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December 31, 2012
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~Lips of an angel~

*Uncertain!UK X Broken!Reader*

The phone rung with echo,the notes hitting the walls and getting to the Brit`s ears,whose eyes snapped open even if his eyelids felt heavy.With a sigh,he threw off the covers of him,leaving the comfort of his bed in order to answer the phone.Seeing the small limb of the clock pointing 3 under the moonlight,he muttered a ‘Bloody hell’,ruffling his shaggy blonde hair,forgetting to put on his house slippers.
The cold wooden floor on which Arthur`s steps were printed cried from the male`s weight – not because he weighted too much,but just because in the night it seemed to be like that – every small sound ten times worse.
Sighing once again,the blonde pinched the bridge of his nose in disgust as people forgot their manners – calling at 3 in the morning proved lack of education,but the Brit washed it off,trying his best not to overreact – before actually picking up the phone.
“Hello?” Arthur started,obviously unpleased by the late night call.
“H-Hi Arthur,it`s me,(Name)!” the whispered voice of the girl came,quite shy and stuttered.
The Englishman`s shoulders loosened as soon as he had heard her talk – he couldn`t be mad even if she was to call him after he immediately got comfortable into his bed . A small smile tucked at the corner of his lips,as if there was someone else to see he was happy to hear her,though there wasn`t anyone but the Brit itself.
“I’m disturbing you,aren`t I?Oh dear Lord,where are my manners?It`s past midnight!” (Name) tried to explain herself over the phone,an apologetical tone – and somewhat sad – throughout the explanation.
“Look Arthur,I`ll be short.It`s been bothering me for a while and you might not believe it,but I really miss you!It`s been a while since we have properly talked and I feel you`re avoiding me,but I don`t blame you.If I were you I would probably do the same.” The female sighed,bitting down her lip,deciding whether or not she was to say would have an actual effect on him.
“I love you!I still do!” (Name) ended,a short estomped sob escaping her chaste lips.
“I wish things were different,(Name)!” Arthur finally spoke up,feeling he was completely insane to do what he was doing at the moment.
“It`s ok Arthur!You don`t have to!” the female giggled,though that once delicate – and still so – sound which used to warm him up was trembled and unsure,betraying she was on the verge of tears.
“I only call to hear you voice.I just miss hearing you talk,that`s all!If I`m bothering you,tell me and I`ll stop!” she continued,playing with the wire of her direct phone – deep inside her soul,the female wanted the Brit to say that he wanted her to call him as she currently did.
“You should stop doing this!It will make both of us sick.Good night!” Arthur coldly ended the call after a long period of pondering on what he should do.
Hearing the beep echoing though the large house,the emptiness of it was much more acute.The blonde knew very well that the thing he had just done was to haunt him his whole life – soon enough the ‘what if’ were to be something normal to ask himself,the routine was to take its tool over him,the pretty faces which surrounded him to make him sick at the stomach – he didn`t find them so until he had met (Name).The genuinely beautiful (h/c) female distorted his view upon world – in a good way,though.
Arthur had previously known that beauty is something which doesn`t last – but the royal faces which surrounded him were above average in richness.Though,as (Name) stepped into his life,making her way surely into his heart,the Brit thought that only she was the true beauty – he loved how her (h/c) hair got tangled,only to give him the opportunity to brush it with his fingers in gentle motions – everytime he thought of those times,he smiled like an idiot. Her full glossy lips,her skin tone,her glimmering (e/c) eyes,her whole being made him both happy and sick – happy,because that angelic being was once his and sick,because now she wasn`t his anymore – and not because of her,but due to the fact Arthur was uncertain.
Breaking up the relationship with (Name) was the most difficult decision he had to take in his whole life.But he felt cold and that need of a sweet solitude,which now he regretted,urged him to do the biggest mistake.
Picturing the beautiful female with someone else made the Brit sick at the stomach – if he was to hear she was with someone,he would just break their relationship – then maybe the need of being alone would overtake him and he would once again leave her alone.Wasn`t he being selfish?
The pillow he embraced in his sleep seemed to magically take (Name)`s form,her perfect curves,those individual spots only he knew.Plating his face into the soft material,even her perfume lingered there,as if no other aroma but hers was to invade his nostrils – but he was ok with it.He loved her sweet scent.
‘Are you out of your minds dude?She was like …. your Mary Jane to Spider Man,your Lois to Superman,the ketchup to your hamburger,your straw to the milkshake…Gah,you know what,damn that!Go and get her back!’ Arthur laughed as Alfred`s annoying voice played in his mind as a broken tape,switching the pillow on the other side.
‘What,aru?Go and get her,Britain,before I kick you with Shintany-chan!She is kawaii and sweet,aru!’ Yao`s parental words dripped one by one – harsh,but with good intention,causing the Brit to shuffle once again under the covers and face the window.
‘You left the sunflower?Well,I`ll remodelate your face if you don`t make up with her soon,da?’ well,that was creepy.A chill went down the blonde`s spine as he reminisced the purple aura which surrounded Ivan when he said that.
The moonlight silvery rays hitting as arrows the emerald green depts,Arthur shuffled once again,facing now the broded mirror on which he and (Name) sticked some pictures of them both – but the one which captured the blonde`s attention,causing him to jump out of his bed and throw his military mint jacket onto his shoulders,grabbing his knee length boots in the process.
The cold night wind pierced through the male`s exposed skin as he made a run for it – as if his life depended on his action.
The empty streets of London were dim lit by several lamp posts,foggy,the only clear spot being the Big Ben.
Tripping several times on thin air,bruising the pale flesh of his palms and his knees,the blonde male stood up everytime,not caring about the cold and the fact that his heart pulsed into his neck.
When he got to the door though,all the adrenaline he possessed seemed to leak out of his body down onto the ground,his courage to leave him through every pore of his skin – though he tightened his fist until his knuckles grew white and knocked several times in the door.
The door opened with a swift,still gentle movement,framing the delicate form of (Name) in a light night gown,her (h/l) (h/c) a mess and her eyes half lided.
His breath hitched in his throat,a knot forming into his stomach at the image – (Name) grew so much beautiful in such a small period of time.Not waiting for more – and unlike him – he launched himself at her,capturing the sleepy female into a bone crushing hug – still she responded with the same amount of passion.
Combing the pretty (h/c) locks,his emerald gaze met her (e/c) one for a moment before he close the gap between them and hungrily kissed the female.
Arthur could feel that delicate perfume lingering onto the female`s skin,burning his nostrils pleasantly.She tasted as sweet as ever,if not,even more – it seemed that (Name) didn`t get rid of that habbit of hers,which consisted in applying lipstick before she went to sleep – he was always grateful of that,but he had never told.
“I`m sorry (Name)!Please,take me back?” Arthur asked in between pants,breaking the feverish kiss.
“Hmm!” (Name) nodded,a butterfly kissed smile placed upon her delicate features,while gasping for air.
The Brit smiled – one of those rare,face cracking smiles which he used to criticize people for – he couldn`t suppress the happiness which took over him.He was unable for once in his life to do it.And neither did he want to,as his sweet (Name) took him back.He wasn`t uncertain anymore of his feelings as he whispered in her ear those three sweet words she longed for,at which she responded in a lulling voice with an ‘I love you too’.Solitude could be spent in two too!
Arthur – U.K.
Alfred – America
Yao – China
Ivan – Russia
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!~

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So sweet... And I loved the Allies reactions! And, wow, you forgot France :D Poor France, the Country of Love, ignored in this kind of situation! As if England would heard him anyway...

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Mon Dieu!!! T^T I am so sorry Francis!!!
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