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November 15, 2012
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~Fontana dell'Amore~

*Romano X Reader*

'I don't believe in cliché stuff.I just enjoy sappy movies because they are a medicine for my soul.Neither do I believe in Prince Charming.Well,partially I do,but I think the idiot is coming on a turtle,that's why it takes him so long to arrive.'.

The female walked down the paved streets of Rome,tucking a strand of hair behind her ear with a gentle movement,noticing the moving masses speaking quite loud.Different accents played on their tongues,but it was impossible to not recognize the inhabitants of the lovely capital - they were cheery and spoke at an incredible pace,as if they meant only to keep it between them - even if you were fluent in Italian,it was hard to catch what they said,maybe little parts of an whole conversation.
(Name) didn't mind the people around her as she continued walking and people didn't mind her either - she blended in the mass of foreigners,obviusly enough she wasn't Italian at origin.
The female's objective was simple - visiting the Colosseum,some cathedrals,the main spots in the town and to save up for the night's fall Fontana di Trevi.
A great part of the day was composed out of visiting,photographing and admiring every single detail which was new for the (nationality) girl.
People around her enjoyed seeing that smile plastered on the young female's face,the curiosity and the way she was mesmerized by sculptures,architecture and well known paintings.
While trying to picture every single detail of Caravaggio`s sculpture in her mind,her phone began ringing loudly,at which she gained some mustering gazes,some symphatetic - she pressed on the green button,throwing her arms in the air,an apologetic smile on her face as she whispered a 'Scusatemi' to everyone.
"Hey mom,something's wrong?" the female asked,somewhat concerned.
"No honey,I called to tell you that Nonna has two cute grandsons about your age and they're coming for dinner.Oh,yeah,we'll have pasta,pizza,gelato and granita for tonight!Love you!" the adult female excitedly said from the other end of the line.
"Ok mom!Love you too!Kiss for you and Nonna!" (Name) sighed,throwing her phone into the purse hanged on her shoulder.
Pretty shades of purples and pink enveloped the sky,blending nicely with the golden yellow where the blinding disc seemed to be engulfed by ground.Bloody red arrows striked through the navy blue canvas,estomping more and more when it got closer to the human eye.
Strangely enough,a part of the sky was already painted in a velvety black ink,as if angels went through more than a half of the support and leaving off to do something else,one threw his black covered utensil on the unfinished picture.
Fontana di Trevi became a legend among people.How they threw coins and each meant something.Even now there were couples by the fountain,showing their affection towards eachother.
The female made a few ginger steps and watched through tear stained vision the bottom of the fountain - under the pale light of the illuminating posts,different patterened coins shone,reflecting a rainbow coloured wave play at the surface of the water.
(Name) tightened her grip on the coin and finally threw it.The said metal hit the water,causing a small splash to form.
She wished that someday she would be to return to Rome,as she loved Italy a lot.And she wished that when she'll return,someone will wait for her.Someone who could call her cute names,a boy she would love and she would love back.
For now a coin was enough.The others two were to come.
Feeling a bit uncomfortable around the couples,(Name) decided it was for the best she left and headed home - which she did.
Her pace was slow,the small movement of her feet giving the girl even more grace and a passive air formed around her.
Without her noticing,the door was already opened as she announced her arrival with a simple 'I'm home',heading upstairs at her Nonna's request to make herself pretty.
Several dressed were scattered on the bed sheets,waiting to be picked up by the young female - it seemed that both (Mother's Name) and Angela were overdoing things once again.
The female chuckled to herself as she picked a (f/c) dress,plain,still complicated.It embraced beautifully her curves,leaving one shoulder exposed and a bit of her clevage,ending a little bit above her knees.She put on a pair of (f/c 2) heels,heading towards the silver embroded mirror.
She pulverized a small amount of perfume under her ears,on the both sides of the neck and on one wrist,rubbing them together in order to reduce the quantity on the first.
(Name) grabbed a khol crayon,drawing a small line under her down lashes for expresivity a bit of white on her upper lid which she ended with a soft tone of grey,curving up her lashes with mascara.
And as a final touch,she had choosen a peachy lipstick.Simple,yet cute.
She ruffled a bit her hair,before heading downstairs - as she already heard the door being opened and greetings,as well as a ... growl?
"And this is my precious daughter,(Name)!" (Mother's Name) grabbed the young female,introducing her to the boys,not even letting her mutter a word.
"Vee~,you're really bella!" the younger twin said,kissing her on both cheeks,which she returned.
"My name is-a Feliciano and that is-a my fratello,Lovino!" he pointed to the other boy with a darker shade of hair.
"Idiota,I could have said that-a too!" Lovino interrupted,muttering curses under his breath as a frown was plastered on his face.
"Roma,please.Your language!We have a pretty ragazza here,now don't we?" the older female said,melodically laughing.
"Nonna and I are going to the kitchen to finish the sauce for pasta,so you three behave!" (Mother's Name) interrupted,snaking her arm around the called one.
"Vee~,I'm-a going to help!I'm-a really good at-a that!" Feliciano merrily said as he skipped towards the adults.
"Is he really your brother?I mean,you're so mature and he is quite childish." the female started,giggling.
"But that's cute!" she continued,gaining a small 'hmph' from the dark haired male.
"What the hell is-a wrong with you girls?You all preffer my fratello idiota!What's-a that he has-a and I don't?" he angrily asked,standing up.
"Lovino, mi dispiace!I didn't mean it to sound that way.Truth to be told,I like you more!" she said,at which the male froze dead in his tracks.
"Really?" he questioned,not believing.
The female nodded her head,as the Italian started scratching his neck awkwardly.
"G-Grazie...I think!" he embarassedly continued,not looking her in the eye.
The whole dinner was a continue rant of Feliciano's about pasta and how pasta sauce is better done and glances between Lovino and (Name).When their gazes would met,they just bowed their heads in embarassment,to hide the proeminent blush.
The two adult females smiled to eachother as their task was accomplished,the Northen Italian oblivious to what was happening around him,a grunt of disapproval leaving (Father's Name) lips.

