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April 28, 2013
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*Viking!Denmark X Reader X Viking!Nordics*

Northen nights seemed to be lasting more than those in her homeland - the female noticed.But Tino told her that there were places where it indeed lasted longer,like about a couple of months - which she indeed found strange.
Looking around her,the sleepy and dizzy (e/c) eyes fell upon the arms which kept her close to the Viking's well built body,her gaze finally settled upon the Dane's pale,now calm and soothing features. His muscles weren't straining into a frown,neither into that creepy grin he usually had,but they were rather relaxed and gave Matthias an angelic aura - though (Name) was aware he was the same male who lived off by killing people.
It was funny how the blonde's lashes were quite curled up and feminine for a male,being the fact that they were also extremly light compared to the people whom the (h/c) encountered down south.And those eyebrows of his,perfectly arched above his sapphire gems gave now a serene aura,as if nothing bad was to happen - as well as his non wrinkled forhead.
Everything seemed soft at him now,even his almost inaudible breathing - maybe,just maybe,(Name) would have been able to love the Danish Viking if he was to act more kind towards her,not treating her like she meant nothing at all - because it stung to think the Dane might as well consider her forever Magne's older sister,keeping her away from him.
Placing her head gingerly against Matthias' shoulder,a shuffle of feet in the snow caused her to snap her eyes open once again,announcing the Viking something was off.
One arm still keeping (Name)'s body closer to his,as a shield or some sort of protection wing,the Danish male caught his large axe with the other,blood glimmering in the dim lighten room,as fire seemed to slowly die.
Motioning for the female to open the door - which she obeyed - he prepared himself for the worst - but that didn't come,as the shuffle seemingly had been caused by the powerfull roar of the wind,snowstorm keeping enemies at bay.
For once in his life,Matthias was grateful to Gods for the harsh climate the Northen countries had to suffer - now it kept him and his people at shelter as he and Lukas were soon to recover from the previous battle they taken part into.
"I think that was all of sleep I could take for one night!I'll go prepare the moisture for master Lukas!" (Name) announced,heading for the fire,where she threw some of the woods she stocked inside,thinking something like this may happen.
Getting some of the snow gathered at the front door into the pot,she let it above the fireplace,rapidly melting under her eyes as she measured the ingredients for the moisture into her palm,carefully throwing them one by one,until the water grew scarce,lowering,the bottom of the pot holding the mixture of medicinal herbs she was to use upon the two Viking males so they could recover easily.
Silence was awkwardly filling the warm,herb scented air,leaving the (h/c) wondering if she was to get safe from all of this - and as on cue,a prolonged deathly wolf whistle cut through it,the only outside sound besides the violent roar of the wind.
"I'm affraid!" (Name) spoke her mind up,not even noticing she did so.
"I won't let you die,kvinde!I've already told you I only kill people who are no use for me and my country!Like those weeds you mentioned earlier!" Matthias retorted,crossing his arms over his chest as he took his place near the front door.
The muscles of his arms were visibly twitching,almost riping off the material of his dress shirt as his coat was only drapped over his shoulders to keep him warm.
Once again his face morphed,his ocean blue eyes icy blades pointed to the unseen outside world,trying to trace any sign of people who could harm his village.
(Name) felt somehow unhappy that the Dane's peaceful state dissipated into thin air,but on the other hand,she was grateful she had him to take care of her - even if he did it only for her medical favor.

