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*Viking!Denmark X Reader X Viking!Nordics*

Even with the winter almost through,the nights were still cold,as if some sort of spell was placed upon Denmark after the Jarl's arrival.
Of course,the silly Danish Viking didn't really put too much thought about it,as he was way too enchanted by the Thrall's (e/c) eyes and the feelings he had for her - they were enough to warm up the whole village,might I add.
Not even Lukas,who was seemingly wiser and composed couldn't notice the harshness of the weather and how the wind nipped at his pale,almost ghostly skin,leaving him with bruises afterwards - the idea of not being able to be near (Name),the graceful,caring female Matthias brought from down South,made his whole interior bleed and warmed him up as he fetched silent plans.
The only mundane persons in all of this were the two Viking guests which travelled by horses in order to reach the Danish soil and the three children who were plainly puzzled by their tutors attitude.
To put it bluntly, Magne asked himself why was his brother so defenseless out of the blue,while Arlekr and Emil watched in worry,respectively ore how the emotionless Norwegian kept himself at bay,as if he was some sort of stranger.
Sparks danced their own dizzy movements in the main room of the small house,so badly positioned if an attack was to take place. Unlike the Jarl's one,this was almost near the water,the warmth dissipating too soon for the inhabitant's taste,due to the lack of strategical position - but Svea couldn't help it,as this was the only close thing to a home she inherited from her demanding father.
Round chocolate orbs traced all around the house,following the small creaks which branched high onto the ceilling,seemingly sculpted by a large hand. It looked almost grotesque and it made his stomach churn when the plain thought hit him - Odin offered the horrid house to his youngest daughter and indirectly to himself,supposed to be her future spouse. How could they have lived together in this wreck? How could she have beard his babies without incidents?
The Finn's aristocratic nose scrunched as he followed the patterns,unaware of the soft green gaze placed upon him.
The blonde watched him quietly,studying his every single feature - how his fine jaw line was now strong,how his shoulders were broader now and how his arms developed nicely. He was no longer the teenage boy she was obliged into engagement with,the sweet boy back then she fell in love with - the Finn in front of her eyes was a man,a being capable to defend his own land and family.
The thought caused Svea's lips to twitch upwards for mere seconds,before his glimmering irises to met hers.
There was a prolonged silence before she decided to speak up.
"So... You've changed Tino! You're a man now!" she stated,dropping her worked hands into her lap.
"Yes!" he awkwardly responded.
"As you've grown into a beautiful woman!" words left his pale,dried lips.
"Still,you love me no more! When have you stopped doing it?" the female's trembled voice came,grave and almost unfriendly.
"I've never stopped loving you!" Tino answered without a second thought,placing his palm above her smaller ones.
"Then why did you leave me here?" she whipped her head up,depths of green brimmed with tears.
"Because I was young and stupid!" the Finn replied,wiping a stray tear off.
"And I was afraid to follow Odin's will,to enlargen the family when you were so fragile." he continued,feeling the gaze still upon his movements.
"Marlene?" the name slipped past her lips,at which she received a nod of approval and a sighed echo of her reply.
The silence became even more heavy as Tino pressed the petite body against his,though gentle,as if not to suffocate her.
"I'll leave down South Tino!" Svea spoke up after a small period of pondering.
"Why?" the male's eyebrows knitted together in thought.
"To bring (Name)'s little brother! " she answered,a warm sweet scented air burning her lungs.
"But there are pirates and people who hate us down!" Tino protested,feeling the female shake her head.
"Can I do something to stop you from this?" he tried once more,feeling once again the blonde locks caress his upper arms as the girl shook her head.
"No Tino. If the Gods might be with me,I'll turn home alive and bring (Brother's Name) along with me!" Svea sighed,seeing this coming.
"Hmm!" the Finnish male agreed,not daring to try to persuade the girl as she'd done with him.

~Time skip~

"Are you sure about it?" the (h/c) asked,fresh snowflakes getting caught into her lashes.
"Pretty sure! I've always wanted to visit down South,so this is my one and only opportunity!" the light blonde headed girl answered,a small,aventurous smile plastered onto her features.
"Plus,you are only a Thrall in the villagers eyes. Going there yourself will bring bad reputation and you'll be transformed into a gift for the Gods not to forsake us." the Dane explained,gaining a nod of approval from (Name).
"I know we haven't gotten the chance to know each other,but thank you! (Brother's Name) means the world to me and I am grateful for your kindness Svea!" the (nationality) female sincerely smiled to the other,gently taking her hands into hers.
"As I am for yours (Name)! I beg of you,don't tell Matthias about the baby." Svea awaited,gaining an acknowledging nod.
"And if something bad is to happen,I would love to be burried near my sister,under the row of pines and for my dearest sea,the sea which bounded me to my lover,to lap at my grave!" she continued,causing the (h/c) to gasp,but do as the last time nonetheless.
"So,you plan on returning the boy even if it meant you dying?" the soft,hurt voice of the Finn came.
"You promised..." he shook his head,as if to dismiss a thought.
"Your father promised you'll be my wife! I want my wife alive!" the blonde continued,his chocolate orbs accusingly shot her way.
"Tino,I..." the Danish girl started,but got interrupted as the male hopped onto her small ship,making them rock back and forth into each other's embrace.
"At least it will be the two of us!" he merrily smiled down at her,causing her to tear up.
"You silly Finn!" she chuckled,completely forgetting about the (h/c),who easily made her way back to the heart of the village,leaving the two lovers alone.

