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~Frohe Weihnachten~

*Daddy!Switzerland X Wife!Reader X Child!Lichtenstein*

'Drabble #25 from 'All I want for Christmas' series'


The wind roared at the corners of the large mansion,giving off that empty feeling,making it more acute.
The blonde teen removed the glasses he used only when he read or had to complete stacks of important documents,rubbing soothing circles with the edge of slim fingers in attempt to wash off the lost hours of sleep.
He simply missed times when he and the Austrian were getting into fights,which ended won by Vash and with a fuming Roderich promissing he would never play with the Swiss.But as soon as he got into trouble - as the brunette aristocrat seemed to be a magnet for it - the person to tend his wounds so that he wouldn't be punished when he got home and to carry him back there,even if both boys weighted almost the same,was Vash - the Austrian always thanked him with a delicate smile,that black mole onto his pale face contrasting even more as he did so - the Swiss would only give him a glare,stomp his feet in the opposite direction and growl - meaning that was the last time to help him,which even Vash himself knew that was a lie.
What was worse,eversince he had found the cute blonde baby girl he couldn't help but think - how could he be able to take care of an infant,especially an opposite sex one?
As every day passed by,time seemingly dilating and make seconds turn into weeks,the Swiss realized something - maybe if someone was to cross his path and he was to fall in love,he would enjoy life more,he would be able to face everything for that person.
As if on a cue,a supreme instance made things happen and Vash met the most beautiful and delicate being his eyes had seen.
She seemed to be naive,with those cute (h/c) braids framing her porcelain face,the glimmering (e/c) eyes which played into her orbits,capturing the golden rays,filtrating them and making the irises look even more deep than they already were,her long curled up lashes giving a small shadow upon the orbs which reached her lower eyelid.
It was just a coincidence which got them in the same place,at the same time.That instance above all decided it was time for the young male to found someone to fall in love with - and even if it sounded like a clichee,he couldn't care less,that was indeed love at first sight.
Seeing the confused look cross the blonde male's features,his light eyebrows furrowed together in thought,(Name) bit her lower lip thinking she might get in trouble for interrupting the green eyed's train of thoughts.
Still,she gripped tighter her creamy basket and tapped his shoulder gently,causing him to snap out of his so called important decision.
"May I help you,sir?You seem to be in trouble and I thought I could give you my opinion,if it isn't too much!" the female's voice was somewhat shaky,her head bowed down in shame as she felt she was intruding.
(Name) almost cried there,on the spot,but the male's calm voice kept the tears just at the stadium of forming and not falling,making her eyes look as if they were protected by a thing layer of glass.
"I would appreciate help.Do you...uhm...know what babies eat?" the Swiss asked,scratching his neck awkwardly as he felt extremly stupid for stuttering - that was so not like him and felt like an idiot,but nothing could be done.
"That's really easy!You should buy some fresh milk or prepare tea.Babies get easily sick and a nice marigold tea with honey will make it all better!" (Name) explained,giving a small smile,still gentle and sincere towards the blonde's way.
"T-Thank you!So I guess little guys don't eat cheese,huh?" the male whispered the last part,but audible enough for the female to hear and giggle softly.
"Not at all!But that was really cute of you.My name is (Name) (Last Name),by the way!" she supressed her giggles,reaching her free arm towards the Swiss.
"My name is Vash Zwingli!Nice to meet you (Name)!" Vash took the so small hand into his,amazed how the caring girl could be so fragile,with those slender fingers - it fitted perfectly into his large palm,giving it a friendly shake,though carefull enough,scared he could actually brake her.

~End of flashback~

'Do you,(Name) (Last Name) take Vash Zwingli to be your faithful husband,to be together through good and bad,until death does you apart?'
'I do!'
'Do you,Vash Zwingli take (Name) (Last Name) to be your faithful wife,to be together through good and bad,until death does you apart?'
'Not even death will do us apart!I do!'
'Then,with the force I was invested,I proclaim you husband and wife!You can kiss the bride!'

