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~Perfect two~

*Denmark X Bestfriend!Reader*

~Age 5~

"Matthias,this is (Name)!She moved in with her parents to Copenhagen and she is going to be our new neighbour!" the blonde female explained as her son's ocean blue eyes grew wide in curiousity.
The girl tightened her fist onto her mom's dress material,wrinkling it in the process.She bit down onto her lower lip and almost cried as the female untangled her hand from the dress and guided her towards the small boy who watched in amazement,as if everything was new to him.
"Hey (Name)!I'm Matthias.But you can call me Matt!" the boy spoke up,his voice loud,a goofy smile placed upon his pale features,stucking his hand out.
"I-I'm (Name)!Nice to meet you Matt!" the small girl responded,shyly catching the edge of his hand in her soft grasp.
"Good!Now you are my best friend!" the Danish boy burst into laughter,enveloping the (h/c) into a warm,caring hug.
Little by little,(Name) hugged back as well as she could,taking into account he was larger than her,a boost of confidence rushing through her system and making her all warm on the inside - because the blonde seemed indeed like an awesome friend to have.A small smile played at her lips as Matthias didn't let go,his heartbeat lullying her slowly to sleep - though she tried to keep her eyes open even if they felt heavy,not to be impolite.
Something about him made her feel confident - but she was way too young to know by then what - she just felt,not questioned.That's why children are way happy than adults - because they don't question themselves,don't care how they look or what to wear,they are all the same - willing to play and make friends.
As the blonde boy dragged (Name) towards his room,she couldn't help but giggle - he was indeed kind.

~Age 7~

"Matthias,(Name)'s here!" the blonde female called from downstairs.
In the next instant the rushed steps of the small boy could be heard,as well as his quick stomps against the wooden stairs.
The (h/c) was soon tackled into a hug - and if it wasn't for Steffenie,she would have fell to the ground.
The adult cocked a light eyebrow at her son's attitude,giving (Name) a plate of danishes at which the girl smiled and muttered a thanks before being dragged upstairs.
"So...what do you wanna play?" Matthias asked,already sitting down near the round table and urging for the girl to do the same.
(Name) barely gapped her mouth,but the blonde cut her short,his whole face brightening up - meaning that was nothing good.
"Let's play house!I'm going to be the daddy,you the mommy and Sttephen our kid!" he suggested,already reaching for his younger brother's room and dragging him along too.
"Matt,maybe Steff doesn't want to play with us!" (Name) interrupted the Dane's rant - which was an explanation towards his little brother.
"It's okay (Name)!" the shorter boy reassured her,a small smile playing upon his features,dimples forming into his rosy chubby cheeks.
"Great!Now I,as the daddy,I can kiss you,the mommy!" Matthias proclaimed,not even thinking twice before catching (Name)'s boney shoulders and pressing his lips sloppily to hers.
The Greenlandic boy gasped in surprise,storming off as soon as he had seen what his older brother was doing,yelling at the top of his lungs.
"Mom,Matthias has kissed (Name)!On the mouth!!!" he shouted the last part,hearing his mother's rushed steps and a horrified expression crossing her features.
"Matthias KØhler,get down here in this instant!" the blonde female angrily spoke,making herself clear - using his whole name meant only one thing - he was in great trouble.
Whimpering as he had heard that,the Dane let go of the girl's shoulders,her face a crimson red and her beautiful (e/c) eyes hid behind her bangs.

~Age 12~

"Yo (Name)!Let's go swimming!" the blonde suggested,his ocean blue eyes pointed upon the girl's small frame.
"I can't!Go away Matthias!You boys know nothing!" (Name) angrily refused his suggestion,closing the door with a loud bang.
The Dane stood in the door's frame dumbfounded,not getting what had he done wrong this time - he could even hear the teenager's stomp against the wood of the stairs and another door carlessly closed - the one to her room,he assumed.
"Well,okay!I hate you too!Girls!Who can understand them?" Matthias cursed under his breath,hopping on his skateboard and heading towards his house.
"Mom,I'm home!" he yelled after he finally reached his house,the thought of (Name) rejecting him like that bothering him his whole way home.
"Home?Are you sick or something?What about (Name)?" the female asked,unfastening her red and white apron,a look of concern upon her features.
"She yelled at me and said that us boys know nothing!And I haven't even done something to upset her!" the blonde explained,scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.
"Oh!I get it now!" Steffenie let a small laugh escape her lips,as she sat onto the wooden floor.
The Danish female patted the place next to her,motioning for the boy to come.
He sighed and did as requested - obviously hurt by the fact that his best friend acted like that towards him.
"(Name) is growing up sweety!She didn't want to act like that towards you.You know how patient and caring she is towards you.So please,don't feel down.Some danishes and your support will help her,trust me!" the female explained,gesturing in order to put emphasis upon her words.
The boy's eyes grew wide,sparkling in excitement.He dashed towards the kitchen,grabbing a plate of the sweet treats and kissed his mother goodbye.
He thought that maybe everything would turn out good and he might make up with (Name).The blonde couldn't bear staying without her - she was his partener and he didn't will giving up at her.
Gathering his courrage,he knocked twice into the front door which soon opened,revealing a pale (Name) in the frame of it.
"I'm sorry Matt ...!" the (h/c) spoke up,capturing the boy into a hug.
"Shh,it's okay!You still are the Queen of North!" Matthias playfully said,brightening the atmosphere.
The girl chuckled as she heard that,their smiles growing with every second and the argument long forgotten.

