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November 8, 2012
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~Spiel strasse~

*Teacher!Prussia X Student!Reader*

'If you want to find out
What love is about
And if you are lonley baby
Just open your mind
You're one of a kind
Just gotta live your life...'

The older Beilschmidt contemplated,his head in his hand,while the students wrote.It was the final exam,as the teenagers were to finish their Senior year.
Blue inked pens hit the blank pages,circling correct - or thought to be correct - answers,filling in the gaps,differently coloured orbs reading at an incredibile speed the text - it was a fragment from Goethe's well known piece of art,'Faust',as the German teacher thought nothing would represent better the language than the classical literature,the cradle of melodical harmony and both religion and moral -.
The male let a small sigh escape his lips as his own ruby red gaze wandered through the mass of students.
They were a good class,indeed.But each class has his black sheeps - with whom the Prussian male got accustomed from the very beginning,as he himself wasn't really a model for others -.
A certain someone caught his eye though and made things a lot easier - meaning that it balanced both the sick jokes of the wannabe's and the general grade,making the class a plesant way of passing by the time.
That certain someone had a name - and she had a pretty name at that,which the Prussian tried many times on his lips - he absolutely loved how it sounded .The girl's name?(Name) (Last Name)!
What Gilbert loved about her,weren't her (straight/curly) (h/c) locks which were always put into either a messy bun or a sophisticated braid,neither her (gem) (e/c) eyes which held a burning passion inside them,which gave everyone a little piece of the female's soul - how much she loved to live - ,but the way she spoke German - how fluid and coherent were her sentences,how vaste her vocabulary was,how fast she could read a text and deliberately comment on it,how the accent rolled off her tongue made people think she was native - but that was far from the truth.
The first time he had a class with them,he was surprised by her.Because instead of responding with a simple 'Hallo,mein Name ist (Name) (Last Name) und ich bin (years) Jahre alt!',she continued in a surprisingly good German.
Questions such as 'Entschuldigung,ich habe eine Frage' or 'Ist das so richtig?' were frequently leaving her lips,ending with a nod of her head,a pretty smile on her face and an excited 'Ich danke Ihnen für Ihre Hilfe.'.
She was a straight A student and he expected from her the best at that paper too.

~Time skip~

The Prussian scrunched his nose in disapproval.What was wrong?He hadn't expected the girl to do that bad on the test.
Was Goethe way too deep for her?Well,he doubted that,taking into account her reaction when he gave the students a fragment from Heidegger - who was way more profound and hard to understand - and at which she did great.Or how he would say,awesome.
They've went through Rilke's pieces too and her essay was not to be doubted.
Then,what could have happened?As the shy knock at the door could be heard,the male responded with a simple 'Come in'.
The girl made her way towards her German teacher,bravely waiting to be scolded.She stood still as she always did,but from time to time she bowed her head down with shame.
She wanted to avoid that ruby red gaze which always made her weak in the knees.
"I can't believe zhis test belongs to you,Miss (Last Name)!I vas positive on zhe fact you vill get ze best mark,as alvays!" the male started,dropping his glasses on the desk with a small thud.
He rubbed soothing circles with his big and his index finger at the end of his eyes as if stress would fled out of him by that.
"Vhose paper had you done?" he asked nonchalantly,patiently waiting for her answer.
The female parted her lips a few times to give an answer,but she couldn't.It was as if someone strangled her on the moment and she was out of breath,unable to mutter a single word.
"(Name) ... you are my best student!I will cancel Miss' (Best Friend's Last Name) paper if you do not admit!" the albino continued,running a hand through his silvery white hair.
"She wasn't feeling well.She was really pale,you should have seen her,Herr Beilschmidt!(Best friend) needed that mark more than I did." (Name) responded,her voice shaky as she played with the ends of her frilly white skirt.
"Hov have you done zhis?" the red eyed teacher questioned,his arms crossed over his chest as he intently listened to her.
"I have signed my paper with her name and I told her to do the other way round." the female confessed,bringing her head up to meet the Prussian's gaze.
"Please sir,just don't tell her parents.She will get scolded and I'd rather take that than see her suffer.You don't know how harsh her parents treat her.I accept to be punished for what I have done and I also accept that mark!" (Name) ranted,amusing the said teacher.
"Look (Name) ... because you are my favourite student,I will pretend nozhing has happened.Miss (Best friend's Last Name) will have the mark on the paper you had done,but you are going to rewrite the test right now." he seriously said,bringing out a paper and a pen.
The female nodded,a smile blooming onto her features as she grabbed the pen between her slender middle,index and big fingers,writing with pretty curved letters the white paper.
The (e/c) eyes went through rows,reading with care the already known topic,putting down developed ideas she only thought of previously,a precious seriousness onto her face.
In a matter of time,she had finished,passing the now the blue ink letters filling the page to her teacher.
"Thank you,Herr Beilschmidt.I don't even know how I'll ever be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me!" the female said,playing with her hair by curling it onto her index finger.
"Vell,zhere vould be somezhing!" Gilbert started,capturing the girl's attention.
"If you allow me to,I'll change that last name of yours!(Name) Beilschmidt sounds way better than (Name) (Last Name)!" he ended,chuckling.
It was now or never.Either the girl would slap him and storm off angry or she'll accept his feelings.The albino gulped,hoping that the knot in his throat would be gone - but it didn't,as fear built up,gradually growing.
"Well,I wouldn't mind that!" (Name) finally answered,giggling.
The Prussian smiled a sincere smile - not one of those cheap filtratious smirks he would give the others only for the sake of it - laughing his snake like laughter.
In the next instant,he enveloped the girl into a tight hug,planting his face in the crook of her neck.
"But you'll have to convince dad first!" she said in between laughs,as Gilbert gasped.
Well,quite a task,wasn't it?
His stiffened shoulders loosened when the girl planted a ginger kiss on his pale cheek,warmth rushing to his ghostly complexion.
He brushed his fingers through her soft locks,taking in the sweet scent.
One of his arms snaked around the fragile waist of the girl’s,the other bringing her frame closer to his until she could feel his breath tickle her peachy skin - Gilbert was hesitant at first,but feeling her so close to him as if their bodies molded,he gave in - and placed his own lips onto hers,which started moving in rhythm with his.
Their eyes fluttered close,enjoying the new feeling - feeling which brought a pleasurable wave of warmth to the Prussian's chest as he abused the female's lips and a big amount of emotion taking over the girl - they ignored the outside world as they were falling into bliss.
"Ich liebe dich,(Name)!" Gilbert said when he hesitantly parted for air.
"Ich liebe dich auchGilbert!" (Name) answered,caressing the Prussian's cheek with her soft palm.

