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January 4, 2013
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~Hazel brown~

*Fem!Romano X Fem!Reader*

Warning: This is Yuri aka girl x girl.Please,if you don't like it,don't read.

The brown haired girl played with a crayon watching with lost honey brown eyes the blank white paper in front of her.
Everyone she had met until the current moment seemed to be gifted with something through which they could easily impress and make a living out of it.Antonia was a great dancer even if she was constantly annoyed the living lights out of the Italian girl,Annabelle could have got anytime a license in haute couture for her fine designing or might as well become a chef because of her fine cuisine,even Julchen and the potato bastard,Monica had some sort of special talent,even if that was manly for the two German girls - engeneering.
Added to the fact that her own family prefered her younger twin over her made her go insane and be lonley.Indeed Feliciana was beautiful and outgoing,cheerfull and a peace maker,talented in all that art meant - but through this,Lovina was slowly forgotten by people.She didn't hate her younger sibling,truth to be told the hazel eyed girl cared about her as if she was her own child - and she knew that Feliciana loved her back,but that wasn't enough.
She needed someone to prove her she was indeed worthy,someone who loved her,who even through a blindfold could tell whom she was by knowing by heart her fragrance or touch or who would simply call first 'Lovina' instead of 'Feliciana'.
A person like that came into the Southern Italian's life,still she acted towards her like a jerk,pushing her constantly away.
The person who accepted Lovina as she was and loved her more than her twin sister was (Name) (Last Name),a beautiful foreigner who moved from (Country Name) to Italy,as she herself was an art student.
From the very first second the Italian knew she was that special someone she was waiting for - she looked plain cute as that blush crept upon her delicate cheeks,her big eyes glimmering and wet,as if she was on the verge of crying onto the spot,swaying her legs back and forth in order to keep her nerves hidden,her two index fingers caught one to another as if they were hooks randomly bound together.
Step by step she became less shy,showing people her feelings - but not through speaking but through her works - the first painting being a pair of half lided hazel brown eyes with tints of golden yellow as a dim light crept through a crack into a blueish gray wall,the ray of light hitting the depts of them,a plethora of lashes surrounding the said eyes - the rest of the painting was a serie of glimmering stars which gave off a silvery or a golden light,the solar system and the gray wall on which grew branched vines,the roses freshly bloomed onto a navy blue background.
The touch of the brush was delicate everywhere - but especially onto the line of the eyes which seemed the source of the Universe itself.
Looking once into the mirror while the sun bathed her in warmth through the small window,Lovina noted her own irises looked like the ones (Name) drew and everyone praised the beauty of them - but she brushed it off,thinking it was silly of her.
Inspecting the painting once more,she observed two curvy golden letters at the edge of the painted canvas - 'L.V'. The brown haired girl smiled to herself,feeling once in her life truly loved - the (h/c) haired female picture a side of her she wasn't even aware of - but that made her fall even more in love.
The Italian grew more interested in her looks eversince she realized that her love for (Name) was something more than friendship or sister love.But everytime she looked in the mirror,she found her appearence dull and quite the opposite of how the (e/c) looked - she seemed to never fail to match colours and create interesting outfits with the same pieces of clothing Lovina sometimes found uninteresting - but put onto the curvy body,adding small pieces of jewlery,braiding the hair or putting it into a messy bun and adding light make up made (Name) look gorgeous in an outfit the Italian didn't think of as appealing.
How could she compete against the world in order to win her heart when the only things she was good at was being foul mouthed and acting all tsundere?Well,that and making pizza and pasta.
"Lovi!~" a delicate voice came,bringing the Italian out of her thoughts.
"Haven't I told'a you not to call'a me Lovi, idiota?" the brown haired complained,pinching the bride of her nose to put emphasis on how much she hated that pet name.
