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December 11, 2012
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~God Jul~

*Daddy!Sweden X Mommy!Reader X Child!OC!Stockholm X Child!Finland*

'Drabble #17 from 'All I want for Christmas' series'


The Swedish male bore his navy blue gaze in the pretty female's direction.Eversince he had been notified that his younger sister Tina died and left behind a new born child in his care,Berwald started taking interest into finding a wife for himself.
His search of such a female was a failure,as the large Swede was quite intimidating and most of the people misunderstood him.But not all of them.
One of the greatest people he had ever met was a female.And she was a beautiful one at that.Delicate and carring,good with children,hardworking and sensitive - she had the perfect traits in the blonde's view.To top that,(Name) - as that was her name - was also Tina's best friend and supported her through good and bad.
Berwald hated her for a small amount of time,as the (h/c) haired female supported the Finnish girl even when she decided to carry her boyfriend's baby,even if they fought and he had left her.
But that was only a small period of time,as the Swede grew fond of (Name) gradually - and the delicate female even got him to forgive Tina for her reckless actions.
His navy gaze never left her petite form,as she was reading a book with plain white covers and the image of a multibranched tree imprinted on it,the author's name and the title written in curvy golden letters.But that was not what captured Berwald's attention,but the precious focused look on (Name)'s face,the way her eyebrows furrowed together when,maybe,the main character was facing difficulties,her features brightening sudden,a small,satisfied smile playing upon her lips as the paper character succeded in getting over the said danger which was interposing in the way of success.
Feeling herself being watched,(Name) slowed down the pace of reading,ignoring the feeling at the beginning.But as it persistently lingered,she brought her head up from the mass of skattered letters,her (e/c) gaze meeting the navy blue of the Swede.
She instantly brightened,a face cracking smile kissing her lips - still gentle - as she waved towards Berwald,whose cheeks were tinged pink and waved back awkwardly.
Closing the distance between them with large steps,he sat on the bench with her,feeling his heart beat increase.
Of course he wasn't the man of many words,but that's what made him unique - he was patient and loving and often (Name) imagined him as a big soft teddybear - which he actually was.
"B' m' w'fe?" Berwald asked in his deep voice,his words cutting through the wind.
"Is this because of Tino?" (Name) questioned,still in daze,as she carelessly closed her book,putting it on one side of the bench.
"Because if that's your reason,it's just wrong!I'm taking care of Tino because I love him and because Tina was my best friend.I don't want you to feel obliged to propose to me because of that.I know you love Nora,so why don't you ask her instead?" the female tried to keep her composure,but felt her arms trembling from the tightened fists in her lap.
The blueish veins were visible,as if they were carved into her delicate skin because of the pressure she applied - but that was the last thing (Name) could think about.She felt herself getting broken by each second that passed,tears gathering into her endless (e/c) pools.
Of course she loved Berwald.But she couldn't condemn him to live in misery with her when he could happily live with Nora.
"I d' n't l've Nora!" the Swede tried to explain himself,confused on why would she think that.
" don't?But I thought you did!" (Name) responded,her glass eyes wide,making out the blonde's hair through her blurry vision,but not his blue eyes behind the thin glasses.
"Y'u 're m' w'fe!N't Nora!" Berwald made things clear,bringing the female's petite body into an awkward hug.
(Name) genuinely smiled hearing the Swede say that - muttering a small,still audible 'Yes' at which the blonde himself smiled a small smile - still something,as he had never done it before.

