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December 2, 2012
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~Merry Chrismas~

*Husband!Scotland X Wife!Reader X Child!England*

'Drabble #9 from 'All I want for Christmas' series'

The female braided the pretty fiery red locks of her 5 year old daughter while the little one swayed back and forth her tiny feet to keep herself busy.(Daughter's Name) stiffled a yawn,but failed miserably as her mother's touch was more than gentle and the adult's humming was serene as a lullaby.Both (Name) and Arthur laughed at the same time,hers feminine and subtle,his a little bit more manly and loud.
(Daughter's Name) was a precious little girl and she was the princess of the family.She resembled so much her daddy,as if the girl was the sculpted form,both in appearence and sometimes in acting,of Allistor.The pretty vivid red hair,her big emerald green eyes which glimmered with happiness and innocence,her white complexion - everything made her look as a porcelain doll - though (Name) was happy she inherited her father's traits and not hers,as the adult female was fragile above average.
"Mommy,how have you met pa?" the girl asked in a cute,high pitched voice,gaining a pretty smile from (Name) and a pat on the head.
"Well,that's simple!" the female answered,capturing both (Daughter's Name) and Arthur's attention who came closer to her.
(Name)'s voice was so enchanting,a sweet symphony in which every note was put in the perfect place,her narrating style along with some gestures - which were simple,but added the spice to the chain of events - mesmerizing the two children whom had their whole attention on her.In fact,they were all so into the story that they haven't even  heard when the front door was open and closed,the red headed male tip toeing in order not to disturb the tale - but his younger's brother gaze was set upon his similarly coloured one,the British boy gasping in surprise as he stretched a little his small form - Allistor chuckled inaudible and guided his index finger to his lips in sign of silence,at which the blonde headed nodded,listening intently to (Name)'s history as if nothing has happened.
"It happened when uncle Arthur was little!" the (h/c) haired female said,causing the British boy to flush red.
"He was a baby in fact!A cute little baby!" she continued,gaining a dramatic gasp from her daughter which started shuffling in her lap.
"Uncle Arthur was little?!" (Daughter's Name) asked seriously,as if all her childhood theories were tumbling down on the moment.
"Of course,honey!Even I and daddy were little!" she explained,pointing to a framed picture above the fireplace,where a younger (Name) clinged onto the arm of a teenager Allistor,a little boy with a flock of blond hair caught lovingly in the interwinded arms of the two.
"Daddy's and my parents were getting along quite well.Grandma Elizabeth and grandma (Mother's Name) were bestfriends,so we got to that point where daddy and I followed the tradition and became bestfriends too." (Name) started,but her daughter beamed at her.
"That means uncle Artie and I will be bestfriends as you and papa were?" the young girl questioned,her deep green eyes sparkling in excitement.
"Only if your uncle wants to baby!" she answered,chuckling.
(Daughter's Name) placed her green gaze upon the blonde headed boy,her expression pleading for a response.The Brit shuffled a little,embarassedly bowing his head,hugging his knees close to his chest.
"I already am your friend,aren't I?" he flusteredly asked,his cheeks flushed red.
The girl squeaked in happiness,tackling the young boy into a hug,at which he stiffened,but soon enough his mucles relaxed and his arms brought the petite girl protectively into his lap.
"But as time passed by,I've got to realize your daddy was more than a friend for me!" a short silence enveloped the room,in which the female brought her slender fingers to her heart.
"And my heart started to ache whenever All gave more attention to the pretty girls who were his age and not to me.Of course,I was younger and silly,but no matter how hard I've tried,I couldn't get your papa out of my heart.I hoped that one day he would see how much I love him,so I started giving him hints.But he was oblivious to them!" a small sigh escaped the female's lips,but she continued.
"One day though,I couldn't take it anymore.I told him to break our friendship - I was in love with my best friend and I felt as if I was commiting a sin.I've just cried my eyes out that day." (Name) stopped once again,now a gentle smile plastered onto her delicate features showing that the story would have a turn of events.
"But your daddy came to me that night and confessed to me.We started dating and soon enough we got to know there is nothing that can break us apart.And know why?" she questioned her confused daughter,at which the girl shook her head.
"Because you were to come into our life,my sweet baby!" the female said in a honeyed tone that made the Scots heart skip beats and his cheeks powder a cute pink.
"Daddy!!!" (Daughter's Name) yelled excitedly,clinging onto her father's leg,begging with her cute puppy eyes to be embraced.
The Scottish man laughed and scooped up his sweet little daughter into his arms,loving how she used all her weapons to get what she wanted - as she always did.
"Ye lassie,aren't ye supposed to be in bed?" the bass soothing voice of the red headed male came,the girl pouting cutely.
"That won't work on me and ye know!And won't work on Santa either!" he explained,(Daughter's Name)'s eyes growing wide in horror,trying to escape her father's grasp.
The young Brit crossed his arms over his chest,scolding the adult with his emerald gaze for scaring the girl,a grunt of disapproval leaving his lips.
The red headed descended at Arthur's height,gingerly placing his daughter onto her own feet.She kissed her father good night,waving towards her mommy,before taking the Brit boy's hand and leaving off to sleep.
"They are cute,aren't they?" (Name) asked,happily sighing.
The Scots nodded his head in approval,getting onto his own feet,capturing his wife into a warm embrace - even if his clothes still held something of the outside's frost.
His hair smelt as the crispy wind,as Edinburgh was enveloped in a sea of white,the humid lingering into the blueish white fog,along with the lost scattered snowflakes.
"I love ye,(Name)!" Allistor said in a sweet whispered tone,one arm placed on the female's hip,the other supporting her arm as they waltzed in the warm atmosphere of their small living room.
"I love you too,Allistor!" (Name) responded,letting her mouth captured into a feverish,still loving kiss,their lips melding one with another,completing eachother perfectly.
The male snaked an arm under his wife's legs,carrying her to their shared bedroom,as the female giggled softly at the red headed way of showing how much he loved her - she already knew,but (Name) adored how attentif her husband was with her,showing her that nothing has changed over years and that he still felt as at the beginning - if not,even more.

'Merry Christmas!~'.
Allistor – Scotland
Arthur – England
You – You
I own nothing but the plot line!~

It just came to me when I was talking with my sis yesterday!But I was quite sleepy at that time and also I was out of the town!So myeah,I`ve just written it today! xD
It`s short,but another fluffeh Christmas special!~ This time for the sexy Scott! :3

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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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