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~Søt drøm~

'Sequel to the 'Christmas in Oslo' - Husband!Norway X Wife!Reader X Child!Iceland from 'All I want for Christmas' series'

The (h/c) contently sighed as the Norwegian's warm palms massaged the curve of her shoulders,going south and applying a welcomed pressure onto the lower muscles too.It felt just right how Lukas seemed to drain all that pain from her back with the simple rub of his palms against her form - of course it was all honey and sugar,the idea of the baby both allerting and making the young couple happy - but also brought such pains with it,including the muscle aches.
Feeling herself being brought into a warm hug,(Name) placed her head against the blonde's chest,his hands resting onto the visible baby bump,drawing patterns with his fingers across the dress' material.
"Does it hurt kjære?" the Norwegian asked,his monotonous voice betraying concern.
The (h/c)'s lips curved up into a genuine smile,feeling satisfied - Lukas never failed to make her feel unique and loved no matter what.Not even when she started gaining weight because of the pregnancy - she felt just like a swollen baloon,ready to explode anytime.The Norwegian's response was quite simple - besides telling her that she was beautiful no matter if she had her locks messy or no make up and that he was at fault for her state afterall,stroking her tummy gently,a small smile tucking at the corner of his lips when he did that was priceless - it expressed how much the blonde cared for the unborn being and how blessed he felt for having her.
"Nei!We're fine in here!" (Name) responded with a joke,placing her soft palms above the pale ones of her husband.
"If far keeps treating us like this,we are going to be spoiled little brats!" the female continued,her delicate laugh cutting through the sweet scented air.
"I have only one love!I'm allowed,aren't I?" Lukas questioned,planting his face into the valley of her shoulder.
It was pretty funny to think how things escalated - how the stubborn (h/c) gave in and acknowleged that she was indeed in love.
Being friend with the Danish male had its consequences - such as gaining Lukas' hatred - at least that was what she thought.Costantly picking onto the Norwegian,Matthias made things worse,causing the Nordic to fight with the petite girl - still in his monotonous voice,but sustaining that argument.
Until one time,when (Name) couldn't take it anymore and poured her soul in front of him,telling the blonde how much she loved him and how it hurt for them to fight no matter what.She left him mouth agape at her sudden confession,the image of her tear stained cheeks playing as a broken tape in his mind - that was the moment when something clicked inside of him and he went for her.
Lukas wasn't the man of many words,but the growing love for the (e/c) eyed female changed him,causing him to see the world through a new perspective.Even when the snow seemed to fall heavily from the sky,not giving any sign to cease and that claustrophobical feeling to suffocate the male,he felt at ease knowing she was there - snowflakes turned delicate when she was smiling up at the sky,the dark grays magically turned in soft faded tones with a spalatter of white,the frost bitten skin didn't hurt at all,as if he was paralyzed when he looked into her deep (e/c) eyes - world seemed to filtrate through them and the reflection changed the malice of the people into forgivness and serenity.
Lukas loved (Name) - and as it hurt to acknowledge,it was the truth.That was the impulse which caused him to run after her and tell everything - how scared he was to lose her,the protectiveness which took over him and in which he wanted to envelop her,to love her and only her - because after all,she made his world follow its own course.
The (h/c) smiled at the poetic confession and responded into his native language.Of course it was hard to deal with the Norwegian's antics,but (Name) loved him as he was.
Things went on naturally,so it wasn't quite a surprise when the blonde proposed to her in that special night when the rainbow coloured wave was playing onto the frozen satin sky,their wedding shortly following.
The baby wasn't planned indeed,but neither of them seemed to mind that they were going to be parents.Emil was as their own son after all and they loved him and pampered him with everything they've got.
"Sometimes I feel we are more in here!" (Name) broke the silence with a sigh,feeling her eyelids grow heavy once again.
"What do you mean?" Lukas questioned,his breath tickling the delicate skin of her neck.
"I don't know!Don't mind me.You know how strange I get lately!" the female brushed it off,energy coming back to her.
A pair of soft steps could be heard into the mail hall - and both the (e/c) and navy blue gaze were placed at the same time upon the door's frame,only to be welcomed by the sight of a half asleep Icelander,his pet puffin in one hand,while he rubbed sleep out of his liliach orbs with the other.
"I can't sleep!" the small boy proclaimed,a yawn flying by his pale lips.
"Come here Em'!" (Name)'s features developed into a sweet smile as she patted the place next to her.
The liliach eyed boy climed onto the bed helped by his older brother,pondering something in a strangely mature manner - and when he finally decided for the best,he placed his small body against the (h/c)'s swollen tummy.
"Can I stay here?" the infant asked,feeling his cheeks burn in embarassment.
(Name) laughed softly,nodding her head in approval as her slender fingers brushed the silver white locks of the Icelander.
His small warm body against her tummy was his own way of showing he cared for the unborn baby - the affection he showed brought so much happiness for both the Norwegian and the (h/c) as he placed a ginger kiss against her cheek.
Hearing the baby's heartbeat into the female's belly,rhythmical,though faster than his,the Icelander felt his eyelids grow heavy - until one moment when he snapped his liliach eyes open in amazement.
"I'm sorry sweety!" (Name) apologized,placing her palm against the chubby cheek of the boy.
"It's that the baby?" Emil questioned,feeling himself growing excited as the female nodded.
Both his small hands and the more large ones of his brother went straight for the clothed tummy,to feel the baby kick.The Icelander pouted as Lukas seemed to keep the (h/c) for himself,but as soon as the blonde felt the vibration,a satisfied smile was painted onto his lips and he caught his younger brother's small hands,placing them there.
Emil's liliach orbs were focused now onto the spot,as if he was able to see through the material of the dress and through layer of muscles and skin how the unborn ones body moved,pulsing.
The Icelander long forgotten the fact that he was upset onto his older brother and pressed his tiny hands against the female's tummy.

