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February 10, 2013
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~Sweet chocolates~

*Romano X Reader*

'Valentine's Day Special~'

"But Lovino...!" the (h/c) whined,not believing her ears what the Italian male was saying.
"Well ragazza,I couldn't care less!Valentine's day it's a crappy commercial shit anyways!" thing being told,Romano hunged up,the beeping sound announcing the call was ended.
Pressing the red button herself,(Name) threw her mobile phone onto the bed,a heavy sigh escaping her lips.Of course Lovino had a point in what he was saying - because indeed Valentine's was a day when lovers shared sweets which they didn't even bother to make themselves,bought flowers and who knows which plush bears,bunnies and so on and so forth.
But the female didn't care about the presents - she just wanted to spend more time with her boyfriend,also known as the tsundere Italian,Lovino Vargas.
Sometimes the (h/c) thought the brown haired male was ashamed to tell the others he was in a relationship with her - that she was his girl or something.
Not even a single friend of his knew what was going between them two - and to make the matters worse,every single damn girl in the highschool seemed to flirt nonchallantly with him in front of her.
In moments like that,(Name) hoped to find a piece of courrage and break it with Lovino - but she couldn't because she loved him way too much to do it.
Sighing inwardly,the female blew a hot wave of breath onto the thin glass of the window,drawing a small heart with her index finger,which slowly disappeared as the effect didn't last for too long - but blewing another wave of air meant being able to see once again the previously drawn shape.
Seeing the cooking utensils in front of her,(Name) couldn't help but feel helpless - the foul mouthed Italian clearly specified he wasn't going to show up for Valentine's - though here she was,preparing home made chocolate.
Adding the final touches - and a personal tint through them - the (h/c) placed them in a heart patterned plastic,kept together by the red,white and mint green bow the female applied.

~Time skip~

Brushing her hair until it looked as she wanted to,the female brought it into a lower bun,keeping the locks in place with a plain daisy hairclip,continuing her work upon the other details.
Looking at the reflection in the mirror,(Name) felt satisfied with how she looked - the black khol crayon making her eyes a lot more expressive,the delicate curvy line above her upper eyelid feminine and the mascara shadowing the (e/c) pools,curling them up in the same time.The rosy blush powdered on the cheek bones made the female look adorable as a doll,the peach lipstick completing to the whole preparations.
Wearing a beautiful sleeveless dress,the upper part of it embracing the female's curves,while from the waist it became frilly,it made her look both elegant and not gave her real age though.
All of these preparations were in vain - (Name) thought - but it wasn't as if she wasn't allowed to do that for herself.
Hearing two rather quiet knocks at the front door,the female sighed,resuming to opening the wooden material without even bothering to look who it was.
Opening her (e/c) orbs,she was met by a big bouquet of red and white roses,some of the flowers still unbloomed,not letting the person who delivered them visible.
The male - as (Name) could guess from his plain black pants - entered the house without any further ads,placing the large bouquet onto the table in the main hall.
Revealing a pair of hazel brown eyes,a mixture of guilt and embarassment playing into them,the coffee brown hair neatly done,as well as his ironed one shirt clinging onto his body,the Italian boy gaped his mouth a few times in order to say something,but gave up.
"I know-a I told you I hate-a Santo Valentino!But you mean-a lot to me bella and I don't want-a you to be upset!" the male spoke up finally,scratching his neck awkwardly as he stood there,making a fool of himself.
"You really did that for me,Lovi?" (Name) asked,her eyes wide in amazement.
"Haven't I told-a you not to call-a me that?" he angrily started,but calmed down soon.
",I did it for you!Because... Ti amo,tesoro!" Lovino confessed,feeling his cheeks burn in embarassement.
The female's eyes watered in happiness at the words which escaped her lover's lips and caused her to launch herself at him.
"Ti amo anche io,Lovino!" (Name) responded,feeling tears threatening to fall her (e/c) eyes and ruin all her work.
"Ragazze come te non piangono!Please,don't cry,mia bella!" the Italian pleaded,bringing the female's body closer to his into the embrace.
Nodding her head in approval,the male smiled to himself,bringing the female's gaze up to meet his.It always was like that - when the (e/c) orbs of the teenager met the hazel brown of his,every single care in the world seemed to disappear.All the insecurities,the substance's flow - everything in order for that certain moment when they lost themselves into eachother,the flowers of their eyes caressing one another with invisible hands.
The Italian bent his head down to his girlfriend's height,doing what he knew could express better his feelings than words could do - and that was the melt of his mouth upon hers,sparks forming as (Name) circled the male's neck with her arms,searching for support as she felt her knees grow weak,Lovino pressing upon her lower back,bringing her closer to him as their lips blended,causing them to crave for more.
Parting for air,the two broke the kiss with a poping sound,their gazes not ready to meet after the shared kiss - as (Name) felt the Italian's tomato aroma against her tongue and how Lovino could taste the (h/c)'s lipstick flavour which now lingered into his hot cavern.
"Buon San Valentino,bella!" the hazel brown eyed male broke the silence,his cheeks stained red as he peeked an eye at his female lover - her soft cheeks the same shade of red,though that smile tucking at the corner of her lips,carving cute dimples which bloomed onto her face.
"Buon San Valentino,amore!" (Name) responded,placing her face into the male's white shirt,wrinkling it - but that was the last thing the two could think about,as they breathed the same hot,love filled air.
Lovino Vargas – South Italy / Romano © Hetalia,Hidekaz Himaruya
You – You

Story: © VanillaSuu,2013
Warnings: Lovino aka swearing


‘ragazza’ (Italian) = ‘girl’
‘Santo Valentino’ (Italian) = ‘Saint Valentine’
‘bella’ (Italian) = ‘beautiful’
‘Sì’ (Italian) = ‘yes’
‘Ti amo’ (Italian) = ‘I love you’
‘tesoro’ (Italian) = ‘treasure’
‘Ti amo anche io’ (Italian) = ‘I love you too’*
‘Ragazze come te non piangono’ (Italian) = ‘Girls like you don`t cry’
‘Buon San Valentino’ (Italian) = ‘Happy Valetine`s Day’
‘amore’ (Italian) = ‘love’

So yeah,a crappy Romano X Reader Valetine`s special. xD It turned so fluffeh that is giving me diabetis. And so out of Lovi`s character. Meh!

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Comments are appreciated. :3 :iconstolenkissplz:

EDIT 1: Special thanks to :iconku095: for pointing that 'Ti amo troppo' means 'I love you too much' and that I should have used 'Ti amo anche io' instead.
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