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December 4, 2012
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~Prettig kerstfeest~

*Daddy!Netherlands X Mommy!Reader X Child!Fem!Belgium X Child!Male!Belgium*

'Drabble #11 from 'All I want for Christmas' series'

The fluffy white bunny shivered at the bubbly's girl touch,the blonde boy giving him a symphatetic look as if the non talking being could actually understand him.The flock of white jumped out of Bella's lap and landed on (Daughter's Name) frilly pink dress,causing the said girl to gasp in surprise.
Peeking one ruby red orb out of the mass of soft pink,the girl's gaze softened and a cute smile was placed onto her features as she started caressing with her thumbs the top of the bunny's head,whose ear fell limp in sign of pleasure - the small creature loved the gentle touch of the (h/c) haired girl,as she ressembled a lot her mom - fragile and trustworthy.
(Name) smiled softly at the scene,picking up Abel's white and blue stripped ribbon and as soon as that happened,the bunny hopped off (Daughter's Name) lap and headed off (Name)'s direction,lovingly rubbing his small head onto the female's thin white stockings.
The female chuckled and bent down,caressing with her index finger in soothing circles the fluffy being in sign of affection,scooping it up and placing the ribbon into a nice bow,neither too loose,so that Abel won't lose it once again,nor too tight,so that the poor creature wouldn't be able to breath.
"Why does Abel love you that much?" Bella pouted,crossing her arms over her chest.
"I don't know!Sometimes I get to think he is a counterpart of Tim and this is a way of showing me that he loves me and thinks at me all the time!" (Name) answered with a giggle at which the two girls 'awwed' interwinding their hands.
"Really?" the Neth questioned,cocking a blonde eyebrow,while resting his shoulder onto the frame's door.
"I...Uh..." the female stumbled upon her own words,stuttering.
"Hi honey!" she ended embarassedly,scratching her neck awkwardly.
"I didn't know you came home already!" (Name) bit on her lower lip cutely,causing the Dutch's shoulders to loosen,all his mucles to relax and to freely contemplate that adorable gesture of his wife that she couldn't get rid of - not that he actually wanted to.
His cheeks tinted pink,the male started to feel awkward himself - but the feeling grew far as his little daughter clinged onto the lower part of his feet,capturing the tall Dutch's attention.
"Welcome home,daddy!" (Daughter's Name) beamed at him.
He scooped the girl up into his arms,kissing the delicate skin of her chubby cheeks at which the girl giggled - and the happy gesture brought a small satisfied smile to his lips.
(Daughter's Name) was the second best thing that has happened to him - the first one being his beautiful wife.He loved how his little girl ressembled so much her mom - the pretty (h/c) locks and the cute,feminine attitude.Though sometimes she was just as stubborn as him - if not,even more - and she inherited the emerald green orbs from him,usually mistaken for peridot green in the dim light of the chamber.
As seconds passed by,(Daughter's Name) grew impatient and started swaying back and forth her legs,in hope her daddy would get the hint and let her go - which he did after the girl begun struggling to get out of his grasp.
As soon as she was on safe land,she dashed off with Bella and Navarro to her room,the action bringing several unanswered questions to the Dutch male.
"What is she so excited about?" Timothy asked,still in daze,his wife.
"Feliciana begged me to take care of Lovi and Tony for tonight while she is having her time with Ludwig!" the female answered somewhat guilty.
A grunt of disapproval left the blonde male's lips,but before he could actually protest,(Name) tackled her taller husband into a hug.
"Aww,please Tim!Bella really likes Tony.And he is a great kid!" she tried to explain herself,cutely bitting on her lower lip for emphasis.
"But Lovino curses a lot!He is a bad model for (Daughter's Name)!" Tim retorted in a calm voice.
"(Daughter's Name) is big enough to know that she isn't supposed to add to her vocabulary those words!And Navarro will be with them too!So she'll stick around him!" the female continued,already winning the battle.
"Ok!" he gave in,a sigh escaping his lips.
"But only because you asked me to!" the Dutch added,gaining a squeal of happiness from the childish female.
"Thank you,Tim!Thank you!" (Name) repeated merrily,tightening her arms around the male's torso,nuzzling her cheek into the warm tan coat of her husband.
The blonde headed patted the female's (straight/curly) (h/c) locks gingerly,affraid that if he was to put a little more pressure she would break.
(Name) brought her head up after inhaling the sweet scent the male held,a mixture of the wind's crispy freshness and the touch his cologne added.
The female missed her husband when he was off with business,so moments like these were more than precious to her.Not a single pearl or diamond created by skilled hands could bring so much happiness to (Name) than the simple presence of the Dutch male.
Timothy placed his calloused hands onto the female's hips,pressing upon them a little as his head inched closer to hers.His emerald green orbs gazed into her (e/c) ones before their lips caressed eachother gingerly,the kiss becoming daring and needy,showing how much they've missed eachother.
The female clinged onto the Dutch's pure white and navy blue stripped scarf,wrinlking the material by tightening it into her small fists,as the male snaked his arms towards the fragile neck of his wife,where the silver chain ended with a (f/c) tulip form.
Feeling the cold metal of the chain in between his fingers,the male smiled into the kiss.
"Still wearing it?" he asked after he broke the kiss.
"Yes!For the same reason you wear that!" (Name) giggled pointing towards the scarf.
"Ik hou van je,(Name)!" the male whispered,cupping the girl's small frame with his warm hands.
"Ik hou ook van jou,Tim!" (Name) responded,placing her hand upon his own.
Both their gazes turned onto the white scenery,the slow waltz of the little stars making their way lazily to the ground mesmerizing them,settling a serene feeling of security and protection casted as a spell upon the young couple.
The children could be heard in the background,singing merrily different carols,Bella and (Daughter's Name) leading,while Navarro joined at the chorus.
But at the moment,(Name) and Timothy heard only their hearts beating in unison,as a delicate lullaby.

'Prettig kerstfeest!'~
‘Gelukkig kerstfeest’ (Dutch) = ‘Merry Christmas’ * ''Prettig kerstfeest!'
‘Ik hou van je’ (Dutch) = ‘I love you’
‘Ik hou ook van jou’ (Dutch) = ‘I love you too’

Timothy – Netherlands
Bella – Belgium
Navarro – Male!Belgium
Feliciana – Fem!Italy
Ludwig – Germany
Antonio – Spain
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!~

So…I promised to my awesome sis I`ll write a Neth X Reader too.Because he is hot and deserves a lot of love!~ I`ve delayed it with the Spain X Reader,but I regret nothing!~
Lol,the bunny`s name is Abel,by the way.xD The scarf and tulip chain have a little history I`ve thought about,but I`ve just kept it in mind.
Enjoy!~ Love,Suu!~

Finland :
Norway :
England :
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Romano :
Iceland :
Italy :
Denmark :
Scotland :
Spain :
Netherlands : here
Latvia :
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Austria :
Sweden :
France :
Prussia :
Estonia :
Canada :
Russia :
Bulgaria :
Male!Ukraine :
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Switzerland :
Australia :

Sequels :

England :
Norway :


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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:

Edit 1: :iconEatPastaLikeAGiraffe: pointed that 'Prettig kerstfeest!' it`s the actual word for 'Merry Christmas'.Thank you for the precious information!~
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