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January 18, 2013
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~See you again~

*Popular!Sweden X New!Reader*

'Has he really talked to you?'
'Oh my God,you are so lucky!He barely even talks!'
'The only moment I've heard him talk was in class,when the teacher asked him something ... I can even remember what!About Karl the 12th!'
'He has such an sexy accent.And his voice!Oh,his voice is so deep I could melt!'
'He's good at all!I haven't seen him once make a mistake.He certainly is the perfect boy!'
'His pale complexion and those blue eyes of his ... glasses make him look even more hot!Not to mention his perfect blonde hair!'
'If only he could express his feelings better!'.

(Name) took her books from the locker,listening to the daily gossip of the girls.And as always,they were praising the tall Swedish male who has gotten all the attention upon him - at least they didn't do any harm and that was good.
A soft sigh escaping her glossy lips,the teenager closed the locker,heading towards her next class - most hated by people her age,as if was a sort of curse put upon it - especially at test,when you had to focus on the equations and complete the blank parts with the correct answers in order not to fail.
The fact that mister Kirkland was being a totally ass,sticking 'You shall not pass' messages above the shamefull grade made things worse - but that was not all.He actually collected all the monstrousities,placing them in the main hall,for all the students and teachers to see,in hope that the teenagers will be ashamed and worked more in order to progress.
The (h/c) haired female didn't actually blamed him - he had his reasons after all,giving his students the motivation they needed,so that their marks raised,proving the others he wasn't bad at teaching - indeed,he wasn't,but he certainly lacked something - something the female couldn't put the finger on.
Even with the titanic efforts of Mr.Kirkland,some students continued being major jerks,disturb his class,interrupting the explanation the teacher gave - Gilbert,Antonio and Francis - also known as the Bad Touch Trio - constantly bickered with the British male,getting him to that point where he couldn't get their insults anymore.
Losing his temper - thing which was quite rare,because he was composed and retorted in a decent manner offends - he furrowed his eyebrows together,sending the three in the detention and even gave them extrahomework - which they indeed enjoyed.
As the bell announced break,Arthur would stomp away,biding farewell for those who deserved,his venomous forest green gaze piercing through the three bodies - the tanned one of the Spaniard,the ghostly pale one of the Prussian and the in between complexion of the French - muttering something along the lines of 'bloody wankers'.
Entering the classroom,(Name) peeked at the flock of golden blonde,making her aware that the teacher was already in class,waiting for the students to arrive.He brought his emerald green gaze up,meeting her shy (e/c) one,standing from his chair and greeting her with a polite 'Good morning',at which she responded in the same manner.
Taking her seat near the tsundere Italian boy,she waved towards him,making small talk as she took her notebook and necessary utensils out.
Soon enough,the classroom was full of students,their clothes shuffling as the girls greeted eachother by embracing or the boys applied a silly,brotherly punch in the upper arm.
"Silence everyone!" the mathemathics teacher demanded,a serious look crossing his features.
"I've brought your previous test as promised.Now,when I call your name,you can come and take them.Those who have the tipical sign upon it,you know the rule!" he explained,watching once again the papers.
"Morgans,A+.Herdervary,A-.Bondevik,A+.Carriedo,Bonnefoy and Beilschmidt,F-.(Last Name)...F+" the blonde male sighed,giving away all the papers.
The trio placed as soon as they received the tests,shortly followed by the others.(Name) scanned once again through the paper,not believing her eyes.Now her shamefull test was to be placed in the main hall and seen by all the other students - there was no left chance for her if Berwald was to see that.
Biting down her lip,she gave Mr.Kirkland the test,an apologetical look onto her face.
The class seemed to last more than usual,as if the time somehow managed to dilate in order to mock the already upset girl.The (h/c) brushed off the feeling,taking down notes and intently listening as the teacher went on explaining.
The bell rang,announcing the class was over,the blonde male stopping his activity and dismissing the students.
As soon as (Name) reached the door,the teacher called her name.
"Miss (Last Name)... I'm very disapponted for that grade!" the blonde spoke up,rubbing his temples soothingly.
"Though,I'm not going to tap that to the pannel.I'll give you a second chance to improve.I know what you are capable of and this was not even half of what you know.So gather up your forces and do your best.I wouldn't like you to fail my course.Dismissed!" Arthur parentally said,receiving a small nod from the girl.