Delicate white snowflakes fell from the dark grey painted winter canvas,only here and there a shy baby blue or a pastel purple.
The crispy wind blew cold,combing through the sea of silvery shining stars,roaring at the corners of the large mansion.
But the violent roar of the wind couldn't be heard,neither the increasing debit of blizzard which didn't seem to cease for mere seconds.
It was as years ago,the only exception being the mansion didn't held that emptiness anymore,the vivid lights playing onto the light coloured walls,the warmth raising to the ceiling in constant waves,laughs and giggles cutting through the air.
"Catch me,papa!" (Daughter's Name) squeaked as soon as the Swiss caught her and brought her into an embrace,patting her soft blonde locks.
The girl kissed her father's cheek,causing a smile to creep upon his features,the small being in his arm acting all cute - thing which Vash didn't mind,as he was extracarefull to point how pretty his daughter looked and even contributing to her appearence.
(Daughter's Name) started being impatient and the feeling raised its peak as the (h/c) haired female appeared into the door's frame,carrying a plate of cookies in one hand,the other being occupied by Lily's own one,who had hanged onto her frail arm a creamy coloured basket with a big red ribbon filled with fine Swiss chocolate.
The blonde male got the message and let the girl run off towards her mother,hugging to her chest the female's legs.
"Let me help you with that!" Vash offered,taking the plate of treats from (Name)'s hand and placing it onto the glass table in middle of the large living room.
"Can I go and play with Lily mommy?" (Daughter's Name) pleaded,clinging onto the said female frilly (f/c) dress,giving her the puppy eyes.
(Name) smiled towards her daughter,patting her blonde locks,carefull not to take off the blue ribbon from her hair in the process.She embraced the other blonde girl,kissing the top of her head as she gave her approval.
"Should we read the girls letter?" (Name) suggested,receiving a small nod from the Swiss as he patted the soft material on the couch next to him.
The female plopped down onto the couch,shifting until she felt comfortable into her husband's caring embrace in which she always felt safe.

'Dear Santa,

Lily and (Daughter's Name) here.We are writing as we did the previous years too.
I know I haven't been a good girl this year,because I made mom cry when I went off in the woods with Gilbert,even if mommy told us not to.Lily though had been extra good,so you can bring more presents to her.
What we are requesting this year is happiness for mom and dad.I don't really know what that is,but mommy said it's something you enjoy.
I would love to have a little brother,so this is Lily's and mine top wish.
So please,make it come true.

Love,Lily and (Daughter's Name).

P.S.: Could you also bring me a gun like daddy's?That whimpering Italian got the custom to tresspass our backyard and I don't want it to become a habbit!'.

(Name) and Vash both laughed at theirs daughter last request,but the laugh died soon as they reread the top wish.The female's cheeks were painted red and even after years of marriage it felt awkward when talking about that topic.
"I love you,(Name)!And I wouldn't mind us having another kid!" the Swiss broke the silence,planting a kiss atop of the female's head.
"I love you too Vash!I'm glad to hear that you would like us to have another baby!Because it quite passed some time since (Daughter's Name) was born,isn't it?" the female responded,drawing patterns with her index finger onto the male's chest.
The kaki upper uniform part embraced the Swiss muscles,as his chest raised and lowered while he breathed,tightening his arms around the female's slim waist.
(Name) tucked a few locks behind her ear,gazing lovingly into the blonde's forest green eyes before placing gingerly her glossy lips upon his warm ones.
Vash immediatly reactioned to it,caressing delicately his wife's lips,parting a little only for a small period of time in order to only press his own lips harder to hers,but in a loving manner.
If Lily and (Daughter's Name) wouldn't have been there to prove that time had passed,none of them two would have known that they were in a time where 6 years had passed since they got married and 5 and a half since their daughter had been born - the infant was so tiny at birth,because she came 3 months earlier than supposed,but she was a fighter as her daddy and managed through all.
The white lilies kept together by red bows at every aisle of benches,that specific one tucked behind (Name)'s ear and the bouquet of white roses she took a tight grip on as she was nervous - everything was bathed in white as winter threw its powder everywhere,even the wedding dress which embraced beautifully the female's curves,broded with small pearls,seemed to be a part of the scenery.
Memories which brought the two back to December were absolutely precious.

'Frohe Weihnachten!~'

‘Frohe Weihnachten’ (German) = ‘Merry Christmas’

Vash Zwingli – Switzerland
Lily – Lichtenstein
Gilbert – Prussia
Roderich - Austria
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!~

An awesome person suggested I should write a Switzy X Reader too.So I did!~ :iconrish-36-bitch: I hope you enjoy it honey!~
And the thing with the baby born at the 6th month of pregnancy is possible.My *cough* retarded – in a good way *cough* best male friend happened to be borned in these kind of circumstances.And he is well…taller than me and so on.
Enjoy!~ Love,Suu!~

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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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Great story and I feel so bad babies can't have cheese!! This story by far is the sweetest you have done in my opinion :)
VanillaSuu Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yahoo,way to go,(D/N)!!!!~
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