes,up,up,/I want to reach her,but it's hard/She's being like the best of me/She's reaching for eternity/I guess that's why I can't reach her/Because she's growing and I can't soar.'.

The female brushed her (h/c) hair with small movements,the action itself soothening her.Of course it was quite hard to hide such a thing - in a way,she felt egoistical to keep it just for herself and Arthur - but her major fear was how his family was to react.
Sighing inwardly,the female placed the hairbrush onto the small wooden table in front of the mirror,glacing once more at her reflection - she had grown unnecessarly tired and her belly proeminent,anouncing she had to speak up already.
Seeing his wife lost into her thoughts,the Brit enveloped her into a warm hug,placing his hand against her baby bump - small,but still there.
"I don't know how am I supposed to go on lying!I feel so bad for doing it!" the (h/c) spoke,feeling the male's breath delicately caress her skin.
"You are getting overworked love and this is not good for the baby!Just relax!"  Arthur whispered,his tone warm,as his hands went to the female's shoulders,massaging them lightly.
A satisfied sigh escaped the (h/c)'s glossy lips,her stiffened shoulders dropping as the blonde's hands continued working on the aching spot,seemingly draining all the worries she previously had and replacing them with security.
"What about we go and eat something?" Arthur's lips stretched into a smile as he proposed that.
The female nodded in approval,putting on the red and blue sweater over the black leggings which was way too large for her - but at least it hid her swollen belly and it was comfortable enough to walk around.
Snaking her arm around the Brit's,they went down the stairs and straight into the living room where Mrs.Kirkland prepared everything so that all the family could gather for breakfast.
"Good morning sweety!" the elder female greeted,urging both of them to take a seat.
"Good morning Mrs.Kirkland!" (Name) responded in a sweet manner,taking her seat next to her husband - which he provided by pulling the chair for her.
"Seamus,Allistor,Peter,Alfred,Dylan,Liam!Breakfast!" Elizabeth called after them,hearing several pairs of feet catching speed.
"What about Mr.Kirkland?" the (h/c) asked,not hearing the elder's male name being called.
"Joseph had some business to do!He'll be home by lunch honey,don't fret about it!" the English female answered,gaining a small nod.
Well,she might as well delay a little bit the discussion - until lunch time - or dinner.Pr maybe tomorrow.Next year maybe,when the baby was already born?
(Name) felt her confidence growing weak,as well as her will to speak about it.The warmth of the Brit's male hand above hers brought a little bit of reassurance to the female's soul.
"Dylan,will ye' give me the bread?" the red haired requested,receiving a cocky look from his younger sibling.
"Will ye' give me the bread?" the called boy mocked,gaining a row of laughs from the others.
"Stop that in this instant boy!Your brother has asked you nicely and you act like that!Give him the bread!" the blonde female interrupted the bickering,her eyebrows furrowed together.
"Yes ma'am!" Dylan gave in,obediently following his mother's order.
Allistor's face morphed into a satisfied smirk,as the younger teenager handed him the bread,the other siblings laughing now at the younger's humiliated manner of listening to his mother's word.
"(Name) sweety,you look quite pale!Is everything allright?" Elizabeth asked the (h/c),all the eyes placed upon her small form now.
"Uum... You see ma'am.." she started,feeling her throat getting dried,her palms grow sweaty and that vomit feeling reach its peak.
"Mama,stop bothering (Name)!Arthur has already told us she wasn't feeling very well!" the youngest spoke,playing with the vegetables in his plate,only to put them at the edge in disgust.
"Peter Kirkland,when you'll grow enough and you'll have your own family,I shall ask you about your spouse!Now shut up and let the adults speak!" the English female impatiently drum her fingers onto the table,gaining a small squeak from the called one and a frenetical nod.
"Though ma' is right!Something seems off with ye álainn!" Seamus's jade eyes were once again pointed to the female's form as he spoke.
"God damn it!" (Name) said under her breath.
"Your mother is right!I am not fine.I am feeling sick and in this moment I don't feel like eating.I wished Mr.Kirkland was here too,so I can tell it once for everyone!I am pregnant,deal with it!" the (h/c) breathed all once,the whispers and bickering dying down.
Peter's fork slipped out of his hand,falling with a prelonged thud onto the table,Elizabeth's frown dropped,while the others just stood there,mouth agape.
"Arther got laid!" Allistor broke the unnerving silence,his bass laugh echoing through the large Victorian mansion.
"Bloody hell!That's all you can tell,you alcohoolic brat?!" Arthur protested at his brother's outburst,planting his fists onto the table.
"Well,seems like big brother..." Liam started.
"... took (Name) to a tour around London and ... " Seamus completed his twin's sentence.
"... visited Big Ben!" the two of them ended,bursted into contagious laugh,causing Arthur to facepalm.
"Why are you all being so rude,you gits?" the Brit sighed,rubbing his temples in a soothing manner.
"Man,that's awesome!You'll have a little dude!" Alfred pumped his fist into the air,his cyan blue eyes sparkling in excitement.
"No Alfred,no!Dude is not a neutral noun.The baby might as well be a girl!" the green eyed male explained.
"Oh,yeah!Or the little dudette!" the American boy laughed,posing heroically.
"You know?I'm quite happy I'm part of the family.Because you guys are hillarious!" (Name) laughed,wiping a tear which threatened to fall from the edge of her eye.
"Do you feel better love?" Arthur asked,a small smile placed upon his lips as he looked down at her.
"Positive!I feel more at ease now to see the guys are happy about it!" the (h/c) tucked a strand of locks behind her ear,sunking deeper into the chair.
"Arthur Kirkland boy!How could you keep that away from your ma'?" Elizabeth interrupted,crossing her arms over her chest.
"I'm sorry about that!It's actually my fault!I wanted to be sure we really were going to be parents then I started to worry that you won't like the notice!" (Name) explained,seeing how the elder female's features morphed,slowly turning soft and warm.
"Now... You need to eat sweety!The baby surely is hungry.And you boys,stop mocking your brother!" the English female requested,at which everyone nodded their heads in approval.
"Still,I can believe Arthur ... " Dylan started laughing,making suggestive signs with his hands.
"Don't mind them honey!It will pass some time before they will grow up and act mature." the (h/c) reassured the blonde,sweetly smiling at him.
"I guess you are right love!" Arthur responded,taking the female's small hand into his and kissing gingerly the back of her palm.
Bending to her height,the Brit stole a kiss,hearing the cheering and wolf whistle sounds in the background - but he didn't care as long as (Name) was there for him,because he seemingly was lost into her beautiful (e/c) eyes.
'I love you!~'.
'I love you too,(Name)!'.

