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January 12, 2013
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*Dead!Prussia X Broken!Reader*

'The memories ease the pain inside
Now I know why...'.

The (h/c) haired female remembered every single detail of that fateful day and the most painful of her entire life.
Standing onto the black and white marble onto her knees,she placed the bouquet of red roses onto the grave - a red which reminded her of her lover's ruby orbs playing mischeviously into the orbits.
Tracing her trembling slender fingers onto the letters carved into the tombstone,as if she was blind,(Name) felt herself breaking down,drowning into her own sadness - but she didn't allow herself to do so,because she considered that was Gilbert's home now,his only connection to the human world after he passed away.
It might have sounded silly for others,but the female respected that place in which her fiancee's body rested and sometimes she could even hear voices play into her ears as the poplar's branches swayed back and forth,creating a sort of music one could hear only if paid extra attention - a sort of cry for help,still a reassurance that everything was going to be fine as some leaves fell upon the ground,the wind roaring like someone blew it purpousefully in order to caress the (h/c)'s locks and her exposed skin.
"You know Gil,sometimes I wish things were different.I really do.I don't even know if I should believe that world spins just because there is a supreme force who wants so - if it would have existed,now you would have been here with me."  (Name) sighed,straightening the material of her (f/c) dress in order to look decent.
"I love you, Dummkopf!Für Immer!" she waved towards the picture whose corners were rotten and whose colours faded,making the male look even more pale.
The large black painted gates of the grave yard seemed agitated under the wind's force,which seemed to be more rough,not a delicate breeze as it was before.
Everytime the (h/c) haired female returned home,her steps guided towards the small mansion in which she had previously lived with her fiancee - she didn't know why or how,but it was as if someone urged her from behind to do so - the crippled windows appearing into sight as soon as she brought her head up,some of the glass squares broken into pieces from a previous storm,a prolonged screech being drawn away by the wind as it played with the large windows,opening and closing them soon after.
Entering the house,the mold filled air invaded the female's nostrils,causing her to pinch her nose in disgust.
The main hall was large,on the paralel wall to the front door the white marble stairs branching in two directions,one guiding to the work rooms,the other to the bedrooms.
The portrait of the Prussian male was still onto the ceiling,smiling down at the people who entered his house - on the other side,next to his,(Name)'s own portrait framed by golden carved roses.The others were small compared to theirs - but they were as important to both as everything in the house was.
The living room was plain - a fireplace where they used to stay one next to the other,drinking hot chocolate and sharing the things that have happened over the day - of course Gilbert exaggerated stuff,adding his own print upon them,all in order to see (Name) laugh - but she plainly loved it as he did that.
She ended their small talk by placing her face into the albino's chest,hearing his heart beat softly,still strong enough for her to hear,lullying her to sleep - adding the fact he tangled his long fingers into her (h/c) locks,brushing them with care and the warmth of his own body caused her to embrace sleep sooner than planned - the Prussian smiled full heartedly at that,scooping her into his arms,her weight seemingly feathery to him,heading towards their shared bedroom.
As the last silvery lock of the male disappeared from her visual area,the scenery turned back into what presently was - layers of dust onto the wooden floor where they used to stay,the cold ash into the stained fireplace,the black vines onto the white marble proeminent.
Slowly climbing up the stairs,(Name) remembered the engagement party,how red and white roses were braided together and swirled around the case's pillars.
How frustrated she was that her dress looked horrible on her - from what she thought - and how the curles weren't as supposed to.
Though she smiled when she had seen people chatting and enjoying theirselves,soft music playing in the background.But what caught her attention was the precious look onto the albino's face,how a sincere smile played upon his lips and how handsome he looked into that deux piece costume,his ruby red orbs glimmering in happiness waiting down at the edge of the stairs for her to come.
And she did,her steps floated as the dress hid most of her legs,reaching him.
A wave of applause fell upon the two - but soon enough they started to fade until they couldn't be heard anymore.
Every single item in that house brought back a memory - the music room,Gilbert's atelier,the bathroom where they brushed their teeth in the morning,their eyes half lided as sleep got the best of them,the large kitchen which always held the smell of wurst - as the male didn't seem to get enough of the treat - and their bedroom.
The bed sheets were those satin red he loved - the place where they shared kisses,slept one to another,planned everything - almost everything.
(Name) bit down onto her lower lip as she caught glimpse of the large mirror and that time - she brushed her hair in a soothing manner,lost in thoughts and not hearing the Prussian as he entered the room - only when he snaked his arms around her small waist,she squeaked in surprise and noticed his presence.
She felt that day tears pricking at her eyes - the (h/c) female loved the albino that much,but was he going to be happy about it?Gilbert frowned as he had seen her face palen and wanted to do something about it - but (Name) spoke before he could do something,leaving him obviously shocked.He digerated the information for a while - and when he did understand,his features brightened up and he planted his face in the crook of her neck,murmuring endeament words along the lines of 'I love you, Schatz' and ‘Ich bin sehr glücklich '.
But that was past - Gilbert was no longer there.That house was only a pile of memories (Name) couldn't forget - but she didn't want to either - every single brick,the foundation,the pillars - everything was made out of love,with love and in the name of it.
Pressing her delicate hand upon the doorknob,the female hesitated a bit before leaving.A cold wind pinched at the (h/c)'s exposed skin,tangling its immaginary fingers into her locks,as well as a faded voice,seemingly from another world whispering 'Ich liebe dich'.
(Name) smiled to herself,because she pictured her Prussian lover saying that,his laugh echoing through her head - that loud laugh which deafenend her and caused her to laugh too,his sweet cologne,the warmth of his embrace and the softness of his lips pressed upon hers - everything about him which made her melt,even when he self proclaimed that he was awesome.