~Time skip~

As soon as the first signs of light gaining the battle over darkness,(Name) felt that the torture finally took over.
She was now able to examine her surroundings,making sure nothing and no one was to disturb the silence of her temporary home.
Having to bear the darkness of the night,in which the flow of time seemed to defy all physics laws and dilate,seconds passing by agonizingly slow,the first spark of the morning was the blessing of fate sparkle shyly,still strongly,above her head.
Hearing small steps approaching the main room,her (e/c) eyes shot to the door's frame,revealing a sleepy Magne,who slowly made his way in the female's embrace,inhaling her sweet,motherly scent.
It became an authomathism for her to spread her arms wide and to cradle the boy as if he was her own,as well as the previous cares to be drained out of her body when the little one muffled a yawn.
Hearing the Norwegian cringe in pain,(Name) looked down at the pale Viking bundled up in all those blankets which kept him warm throught the night.
Seeing his pale lips move in attempt of saying something,the (h/c) placed Magne onto her coat and helped the injuried man up a little bit only to give him water.
Now words formed better on Lukas' tongue and two names left his bruised lips: Emil and Arlekr.
Placing her hand delicately against his forhead,the female notted he didn't have fever,so either it was the name of his greatest enemies or of someone really important for him.
Standing up from her place,the (h/c) couldn't help but sigh.If she was to ask Matthias about it,he'd just keep his mouth shut or tell her it wasn't her business.
"Don't worry,I'll bring them here!" the taller Viking spoke,opening the front door,leaving the female dumbfounded.
"Are you out of your mind?Snow has just settled and you don't know if it's for real or not!What if you start bleeding again?" (Name) yelled softly at the blonde,seeing his features go blank for mere seconds.
It was now or never - and the (h/c) felt her heart beat franatically against her chest as Matthias approached her with heavy,rushed steps.
Shutting her eyes closed,the female awaited the needle feeling against her cheek - but that didn't happen,leaving her wondering what was wrong.Shyly opening her eyes with a small flutter,the (e/c) orbs were welcomed by the blinding light in the background,making the Dane's features even more lighter - and his face wasn't fury consumed,but rather calm,which was more unnerving.
Reaching his hand for the female,(Name) made a small,delicate step backwards,only to be stopped by Matthias' rough skin planted in the flesh of her chin.
"I'll be coming back home!Just make sure Lukas and Magne will be fine!This is what you have to do now!" the blonde spoke,leaving the female mouth agape.
"Take these with you please!In case your wounds open!" the female placed some herbs in the Viking's open palm,telling him how he should use them in case he really needed them.
"Not that I care about you,but I wouldn't like to be owned by someone else!" she stubbornly ended,urging him to leave.
A small smile crept onto the male's face,tapping his axe playfully against the floor as he prepared to leave.Giving one more glance at how the raw sun fell upon the (h/c) hair and how it embellished her features,the Dane made his leave in order to bring the two as soon as possible.
Deep inside,(Name) hoped Matthias won't take too long in his journey and that he'd be back home before she would even notice it,safe and sound.
Even if she hated to admitt,her love for the Viking male grew more and more - and if it didn't cease to become stronger,it certainly would bring her down to her knees and eat her up on the inside.
"Søster?" Magne tucked at the (h/c)'s sleeve,bringing her back to earth.
"Yes sweety?" (Name) dreamily responded,not tearing away her gaze from the Viking's form.
"Can you tell me a story from your homeland?" the boy requested.
"Of course I can!" she answered,her attention full on him as now Matthias' was long gone far where the shy sun kissed the snow covered hills.
"In spring,when everything blooms and the weather becomes warmer,butterflies pop magically out of nowhere!" she explained,setting the boy into her lap.
"Butterflies?What are those?" Magne curiously asked,waiting for the explanation.
"They are ... like fairies,but visible to all people.They've got wings and if you touch their back,they die!That's why we only can admire them from a distance!" (Name) explained,gaining a dramatic gasp.
"We shouldn't touch the butterflies!!" the young Dane concluded,causing the (h/c) to chuckle at his sweetness.
"Yes!We shouldn't!" the female said,her gaze going back to the window in hope she'd see Matthias come back home.
But it was too soon for that.What (Name) wasn't aware of was the fact that Lukas could hear everything - and a small smile crept upon his lips as he heard her angelic voice narrate the tale of the butterflies getting lost in the rye fields,away from human touch.
In a way or another,it soothed him and made him forget about his pain - both physically and emotionally.
Matthias Køhler – Denmark

Lukas Bondevik – Norway

Emil – Iceland ©
Hetalia,Hidekaz Himaruya

Magne Køhler – Greenland – OC

Arlekr – Svalbard
– OC

You – You


Story: © VanillaSuu,2013

Warnings: None


‘sommerfugle’ (Danish) =

‘kvinde’ (Danish) = ‘woman’

‘Søster’ (Danish) = ‘sister’


Funny fact – in Danish
‘sommer’ means ‘summer’ and ‘fugle’ means ‘bird’.So the fact that ‘sommerfugle’
is the designed word for ‘butterfly’ made me a little curious – still sounds

I will try using Danish
further more – though I`m not good at it,as I`ve never learnt. -.-‘ So if I
switch to Matthias` speaking Swedish is because I`m not positive if it`s right
or wrong how I`m writing things.

I`m sorry it took so long
guys,but heat came in here and caused the trees to bloom – meaning allergies
and dem imunitary system acting like a jerk,betraying me.

I hope you enjoy it and I`ll
write further more!~ I hope it wasn`t a fail and if it was,it will get
better,promise!~ Love,Suu~San!~


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Comments are appreciated!~


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