~Time skip~

The sky was painted a velvet black,small points,almost unseen,shining in beauty,skattered around the moon.
The albino abused the steering wheel,taking left and rights with care,as (Name) sleepily contemplated what she could see from the scenery.
Arriving to the front patio,the car let a final purr as the Prussian rotated the key into contact,turning off the engine.
He didn't like saying goodbye - not after what happened earlier between him and (Name).He smiled though,knowing that tomorrow will be another day when he'll see the pretty face of the girl - and not only as her teacher,but also as her boyfriend.
Gilbert cupped the small frame of the girl with his large hands,bringing his lips onto hers for a short kiss,as (Name)'s father tapped his feet on the ground.
"Uh...I'm sorry,mister (Last Name)!I have ... Ja ... Brought your precious daughter home!" he shakily said,rubbing his neck awkwardly.
"I'll see you tomorrow,meine Frau!And don't forget,Ich liebe dich!" he ended,waving the female goodbye.
"Ich liebe dich auch,mein Mann!Immer..!" she responded,a content sigh escaping her lips.
"In house!Now!" her father commanded,visible irritated.
"Ja,ja,vatti!" she saluted in a playfull tone.
"No German,please!I had enough for one day!" the male said,causing his daughter to giggle.

'Never kiss a girl on her front porch.Love is blind,but her father certainly not.'.

Das ende
‘Spiel Straße’ (German) = ‘The street of game’
‘Hallo,mein Name ist’ (German) = ‘Hello,my name is’
‘und ich habe … jahr!' (German) = ‘and I am … years old!’
'Entschuldigung,ich habe eine Frage' (German) = ‘Excuse me,I have a question!’
'Ist das so richtig?' (German) = ‘Is this correct?’
'Ich danke Ihnen für Ihre Hilfe.' (German) = ‘Thank you for the help!’
‘Herr’ (German) = ‘Mister’
‘Ich liebe dich’ (German) = ‘I love you’
‘Ich liebe dich auch’ (German) = ‘I love you too’
‘Ja’ (German) = ‘Yes’
‘meine Frau’ (German) = ‘my wife’
‘meinen Mann’ (German) = ‘my husband’
‘immer’ (German) = ‘forever’
‘vatti’ (German) = ‘daddy’

Mention of
-‘Faust’ by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German poet)
-Martin Heidegger – german philosopher
-Rainer Maria Rilke – austrian author
-The lyrics from the beginning are from a song – The Balkan girls by Elena Gheorghe

Gilbert Beilschmidt – Prussia

I own nothing but the plot line!~

So yeah,finally a Prussia X Reader which randomly came to me when I was humming that tune xD. Gil would do a great teacher and I would be eager to learn German if he was to be my teach!~
Lol,no Google Translate!!! So if I`ve got mistakes at the German phrases,bear with me,I`m not studying it.
All in all,enjoy!~

Prussia : *mark*
Scotland :


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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:

Edit 1 : Special thanks to :iconmiepmiepgilbert: for pointing the following :
-that instead of 'Spiel strasse' I should have said 'Schrittgeschwindigkeit'
-and instead of 'meinen Mann', 'mein Mann'
-Honestly love,thanks,German is indeed difficult and I`m trying my best ... -.-
Special thanks to :iconsincerlysimplysurely: for pointing that I should add 'alt' when expressing age.Such as 'ich bin 18 Jahre alt' ( I am 18 years old).In my native language we just say 'I am 18' and that`s all.
Thank you,once again!~
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