'Though sometimes she looks down at me/And I can see her smile broadly/Then I remember how lucky I am to have her/Because up she goes,up she goes,up she goes...'.
Arthur Kirkland – England
Dylan Kirkland – Wales
Liam Kirkland - South Ireland
Seamus Kirkland - North Ireland
Peter Kirkland - Sealand
Allistor Kirkland – Scotland
Alfred F.Jones – America © Hetalia,Hidekaz Himaruya
Elizabeth and Joseph Kirkland – OCs
You – You


‘álainn’ (Irish) = ‘beautiful’

Story: © VanillaSuu,2013
Lyrics: © VanillaSuu

Well,I know I`ve promised doing this a long time ago. But finally,I remembered and did. Sorry for the long wait. -.-
Still,I hope you enjoy it!~ Love,Suu!~

Finland :
Norway :
England :
Male!Belarus :
Romano :
Iceland :
Italy :
Denmark :
Scotland :
Spain :
Netherlands :
Latvia :
Male!Hungary :
America :
Germany :
Austria :
Sweden :
France :
Prussia :
Estonia :
Canada :
Russia :
Bulgaria :
Male!Ukraine :
Romania :
Switzerland :
Australia :

Sequels :

England : here
Norway :


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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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piplup245 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
Oh I visited big ben alright. And i had me a great time~
MitsuMitsu-chan Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Took a tour around London and Visited the Big Ben

VanillaSuu Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
well,no. xD If you want to put it so,anything can be sexual. 
But the author is a really good girl :3 sexy minded so nono.
infinitehappiness Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love the absolutely British/Scottish/Irish names! My Lil brors name is Liam, and just finds it so funny when he visited Ireland and was immediately accepted!
VanillaSuu Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Liam is so cute~ It's one of my favourite names. :'3 Your brother must be a cutiepie. I bet he was. :D
infinitehappiness Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I guess... He-s not so cute when he constantly shoots my nerves. This, I meant literally. He will shoot me with Nerf bullets.

But I agree, it's a cute name! (Too bad my bro's a waste of a cute name with that "devil may care" personality)
VanillaSuu Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
... woah! OAO That surprised me a bit. xD

(Nah,don't say so! Siblings are meant to fight and bicker. I'm sure both of you are cuties. :3) 
infinitehappiness Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Awww thank you.
(And on behalf of Liam, thanks. Because he won't say it.)
VanillaSuu Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Haha. Mostly welcome~
(Tsundere a bit,isn't he? xD)
Hetalia-Malta2123 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
This series made my bloody day! Especially this one! >\\\<
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