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November 23, 2012
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~Teardrops taken by wind~

*Jack Frost X Reader*

‘Do you feel lost?’
‘Why should I feel lost?’
‘Because your vision seems to be blurry!’
‘It might be because of my tirdness.’
‘No,it`s not!You`re lying to yourself!’
‘I`m not!I`m just tired,that`s all!’
‘Can`t you hear the calls?Hear them,please!I need you to hear them.I want you to acknowledge me.I`m a part of you.’

The female fluttered her eyes open,watching through blurry vision the surroundings.She let a heaved sigh escape her lips,as her whole being felt as if burning alive,her breath coming in short rasps and every single muscle aching.
(Name) hated snow.It made her ill,caught in bed for weeks because of her fragile immune system.She couldn`t actually afford skipping classes because of a simple cold – as she called it – and she didn`t want to miss those simple things the others could actually enjoy,such as building snow fortresses,playing tag through those puffy white blocks of star shaped frozen tears – because if you actually watched closely,when it was about to snow,the sky turned dark grey and soft blacks and the clouds cried – they cried with pretty delicate white flakes which caught two by two in a dizzy waltz until they touched the frozen ground,covering it with a layer of pure white.
Though she was certain she got over her cold,the female still felt sick.She could barely stand on her own feet as her legs turned jelly,starting to shake and causing the said girl to hit the ground and scrape her delicate skin.
(Name) couldn`t bear being so weak and she also hated being pitied.Because of her fragile nature she had lost a lot – belonging to an actual group of friends as she got sick and couldn`t respond to their hang outs,having a guy to like her as the other girls had – she hated how guys at school treated her – as if she was a porcelain doll and she was to break if they touched her.
She felt pretty lonely – and she actually was – as everyone avoided creating a bound with her,sweetly holding her hand,kissing her goodnight,wishing her the best at an exam,embracing her when she was down – (Name) hadn`t experienced such things and she was afraid she would never do – she wanted to feel the snow touching her skin,the wind dancing with her – those things people called simple and stupid meant the world for her.
Tears pricked at the corner of the female`s eyes,but she wiped them before they even threatened to fall.Wave after wave of warmth and salted pearls were stubbornly wiped,sobs estomped and the thread of insecurity growing considerably.
Missing the humid of the atmosphere,the girl threw off the covers of her and sat on the edge of her bed,watching with indulgent and longing expression the outside world.
That certainly wasn`t a cold anymore – (Name) thought – it was something above that.She might as well risk it all.
Putting on her winter overcoat,she tip toed outside the house,inhaling the smell of frozen snow.The female`s cheeks were pinched by the cold,as well as her frail hands,but she didn`t care as she intently listened to the crunch of the snow under her boots – which she found funny as she advanced through the big piles of frozen tears.
Everything was enveloped in white – the neighbouring houses roofs,some cars which were left in the driveway,the trees whose branches hanged above the ground,ready at anytime to snap and fall because of the weight – the whole world including the horizon line seemed to be a serene white powdered scenario.
The air was a mixture of cinnamon and pine trees,amplified by the crispy wind which brought them to every single corner.
People were happily talking one to eachother,dressed in coats,wearing boots,gloves,hats.Every item which could keep them warm.
Everyone but an individual.The female watched him with curious (e/c) eyes,her mouth shaped in an ‘O’ as he sat there by himself on the frozen bench.
He certainly had the most uncommon features – snow white spiky hair,baby blue eyes which rather could be as well turquoise,fair white skin – and he was dressed in only a navy blue sweater and a pair of light brown tight pants,ripped to the bottom,right above his foot wrist – adding the strange fact that he was wearing no shoes.
“Uum…mister,aren`t you cold?” the female asked in a soft voice which seemed to jingle in the atmosphere.
“Here,you can take this!” she continued before actually receiving an answer,wrapping her navy blue muffler around the unknown`s male neck.
He watched horrified as the girl did that – as if she was quite a strange creature,not him for walking like that on a cold winter day – but even if he didn`t show it,he was quite happy someone wanted to interact with him.
“I don`t need your help,you know!” he coldly answered,returning his gaze to the horizon line.
“Well,I guess you don`t!I`m sorry about that,I actually start doing what I hate myself!” (Name) smiled weakly,scratching awkwardly her neck.
A pressuring silence settled between the two of them,broken by the female`s gasp as she tried to reach for the small flying flock of sparkles.
“Aifen,please!You weren`t supposed to get out now!” she said with a small squeak,the red headed chibi landing on her palm with a pout and his arms crossed over his chest.
The white haired male poked the small creature with his index finger causing it to growl in frustration – unlike his master,Aifen was a really rude and tsundere being,constantly arguing and cursing – even if (Name) told him not to.The little fire entity bite the male`s finger,the last one retreating it as fast as he could as he gave the small one a glare.
“Oh my God!I`m so sorry about that!I thought him to be good towards people,but he always does whatever he wants!” (Name) started to panic,scolding the chibi entity which hid behind her (h/c) locks.
“So…you are a guardian too,huh?” Jack questioned the obvious,nonchalantly placing his cold hand on the female`s burning forhead.
“You are warm!” the blue eyed male continued,watching her with a confused expression.
“I`m like this eversince Aifen has appeared!And strange things have happened too!Is it even legit to burn some things with the power of just staring at them?I guess no,but you get what I mean,don`t you?” (Name) rapidly talked,fluttering her arms in the air.
“You are funny,fire guardian!” Jack chuckled at the female`s silly attitude.
“What`s your name?” he asked the now calmed girl.
“(Name) (Last Name)!” she simply answered,watching his reaction.
“Good (Name)!I`m Jack Frost!And it seems that I`m quite your opposite,being the spirit of winter!” he responded,a smirk growing onto his pale features.
“So…you can make it snow like…right now?” (Name) questioned,cutely pointing her index finger to her lower lip.
“I could do that,but I don`t feel like it!” Jack stuck out his tongue,preparing to make his leave.
“It was nice to meet you,but I have stuff to do!” the white haired male ended,his steps almost inaudible in the crispy snow.
“Wait!Could you,please,make it snow?” the (h/c) female pleaded,her voice lullying wind to sleep.
“I`ve said I could,but I don`t want to!See you!” he finally said before disappearing.
“Aww,what a meanie!” (Name) pouted,crossing her arms over her chest.
“Let`s go home,Ai!” she ordered in a honeyed tone towards the red haired chibi,at which he nodded.
Something cold and soft hit the female`s nose tip – thing which caused her to look up and gasp in surprise.It was snowing,big white flakes getting caught in the (h/c)`s headed locks.
Maybe Jack wasn`t that bad afterall,now,was he?
This was a request made by :iconartisan-garden: .
I suck at life…sorry hun,I`ve seen only a little of the movie and I`ve tried my best not to make Jack too OOC – meaning that I always think of Prussia when I look at him and it leads me into temptation!!!
I`m sorry for this failure,really!! TT^TT

Jack Frost – The Rise of the Guardians
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!~

Aifen is your little fire spirit,meaning that you are a guardian too,Reader~chan! I`m sorry for the fail,really…

1 : ***
2 :


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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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