~Age 16~

The female sighed,swirling her (h/c) locks onto her slender finger,taking down notes sloppily.It wasn't the fact she didn't enjoy mathemathics - well,forget that,she hated the subjects and avoided it as if she was chased by a bunch of wild animals.
It gave her headaches,wasted a lot of her precious time and bored her to the point she felt she was literally killing her time - stabbing the poor flow with a sharp knife,as Mr.Beilschmidt went on,writing down several ridiculously long equations onto the blackboard.
The phone buzzed into the pocket of her navy blue skirt,announcing she received a message.
Checking the sender,(Name) sighed inwardly to herself - but also felt happy.
'I can't go home with you (Naaaame)!I got dettention after school! TAT - Matt'.
'Why?What have you done this time,you idiot?!!! (/-.-) - (Nickname)' the female furiously pressed the send button.
'Had a fight with Berwald.' (Name)'s straight line dropped into a frown as she read it,but as she went on,her smile grew wider.
'He said I don't deserve you!Idiot.;-; - Matt'.
"Ahem!" the German adult tried to capture the teenager's attention - which he did as she perked her head up only to meet his angry baby blue gaze,a small squeak escaping her lips - for the class' amusement.
"Miss (Last Name),you vill stay after school in order to learn zhat in my class students don't send messages,ja?" Ludwig explained,receiving an ashamed nod of (Name)'s head.

~Time skip~

" babe wanted to join me in bad too?" the blonde male laughed loudly,capturing everyone's attention.
"Idiot!It's only because I've texted in Maths class.Because of you!Gah!" (Name) responded,planting her face into the desk.
"Hei,I don't want your pretty face to get damaged!" Matthias places two long fingers under the female's chin,bringing her head up.
"You mean it?" the (h/c) asked,her eyes wide.
"Mean what?" he questioned,his own blue eyes following hers.
"When you said I'm pretty." (Name) completed,impatiently waiting for an answer.
"To think now,nah!I was wrong!" Matthias answered,causing the female's mood to drop,as well as her whole expression morphed into a saddened one,tears gathering into her (e/c) pools.
"You are the most beautiful female in the whole wide world!" he exclaimed,laughing once again with echo.
"And you know what?You are mine.And that makes me more than happy!" the blonde finished with a whisper,capturing (Name)'s delicate hands into his and kissing the back of them gingerly.
"KØhler and (Last Name),we don't need your lovey-dovey scenes in here!" the programming teacher,Mr.Von Bock complained,causing the two to inner laugh.

~Age 20~

"Hej babe!" Matthias winked towards his lover as she was sorting papers in order to study.
"Hey Matt!What are you up to?" (Name) asked,her (e/c) eyes fixed upon the different portofolios she had to complete.
"What about you take a break and we play house?" a face cracking smile was placed upon his features as he said that.
"You know what?I could never say no to that!" the female giggled,catching the Dane's hand as he helped her up.
"But I warn you,I'm going to change the rules this time!" he explained as he dragged her along their shared bedroom.
"Matt,when have you changed the..." (Name) started as she scanned the room,but breath hitched in her throat,her heart beat dying for mere seconds as she had seen Matthias on one knee in between small pillows and red and white rose petals.
"When I meant I wanted to play with you house,I was speaking seriously about it.And because you're my all,I want you also to be my whole life partener and to play every day our childhood game.There is no one better than you at filling that place and doing it like a queen." the blonde made a small pause,untightening his fist in order to let visible the velvety red box which opened with a small sound,revealing the silvery band with delicate sapphires.
"Will you marry me?" he whispered the last part,his words reaching the female's ears who only did to throw a palm over her mouth,tears flowing down her cheeks.
Falling to her knees,she embraced the Danish male muttering an 'I do',audible enough for him to hear - and as soon as he got his answer,a genuine smile replaced the worry of being rejected.
Matthias caught (Name)'s hand into his,slipping on her ring finger the silvery band which meant that now she was officialy his.
"Jeg elsker dig,(Name)!" his words cut through the silence,accents rolling off smoothly of his tongue.
"Jeg elsker også dig,Matthias!Forever!" she responded in a sweet tone,kissing the tip of the male's nose.
He laughed at the small game she started,placing his lips upon hers.It was as their first shared kiss,now though more expert than back then,his lips skillfully pressing upon hers as they lost theirselves into the bliss of the moment.
Nothing could brake them apart.Because if it haven't until now,it wouldn't in the future - Matthias would make sure of that,keeping their bound as powerful as ever - or make it even more attached so they could stay the same.
Because they were the perfect two!
Matthias KØhler – Denmark
Sttephen – Greenland – OC
Steffenie – Scandinavia – OC
Ludwig Beilschmidt – Germany
Eduard von Bock – Estonia
Berwald Oxentierna – Sweden © Hetalia , Hidekaz Himaruya
You – You


‘ja’ (German) = ‘yes’
‘hej’ (Danish) = ‘hey’
‘Jeg elsker dig’ (Danish) = ‘I love you’
‘Jeg elsker også dig’ (Danish) = ‘I love you too’

Yep,another sappy,superfluffy thingy. xD I know it`s quite cliché and all,but let`s be honest,who wouldn`t like Den as a bestfriend and finacee ?
I wrote this after a small song I composed some time ago,which I named perfect two.Sounds like this:
‘We are the perfect two
No matter what we do
And if you think she is the one
Just tell me and tomorrow I`ll be gone.’.

Ahem.Enjoy!~ Love,Suu! :heart:

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Comments are appreciated. :3 :iconstolenkissplz:
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