~Time skip~

"Call me kjære bror!You know you want to!" the Norwegian mocked,his index fingers playing into the air as if he conducted an orchestra.
"I don't want to!Stop saying that.You know how much it annoys me!" the liliach eyed teenager protested,obviously flustered by his older brother's insistence.
"Why is far doing that to uncle Ice?" the navy blue eyed boy asked in his monotonous voice.
"Because he loves your uncle,that's why!" the (h/c) answered,buttoning up the cute sailor suit upon her son.
"Kjære far!" the small girl sang,her little arms at her back as she swayed back and forth onto her feet.
The Norwegian tried to say something,but words seemed to get stuck somewhere in the middle of his throat.
"Kjære onkel! " (Daughter's Name) continued,her (e/c) eyes placed upon the Icelander's form now.
"Well...aren't you the cutest thing ever?" Emil laughed a little,picking the small blonde girl into his arms.
The Icelander smiled at (Name),thanking her for everything she had done for him - including in dressing his cute neice into an outfit similar to his.
"Þakka þér,systir kær! " the liliach eyed teenager whispered,pressing his lips gingerly against the female's soft cheek.
"Þú ert velkominn,bróðir kæri! " she responded,kissing both him and her daughter.
"What has he said?" Lukas asked out of curiosity,watching as his little brother played with his precious daughter.
"That's a secret which will remain between me and him,my dear husband!" (Name) laughed,picking the picnic basket on her way.
"Have I told you how much I love you?" the blonde's lips curled up into a smile,getting to his son's height in order to embrace him.
"Well...a lot of times!But I still can't get tired of it!" (Name) answered,pecking the Norwegian's pale lips.
'Jeg elsker deg (Name)!'
'Jeg elsker deg også Lukas!'.
Lukas Bondevik – Norway

Emil Steilsson – Iceland

Matthias – Denmark © Hetalia,Hidekaz Himaruya

You – You


Story:  © VanillaSuu,2013

Warnings: None




‘kjære’ (Norwegian) =

‘nei’ (Norwegian) = ‘no’

‘far’ (Norwegian) = ‘father’

‘kjære bror’ (Norwegian) =
‘brother dear’

‘Kjære far’ (Norwegian) =
‘father dear’

‘Kjære onkel’ (Norwegian) =
‘uncle dear’

‘Þakka þér,systir kær!’
(Icelandic) = ‘Thank you,sister dear’

‘Þú ert velkominn,bróðir kæri’
(Icelandic) = ‘You are welcome,brother dear’

‘Jeg elsker deg’ (Norwegian)
= ‘I love you’

‘Jeg elsker deg også’
(Norwegian) = ‘I love you too’


Because I was asked to,I`ve
made a sequel for the ‘Christmas in Oslo’
Christmas special which resulted into this. Hehe,blame the author. :3



Finland :…
Norway :…
England :…
Male!Belarus :…
Romano :…
Iceland :…
Italy :…
Denmark :…
Scotland :…
Spain :…
Netherlands :…
Latvia :…
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America :…
Germany :…
Austria :…
Sweden :…
France :…
Prussia :…
Estonia :…
Canada :…
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Bulgaria :…
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Switzerland :…
Australia :…

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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:


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