'Dear (Name),

I wish I could have seen mein kleiner Vogel.Though destiny didn't vant to.
Keh,you know vhy?Because destiny is unavesome!
Don't cry!I'm still vith you.You just have to seek for me into your heart.And vhen you feel down and on the verge of tears,go outside - I'll send you a shower of rain to wipe away your tears liebling.I don't vant to see you cry.
Life goes on,vith or vithout me.I vish ve had more time to spend together - but all the things I've lived with you are enough to make me happy for an eternity.
And if you miss me,just look at our photos,the letters the avesome me has vritten for you among the years.
I miss you already.I miss you even vhen ve part vays for one second.
Ich liebe dich!Für Immer!'.

"Ich liebe dich auch,Gilbert!" (Name) whispered,closing the door behind her.
The delicate breeze took them up to the sky and the weather became a lot more better - sun rays peeking through the grey cotton clouds and touching the ground.
The former Beilschmidt mansion seemed a portal to the sky itself as the light engulfed it,the particles of dust raising into the air,making the building to look as if it got its roots out of the ground and developed wings - but it was just an illusion.

'Together in all these memories
I see your smile
All the memories I hold dear
Darling you know I love you till the end of time'.
Gilbert Beilschmidt – Prussia © Hetalia, Hidekaz Himaruya
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!

Song: Within Temptation – Memories [link]


‘Dummkopf’ (German) = ‘Idiot’
‘für Immer’ (German) = ‘Forever’*
‘mein kleiner Vogel’ (German) = ‘my birdie’
‘liebling’ (German) = ‘my love’
‘Ich liebe dich’ (German) = ‘I love you’
‘Ich liebe dich auch’ (German) = ‘I love you too’
‘Schatz’ (German) = ‘Treasure’
‘Ich bin sehr glücklich’ (German) = ‘I am really happy’

I really don`t know what has gotten into me… but everytime I listen to that song I feel this way. I`m sorry Prussia! T^T

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Comments are appreciated. :3 :iconstolenkissplz:

Edit 1 : Special thanks to :iconhetalia-robyn-chan: for pointing that instead of 'immer',I should have written 'für immer' to mean always.
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