~Time skip~

A chocolate brown haired boy with a soft tan stand on the edge of the fountain,his hazel eyes gazing into the water of it as his hand was holding tightly onto a fragile one,the owner of it smiling a butterfly kissed smile as she watched the peaceful expression on the Italian's face.
Noticing her stares,Lovino was about to snap at her,but as he had seen the pretty brightened face of the girl,coloured reflected rays playing onto her cheek - his expression brightened too,his lips twitching into a pretty smile painted onto his handsome features.
"Well..." the male started,bringing two coins out of his pocket.
"For now are only two,but the next time you'll come-a here,we'll throw together three and I will-a make-a sure you will stay-a forever in Roma, si?" he questioned,positioning himself at her back,putting the two metal coins into her palm.
He brought her clenched fist to his lips,planting a ginger kiss on it and they threw together the coins which formed small circles on the water.
"Ti amo,(Name)! Tu sei la mia anima!And thank you for loving me!" the male said in an unusual soothing voice,unlike his character.
"I love you too,Lovi! Per sempre!" the pretty female answered,letting her frame captured by the warm hands of the Italian.
Now even if couples passed by,the fact itself wasn't disturbing anymore to (Name) - she was having Lovino - her Lovino - and they were happy above average.
And if things were going to turn out as expected,she and the older Vargas were to be officialy one's another.
To think now,it all started with a wish.A coin threw in the water which disturbed the circles from deep down - and of course,destiny was pushed from back by Nonna and (Mother's Name) who were eager to see the two of them together - and it worked.
Once you go to Rome,you'll return to Rome.And (Name) was now sure about that as she walked hand in hand with the handsome Italian,her cheeks adorned by a beautiful pink.

'The flutter of lashes can last for days in a male's mind.The perfume of a girl's skin lingers in his senses,not leaving a single second without heaved sighs and silly smiles.
A girl remembers butterfly kisses and sweet words.She keeps in mind the loved one's priceless expression,the half lided eyes when he is about to kiss her.
She plants her face into a pillow,yelling her happiness through a high pitched squeak,sighing.
These are the symptoms of love.
Destiny,be good and don't ruin my happiness.Don't let my Prince Charming caught into a tree while he wants to come at me!'.
‘Fontana dell'Amore’ (Italian) = ‘The fountain of love’
‘Mi dispiace’ (Italian) = ‘I`m sorry’
‘Nonna’ (Italian) = ‘Grandma’
‘bella’ (Italian) = ‘beautiful’
‘idiota’ (Italian) = ‘idiot’
‘ragazza’ (Italian) = ‘girl’
‘grazie’ (Italian) = ‘thank you’
‘ti amo’ (Italian) = ‘I love you’
‘tu sei mia anima’ (Italian) = ‘you are my soul’
‘per sempre’ (Italian) = ‘forever’
‘fratello’ (Italian) = ‘brother’
‘si’ (Italian) = ‘yes’

Mention of:
-Colosseum – it`s a ruin dating from back when the Roman empire exited
-Fontana di Trevi – I suppose you people know about it;the legend states that that the one who throws a coin in the fountain he/she will return to Rome;you have to throw it over your shoulder though;as an additional thingy,it was built by Nicola Salvi in 1732 from the Pope`s order ( Clement the XII)
-Carravagio – on his full name,Michelangelo Merisi da Carravagio,is an Italian painter;he has painted several Biblical scenes,improving them.

Lovino Vargas – Italy Romano
Feliciano Vargas – Italy Veneciano
Angela is Lovino`s and Feliciano`s Nonna * and a matchmaker*

I own nothing but the plot line!~

So lol!I visited Rome some time ago – and I would certainly go back to Rome.
I was like 17 when I went there and I decided that the first thing I wanted to see was Fontana di Trevi,as we were in a hurry.I watched happily as people threw coins in the fountain and a nice old lady told me I should too – even if I don`t mean it as a romance thingy.
It felt quite awkward,but I threw the coin into the water – I really wanted – and still want – to go back to Rome.
I didn`t meet my lover though – unfortunately – but I really had fun.And I also got the chance to see one of my best friends,Valentino.
I love Italian people,they are talking much – well,Vale does – because I`ve got competition. xD
Love,Suu!~ :heart:

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Edit 1: Special thanks to :iconmyarmor: for pointing the following:
-that instead of Reader~chan saying 'Mi dispiace' when talking at the phone, 'scusatemi' would do
-also,about the title,instead of 'Fontana di Amore',I should have said 'La fontana dell'Amore', 'Fontana d'amore' or 'Fontana dell'amore'.
Thank you hun,really.It`s quite hard when you try to remember phrases in a language you don`t study and I hate Google Translate. :heart:

Edit 2: Special thanks to :iconyublueiris: for pointing the following:
-I have spelt wrong 'Caravaggio' and written 'Carravagio'
-'gelatto' instead of 'gelato' *because I have this habit of adding letters xD*
-'You prefer my idiota fratello',I should have put 'fratello idiota'
-'sei mia anima' should have been 'sei la mia anima'
Grazie bella!~ *virtual hug*
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