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December 3, 2012
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~Feliz Navidad~

*Husband!Spain X Wife!Reader X Child!Romano X Child!Veneciano*

'Drabble #10 from 'All I want for Christmas' series'

The female hummed a soft tune as her skilled hands designed different patterns on the hot steaming pasta,already covered in a generous layer of sweet tomato sauce and sprinkled with various spices,such as black piper and fresh oregano.
Adding some meatballs above and around the called dish,the female also rinsed some cheese which immediatly melted,becoming much more elastic - for the children's fun.
The alarm went off,announcing that both the quatro fromaggi pizza was ready - a pizza that the dark haired twin loved that much - and the batch of home made ginger cookies for which the little boys pleaded each time when the Christmas was around the corner.
(Name) smiled to herself while covering the sweet treats in either chocolate or vanilla,scattering here and there some rainbow coloured sprinkles.
A high pitched squeak,followed by incontrolable sobs caused the female to stop her activity and rush to the living room - where the Christmas tree was lying on the floor,a plethora of broken spheres reflecting the still glimmering star shaped instalation.
"I am-a really sorry,mama!" the younger twin hiccuped apologies,his clenched fists wiping the tears which hit his chubby cheeks.
"It's ok, bambino!" (Name) answered in a calm voice,opening wide her arms for a hug.
"It is-a really ok?Aren't you mad at-a me?" Feliciano asked,trying to estomp a few sobs which were slowly dying.
"Of course not,silly!I was affraid you got hurt, mi bebé!" the female answered,bringing the small nation into her arms,kissing the top of his head,carefull not to touch the said curl.
The older brother watched with small,amber orbs ,ready to burst into tears too - but not because of what happened,but because of the affection his little brother received.
As if on a cue,(Name) made a sign with her index finger,urging Lovino to come at her - which he obediently did,his head bowed in shame.
The female lifted his head by his chin,bringing him in the hug too,kissing his rosy chubby cheeks,which soon turned scarlet from the simple gesture which he should have got used to - but he actually couldn't.
"I'll clean up the mess,so I need from you two to be good,ok?" the female said,placing the two little nations on the couch.
"What about-a the decorations?" Lovino asked,playing with his lime green shirt.
"!What about-a them?" Feliciano agreed,whimpering a little.
"We'll make others before papa comes home!And (Daughter's Name) will help too!" the female winked towards them,making her point clear.
"Could you bring (Daughter's Name) here,Roma?You are the older one and you're more responsible!" (Name) cutely pleaded,at which Lovino nodded his head in approval,rushing upstairs.
"And you Feli...would you bring the paint and utensils for mama?" she asked in a honeyed tone the younger twin.
Feliciano nodded too,descending carefully from the couch and heading towards the art room.
In a blink of eye,the dark green tree was in its place,the fragments of decorations no longer on the floor as they were sweept away by the adult female.
The small coffee table became the center of attention,the skilled hands of (Name) painting the modeled spheres with different Christmas themed scenarios.
After curtting pieces of satin red,baby blue,vivid green and golden yellow sheets - the Italian brothers getting in charge with the red and green ones,(Daughter's Name) with the blue ones and (Name) with the yellow ones - everyone got busy enveloping the home made chocolates in them,swirling the ends of the shiny material.
A relieved sigh escaped the female's lips as they made it in time,Feliciano 'Vee' -ing happily,(Daughter's Name) bouncing up and down with Lovino,their little hands interwinded,because the front door opened with a small click and the cheery voice of the Spaniard echoed through the hallway to the very living room.
The Spanish male snaked his hands to his wife's hips,placing his face in the crook of her neck,starting swaying back and forth with her into something which ressembled the beggining of a dance.
The three of them scrunched their noses in disgust,a loud 'eew' flewing off their parted lips.
"Mama,that's disgusting!" (Daughter's Name) complained at the scene - the share of a peck on the lips after a long period of time in which (Name) and Antonio were apart.
"And why's that, chica?" the Spaniard asked his daughter,tickling her sides - at which she started giggling uncontrollably.
"Pa-Papa,stop!" she pleaded between laughs,but Antonio wasn't to give up soon.
"I kiss your mama because I love her!When you'll grow up,you will kiss too someone you love as I love your ma!" he continued,ruffling the girl's long (h/c) hair.
The girl's emerald green eyes widened in surprise - her gaze leaving her father's and put upon the dark haired Italian.
"Lovi!~ Dame uh beso!~" the girl chanted,breathing every single word she said with a small huff.
As (Daughter's Name) ran after the older twin for a proclaimed kiss,the Spaniard and his wife gave eachother a precious glance,at which they burst out laughing.
"Well,at least this is going to keep them busy for a while!" (Name) broke the silence,resting her head onto her husband's arm.
"Sí!Te amo,mi pequeña rosa!" the male whispered into the female's ear,capturing her into a tight embrace.
"Te quiero demasiado,Tono!" (Name) responded sweetly,snaking her fragile arms around the tanned neck of the male.
The Spaniard lifted off his wife of the ground,the waves of the female's skirt caressing the warmth of the atmosphere as she giggled childishly.
"Mama!" (Daughter's Name) started,her forest green eyes sparkling in excitement.
"When I'll grow up,I want to marry Lovi!~" she proclaimed,followed by a cute laughter - and a string of curses from the dark haired Italian,who tried to wipe off something of his mouth with the tip of his sleeve.
Antonio paled at the young boy's failed attempt,thinking what could have caused him to do that - and realization hit him.
"Ay,Ay,Ay!Mi muchachita!" the Spaniard heavily sighed - but his mood brightened when (Name) placed a short,but sweet kiss upon his lips,sealing away the pain.

'Feliz Navidad!' ~
‘Feliza Navidad’ (Spanish) = ‘Merry Christmas’
‘quatro fromaggi’ (Italian) = ‘four types of cheese’ (yes,it`s a pizza)
‘bambino’ (Italian) = ‘child’
‘mi bebé’ (Spanish) = ‘my baby’
‘Sì’ (both Spanish and Italian) = ‘Yes’
‘chica’ (Spanish) = ‘girl’
‘dame uh beso’ actually ‘dame un beso’ (Spanish) = ‘kiss me’
‘Te amo,mi pequeña rosa’ (Spanish) = ‘ I love you,my little rose’
‘Te quiero demasiado’ (Spanish) = ‘I love you too’
‘Mi muchachita’ (Spanish) = ‘My little girl’

Antonio – Spain
Lovino – Italy Romano
Feliciano – Italy Veneciano
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!~

This…happened to me once!It was my little brother who tumbled down the Christmas tree,so I started making new decorations with my mom.xD Dad also bought some when I told him what has happened,but most of them were painted by me and my mom.It was fun.:3
Enjoy!~ Love,Suu!~

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Sequels :

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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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Ana:- Da?
Me:- Well, she always tries to marry moy brat Ivan, da, even though they are siblings. Now, I love them both, but it is not right, dear. Da? ((Telling my daughter this even though Bela is my waifu, lol))
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Me: *facepalm* Catrina, darling... I need to stop letting Aunt Natalia babysit you for a while...
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Me: Sofia, dear...mi dios eso fue muy chistoso (my god, it was hilarious)
Sofia: I learned it from aunt Natalia~
Antonio: María, cariño, remember me to NOT bring Sofia with Natalia anymore.
Lovino: I agree, please mom!
Me: Okay, okay!
Antonio, Sofia, Lovino and I: Oh, Feli XD
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Emily: She is?!

Me: Si.


Me: *sighs* That wasn't the lesson I was trying to teach......
VanillaSuu Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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AnimeLover2467 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
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