"But it really sounds cute...And I thought it suits you..." (Name) retorted somewhat disapponted,causing Lovina to peek at her through her coffee brown bangs.
"I'm really sorry,Lovina!" the (h/c) added,tightening her fists into her lap until the knuckles turned white,bowing her head down not to meet the hazel gaze.
Biting down her lower lip,(Name) tried her best to prevent a shakily sob to escape,but unfortunately it didn't work as in the next instant it came out muffled and more hurt than it initially was.
The female clasped a hand over her mouth,hot tears cascading down her fever pinched cheeks,reaching her chin and falling with a little drip sound onto the white marble floor.
Rushing to her side,Lovina hesitated before actually enveloping (Name) into a warm,awkward hug.
The Italian girl patted the (h/c) locks with care,humming a soft tune while she did so.
A few hiccups left the girl's lips before they died down,the (e/c) eyes gazing innocently into the golden ones.
Everytime she got the chance to,(Name) tried to show to Lovina that she cared,that she loved her even with her flaws - which weren't few.
The delicate female was indeed an artist - but not because she could paint whatever crossed her mind,but because she was able to see the essence of the things - she knew materiality wasn't eveything and that what hid behind a pair of seemingly scolding eyes wasn't necessarily anger,but also lonliness.
(Name) loved eveything about the Italian girl - how her coffee brown locks fell onto her shoulders,curled at the ends,how her hazel eyes were a portal to her soul and how deep and thick they seemed under sun's light,even that permanent scowl which seemed to be carved onto her face was lovable if you knew to see the good part of it.
Deep inside her soul,Lovina cared - (Name) knew she did,but that she was too affraid to be deceived.
"Mi dispiace,(Name)!I did-a not mean to yell-a at you!" the Italian said in an remorsefull tone,obviously meaning what she had said.
"It's just that..." she started,but growled as she didn't find the proper words for her statement.
"You know-a what? Dannazione!!!What I meant-a to say was-a... Ti amo,tesoro!" as the sentence approached to an end,the brown haired girl's voice became whispered,almost inaudible.
Gasping for air - but in vain,as the female couldn't take a mouthfull of the needed substance - (Name) realized what Lovina has actually meant.
Placing one warm hand onto the side of her face,the last thing the (h/c) saw before her eyes fluttered closed with the delicate,still nervous bat of her eyelashes was the deep hazel pools.
Pressing their lips with force one to another,(Name) could taste the Italian's aroma,a mixture of tomatoes and condiments,Lovina tasting herself (favourite flavour) on the (h/c)'s tongue.
The aromas blended,creating a new one,so that the females weren't certain which one ate which,as they lost themselves in the bliss of the moment,the brown haired's arms keeping (Name)'s body close to hers,while the female had snaked her arms around the Italian's neck,resting them onto her tan upper part of the uniform.
"Ti amo troppo,bella! " (Name) breathed her words as they've parted from the kiss in her lover's native language,'r's rolling off beautifully of her tongue.
For mere seconds they just stood there,watching as their chests raised and fell while breathing - but soon laughter filled the white marble chamber,a sound which loosened the atmosphere,though not the hug in whom the two engaged.
Maybe she wasn't good at a certain something for the moment - Lovina thought - but at loving and being loved back by (Name) she was the best.
Not a single thing in the world would make her feel as accomplished as the (h/c)'s love for her did - it was the best reward who no one but the Italian was able to have.
Lovina Vargas – fem!Romano
Feliciana – fem!Italy
Annabelle – fem!France
Antonia – fem!Spain
Julchen – fem!Prussia
Monica – fem!Germany
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!~


‘idiota’ (Italian) = ‘idiot’
‘mi dispiace’ (Italian) = ‘I`m sorry’
‘dannazione’ (Italian) = ‘damn it’
‘ti amo’ (Italian) = ‘I love you’
‘tesoro’ (Italian) = ‘treasure’
‘ti amo troppo’ (Italian) = ‘ I love you too’
‘bella’ (Italian) = ‘beautiful’

Norway :
Denmark :
Scotland :
Sweden :
England :
Finland :
Iceland :
Spain :
Romano : :heart:
Germany :
Japan :
Estonia :
Prussia :
Prussia sequel :
Iceland X Reader X Norway :


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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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