That was all that (Name) needed to hear.So she just ignored eversince then the trio's attempts to to show off and took down notes,paid attention when Mr.Kirkland explained,organising the information so that she could learn better - when she didn't hear clear what the teacher said,she asked the Dutch to borrow her his notebook - which he surprisingly did - and completed with the needed information.
The (e/c) eyed teenager was that motivated by the faith her mathemathics teacher had in her,that she even skipped lunch in order to achieve what she wanted - and got sick worried the large Swedish male who noticed she haven't come anymore to eat with her group of friends.
Of course Berwald was popular and all,even if he spoke once in a blue moon - which was strange - but he really cared about (Name) and he wanted her to notice him - not all those girls who swooned over him and did anything in order to capture his attention.
Getting tired of all the noise inside the caffeteria,he packed his stuff and reached for the school's library - the only peaceful place out of the entire building.
The librarian greeted him with a small smile,pointing with one wrinkled finger towards a certain spot - as the male gazed his ocean blue eyes in that direction,his pale lips curled up into a small smile - small,but still a genuine and sincere smile,one of those after a period of struggling and fighting against destiny and achiving the long craved happiness.
Taking long,heavy steps towards the female,he reached the table in a short time,gently tapping her shoulder.
"C'uld I st'y w'th y'u?" Berwald asked,accents flowing off his tongue smoothly.
"Of course Berwald!I don't mind!" (Name) answered,her cheeks heating up as he said did that - she thought she was silly of feeling flattered about that,but it was still something.
The blonde male sat across the table,placing his well organized notebook upon the wooden material,his pen moving swiftly across the page,files being completed one by one,at an amazing speed.
Taking his time,the male peeked sometimes from his equation filled page at (Name),admiring how sun fell upon her hair,making it look a tone or two lighter and how the golden rays hit the depths of (e/c) pools,making them look as if they were shining and glass like.He found extremly cute how the female bit down onto her lower lip when she got stuck into an exercise - it made her look extremly sexy,especially when some rebellious locks fell into her face and she blew air in order to put them into place.
The female peeked at him too when he wasn't paying attention - the Swede looked peaceful as he continued writing,his head lazily rested on one palm.He looked extremly handsome as his light blonde locks seemed made out of snow under the sunlight,his ocean blue eyes catching a tint of silvery.
"(Name)!" the male whispered,catching the teenager's attention.
"Yes Berwald?" the female perked up her head,watching him with curious eyes.
"W'nt m' t' h'lp?" he asked,scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.
"Would you?" (Name)'s eyes grew wide,sparkling in excitement.
"Y's! 'n 'ne c'nditi'n!" Berwald continued,his heartbeat increasing considerably.
"Uh!Okay,I'm listening!" the (h/c) urged him to continue.
"G' on a d't' w'th m'?" it came more as a question,than an actual demand.
Registering what the Swede had actually said - and finally processing after a little while,the female's face turned a crimson red,putting any other tone of the colour at shame.
"I would love to!" (Name) answered,not able to control that silly smile to cross her features - but in Berwald's eyes,it made her even more cute and warmed his whole system.
"Jag älskar dig,(Name)!" the blonde male said instead of goodbye,a small smile playing onto his lips once again.
"Huh?What does it mean?" the female asked in curiosity,gathering her own stuff in order to leave as it already was past afternoon.
"I w'll t'll y'u!On' d'y!" he promissed,bending down and applying a soft,delicate kiss at the corner of the teenager's mouth.
"One day...I'm fine with that Ber...I love you!" (Name) murmured,the tip of her fingers pressing lightly where Berwald previously kissed her,missing just a small distance in order to give her a real kiss.
The (e/c) eyes were following the male's well built body until he could no longer be seen - she already missed the Swede,but she was to see him again.For sure.

'All of my life where have you where have you been
Will I see you again,I gotta see you again
After tonight I wonder I'm wondering
Will I see you again,I gotta see you again
Now I gotta see you again.'.

‘Jag älskar dig’ (Swedish) = ‘I love you’

Berwald Oxentierna – Sweden
Antonio Fernandez Carriedo – Spain
Gilbert Beilschmidt – Prussia
Francis Bonnefoy – France
Arthur Kirkland – England
Tim Morgans – Netherlands
Lovino Vargas – South Italy/Romano
Elizaveta Herdervary – Hungary
Lukas Bondevik – Norway © Hetalia,Hidekaz Himaruya
You – You

Story: © VanillaSuu,2013
Warnings: None
Song: See you again – Loreen *from the album ‘Heal’* [link]
Sequel: I don`t know,I might consider!
Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:

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