~Time skip~

The twilight sky was a welcoming sight,almost soothing if it wasn't for the fiery tones of red here and there announcing great wind. Far in the distance - (Name) thought - the horizon's line was flat,a mixture of golden threads braided by angels,which shortly meet the blue of the salty sea and the gray of the mountains.
The sea which bounded the four Northern countries. It took just a boat and two shores to keep them apart - Norway,Sweden and Finland in the following order. The last one was more of a shield for the second,a sort of protecting coast line - and as much as the Finns wanted to deny it,they were loyal and related to the Swedes.
Then again,the Finnish leader was long gone with his future bride,gentler waves carrying them to South,where their eyes could meet foreign beaches and warm weather. While Lukas was at a stone's leap distance,just across the street with his two younger brothers,the platinum blond haired and the almost mirroring looking one.
The light still flickered in the comfort of the neighbouring house,a shadow prolonged onto the snowy ground as the Norwegian male had his arms crossed over his chest as his navy blue irises were lost far into great distance - to his own land maybe.
The conversation back then,when Matthias' was still to come with the two boys,replayed nonchalantly in the female's mind as she drew her winter coat closer to her chest to preserve the warmth.


"But how did she die though?" the (h/c) asked,eyes glued to the pale,slender body.
"I am sure Berwald was loving and kept her away from any harm!" she continued,not giving him the opportunity to answer.
The Norwegian Viking sighed,brushing his light locks with a hand as he decided if it was the best or not to tell her the whole truth.
"Marlene died giving birth to Berwald's baby!" Lukas started,watching the girl's reactions.
"Their baby!" he completed,as if he forgot a very important fact.
"Berwald did keep her away from any harm,because he really loved her!" the Norwegian ended,trying to change the topic.

~End of flashback~

What (Name) didn't understand was how Marlene's body rested now at the edge of the Danish soil,close to the Nordic sea and not in Sweden. The thing intrigued her that much that it became almost bothering.
Taking her eyes off of the scenery,which now was engulfed in a satin black,she peeked with curious (e/c) eyes at the Dane's tall,muscular form.
He was seemingly more quiet than usual and that was a matter of worry for the female too.
Standing from her spot near the window,she placed her winter coat near the entrance,small steps echoing in the large main room. Magne was long tucked under the covers and as the girl observed his daily routine,he wouldn't wake up until at the dawn.
Sitting near the growing fire at a safe distance,more precisely almost latched to Matthias' side,the thing startled the Dane a bit - though his lips twitched into a smile as he brought her form closer to him.
The Viking's demeneaour changed for good in the past months,allowing (Name) a path to his soul none has ever taken. The girls he previously brought were just Thralls he didn't even had faith in to take care of his younger brother or his close friends. He would just give them off after a few days to his men and let them do as they pleased.
But the (nationality) female was something else. He wanted to protect her,to give her fortunes and bring home prey for her to prepare as a meal,to use those metals girls down south loved to wear at special occasions or to dress her in silk,to show her how much he cared.
Matthias wanted to be (Name)'s one and only men - to settle with her even if it was so unlike him. To always come back to her after battles and share victories with her. For the (h/c) to brighten his day with her voice or the gentle touch of her (s/c) hands. To have his own inheritants and care for them.
"My Jarl..." (Name) started,feeling that it was the most appropriate manner to address him.
"I would like to ask you something. But you'll have to promise me you won't get mad!" the female continued,tone not cracking in the slightest,receiving a nod of approval.
"How used to act your sister…Marlene,I assume?" the (h/c) acted as if she didn't know anything,strategically posing her question.
Matthias stiffened for mere seconds and kept silent - a string of thoughts such as where did she know from or why did she ask in the first place coursed through the male's head. He loosened though,a whistled sigh parting his pale,wind bitten lips.
"Yes,Marlene." he confirmed the name,eyes glued to the battling sparks.
"She was happy and full of life. She used to brighten our day just by laughing. For a certain reason,far didn't care too much for my sisters,because they were girls. They were of no use. But Marlene was something else." the blonde narrated,capturing the female's attention.
"Why was she something else?" (Name) asked,indirectly urging him to continue.
"Because she fought like a man. She gained her man through battle." Matthias ruffled his golden locks,chuckling.
"Marlene sliced Berwald's hip when he firstly landed to meet his promised wife!" his pale finger pointed to his hip,making a full rotation several times as if to sooth a pain.
"But he fell in love with her and they hit it off pretty fast. He was happy ... Now he's just a shadow of what he used to be." the Viking ended,regret filling his voice.
"I'm sorry! I shouldn't have asked in the first place!" (Name) tried to excuse her action,placing her palms in her lap.
"You were just curious elsker. You women always are. But that makes you special." a goofy grin crossed the male's features as he caught the (h/c)'s small palms into his.
A dreamy smile allowed itself onto the female's face,as well as that powdery blush erupting at the small contact of their hands linked together.
Matthias – Denmark
Lukas – Norway
Marlene – fem!Denmark
Berwald – Sweden
Tino – Finland
Emil – Iceland © Hetalia,Nyotalia,Hidekaz Himaruya
Magne – OC – Greenland
Arlekr – OC – Svalbard
You – You

Story: ©VanillaSuu,2013
Warnings: None


‘far’ (Danish) = ‘father’
‘elsker’ (Danish) = ‘love’
‘dröm’ (Swedish) = ‘dream’

So yeah,I know I`m a bitch about it – promising I would post more often and such,but I had some family issues and also health. I`m sorry about it,really.
I won`t make it much longer,so pretty much there will be 2 or 3 chapters and the alternative endings for Norway and Denmark. Because you guys love Nor Nor.xD

Chapter 1 :…
Chapter 2 :…
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Chapter 8 : Here
Chapter 9 :…
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Norway :…


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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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