~End of flashback~

The crispy Nordic wind blew cold,pinching the exposed skin of the large Swedish male - but he was accustomed to it,as his skin was neither too soft,nor that rough.
He fixed a final bulb before checking things twice - seeing that things were in order,he plugged in the instalation,the cottage's walls enveloped in festive lights - neon greens battling the golden yellow ones for supremacy,the vivid red and baby blue broding eachother in ressingment.
Berwald descended the metal ladder,putting it aside in the tool shed and made his way towards the house.A wave of warmth hit him,as well as the smell of pine and ginger cookies blending with the cinnamon,as (Name) was probably baking them for the family.
Getting rid of the extra clothes,remaining in only a white shirt over which he had a blue sweater,and black pants,he entered the kitchen enveloping his wife into a bear hug.
(Name) giggled angelically,putting her hands onto the male's fierce arms,taking in the scent of fresh frozen snow Berwald held.
The male found extremly cute that habbit his wife couldn't get rid of - wearing his sweaters,which were oversized for hers and having her (h/c) hair caught into a messy bun made her look both a house wife and an adorable teenage girl - only to find out the next day his piece of clothing was intoxicating him with her perfume - in a good way.
"Y'u sh'uld r'st!" the Swede whispered,twirling (Name) around so that she was facing him.
"I will!The boys will take over the job for now!" the female answered in a soft tone - but she didn't get to finish her sentence,as both Tino and Acke were waiting for their task.
The purple eyed boy hopped up on the chair helped by Berwald,while the other just stand in the door's frame with his head bowed.
(Name) walked to him,scooping him into her arms,placing a ginger kiss onto his chubby cheek before setting him down onto a chair opposite to Tino's.
"I and papa are going to see what your sister is doing.So please,be good and don't sprinkle too much candies,because the gingerbread men won't like that!" the (e/c) eyed female joked,causing the two small boys to gasp in surprise and to watch reluctantly the various coloured sprinkle tubes and Berwald to chuckle at his younger brother's and nephew's naivity.
Catching the rather small hand of the female's into his large one,they headed upstairs for a dim lighted room.
Reaching the cradle engraved with delicate roses,a soft whimpering sound came from behind the pink material,causing both of them to stop.
A satisfied smile played upon Berwald's lips as he watched his 3 months daughter sleep peacefully,thinking about how lucky he was to have such a wonderful wife and a cute little daughter.
"Jag älskar dig,(Name)! Tack för allt!" the Swedish male whispered in order not to wake up the infant.
"Jag älskar dig också,Ber! Tack för att du älskar mig!" (Name) responded in a sweet lullying tone.
Berwald bent down,placing his large calloused hands onto the small shoulders of the female,bringing her into a feverish kiss,gentle,still needy,showing her how he really felt about her.
The rainbow coloured wave appeared onto the satin black sky,playing down onto the tear frozen ground,making it look as if it was a portal to the eternity.

'God Jul!'~

‘God Jul’ (Swedish) = ‘Merry Christmas’
‘Jag älskar dig’ (Swedish) = ‘I love you’
‘Tack för att du står som’ (Swedish) = ‘Thank you for everything’
‘Jag älskar dig också’* (Swedish) = ‘I love you too’ -> Jag älskar dig (name), tack för allt’
‘Tack för att älska mig’* (Swedish) = ‘Thanks for loving me’ -> - ‘Jag älskar dig också Ber! Tack för att du älskar mig’

Berwald – Sweden
Tina – fem!Finland
Tino – male!Finland
Acke – OC – Stockholm
Nora – fem!Norway
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!~

So…I had to choose between a Sweden and a China one shot.And this came to me.Because…I don`t even know.
Because I was reading Camilla Lackberg and it was quite related.And yeah…I`m good at writing dramas.xD And romance!~
Hope you enjoy!~ Love,Suu!~

Finland :
Norway :
England :
Male!Belarus :
Romano :
Iceland :
Italy :
Denmark :
Scotland :
Spain :
Netherlands :
Latvia :
Male!Hungary :
America :
Germany :
Austria :
Sweden : here
France :
Prussia :
Estonia :
Canada :
Russia :
Bulgaria :
Male!Ukraine :
Romania :
Switzerland :
Australia :

Sequels :

England :
Norway :


All I want for Christmas – Hetalia X Reader ->
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Never forget – Iceland X Reader ->
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Country X Reader ->
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Other fics ->
One or two part ->

Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:

Edit 1 : Special thanks to :icondarknessonmyeyes: , :iconxxzerudadatenonixx: and :iconruexkiba: for pointing my mistakes,which are the following :
- ‘Jag älskar dig (name), tack för allt’ instead of ‘Tack för att du står som’ which had no sense
- ‘Jag älskar dig också Ber! Tack för att du älskar mig’ instead of ‘Tack för att älska mig’ – which also had no sense
Really,thanks,it means a lot to me!
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