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November 25, 2012
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~Last Christmas~

*Male!Belarus X Reader*

'Drabble #4 of 'All I want for Christmas' series'

(Name) watched with big,curious (e/c) eyes as Nikolai,Dmitri and Ivan decorated the forest green Christmas tree with multicoloured and varied shaped decorations,from the simplest red spheres,to the most complex one such as Santas,glittery angels,plush teddy bears with delicate patterns and so on and so forth.
The quite large mansion in the heart of Russia was enveloped in a festive atmosphere as Christmas was soon to come.
Mistletoe was hanged at the crystal drop lamp,the small white breakable fruits contrasting with the green of the branch itself.
A petite chuckle escaped the female's lips,her eyes wandering to the white marble fireplace,where red and vivid green socks hanged,a snow globe tactically placed in between tall red candles kept in the silver broded support.
The sparks were playing,hitting the interior of the fireplace,the wood cracking with a jingle as it slowly turned into a blackish grey ash.
Different aromas reached the living room,blending together beautifully,cinnamon,ginger and dried fruits with the fresh pine and crispy Nordic wind.
Under the rather large tree square boxes enveloped in Christmas patterned sheets and kept together with red and blue bows,were the presents,so that no one could guess what the object destinated to him or her was until the supposed time.
Watching the Russian struggle with the thread of a decoration,(Name) lost the notion of time,her vision not focused anymore on the large male's creamy coat,but on how she and Nikolai have met.
Noticing this,the Belorussian growled in frustration,putting a last decoration on the tree and making his way towards the said female in record time.
"Are you interested in big brother,(Name)?Because if you are..." Nikolai started,his purple gaze piercing the (e/c) one of her.
"N-No Nik,of course I'm not!I was just thinking,that's all!" (Name) stuttered,embarassedly bowing her head.
The silver white headed boy chuckled,his gaze softening as he brought the female's head up,placing a butterfly kiss onto her lips.
"I was just kidding,don't get overworked!" Nikolai said,a small smile playing onto his features.
"Don't scare your sunflower,da?" Ivan intervined,winking towards the (h/c) female,at which she giggled.
"You're giving her a heartattack, брат!Please,be carefull with (Name)!" Dmitri pleaded,giving the girl a symphatetic look.
"Oh guys!You are such meanies,really!You are treating me like I'm going to break even if I walk!" (Name) pouted cutely,crossing her arms over her chest.
"You are fragile,(Name)!" Nikolai softly said,drawing soothing circles onto the female's visible grown tummy.
"I wouldn't like you or the baby to get hurt!" he whispered,audible enough only for them to hear,as if he was ashamed of what he was saying.
"Gah!Don't make that cute face,please!I can't stay mad at you if you do!" (Name) laughed,closing once again the gap between them with a ginger and loving kiss.
It really was funny how things had gradually grown.How Nikolai had seen the delicate female as a rival when she first came to Moscow with the intimidating Russian.
How she had fallen for him from the very beginning,for his purple orbs which held lonliness and need of being loved,his platinum blonde hair,his milky white complexion.Even his mean way to react at certain situations and how obsessive he was about the things he cared.
And when she was about to give up at her hope,he started following her everywhere,calling her three or four times a day to check on her,shooing off all the males within the range of one meter with a cold stare and an bass growl-and to be sure,the females too -to the point where he asked her to marry him - and,surprisingly enough for him,she said yes with no hesitation.
And now,here she was,bearing the Belorussian's child who warmed up considerably  to her eversince he found out he was going to be a daddy.
"Я люблю цябе,(Name)!And З Калядамі Хрыстовым!!!" he broke the silence,his purple eyes never leaving her (e/c) ones.
"Я таксама цябе люблю,Nik!Merry Christmas!" (Name) responded,giving him the best smile.
Ivan and Dmitri gave eachother satisfied glances as the loving Belorussian kissed both his wife's hands,his warm palm stroking gently her swollen belly.

‘З Калядамі Хрыстовым!'
‘Da’(Russian) = ‘Yes’
‘брат’ (Ukraienian) = ‘Brother’
‘Я люблю цябе’ (Belorussian) = ‘I love you’
‘З Калядамі Хрыстовым’ (Belorussian) = ‘Merry Christmas’
‘Я таксама цябе люблю’ (Belorussian) = ‘I love you too’

Nikolai – Male!Belarus
Dmitri – Male!Ukraine
Ivan – Russia
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!~

Another Christmas drabble!~ I don`t know why,but I have the feeling Nikolai is too OOC in this.Meh,sorry for this. *bows*
Another fluffeh thingy…myeah…

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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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