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*Soldier!UK X Fiancee!Reader*

'Palms rise to the universe
As we moonshine and molly
Feel the warmth,we'll never die
We're like diamonds in the sky'.

Tears gathered into the beautiful (e/c) orbs making them look glass like.Biting down onto her lower lip in order to estomp a sob and seeing it didn't worked that well,the female threw her right hand onto her mouth,the golden band which encircled her ring finger shining under the dim light of the house.
The shaggy blonde haired male left a sigh escape his lips,ruffling his golden locks in distress.He couldn't stand seeing his beloved fiancee in such a state - but it wasn't as if he really had a choice.
Bringing her into a warm,gentle embrace,the Brit patted her back in a soothing manner,cooing as if she was an infant and not the female whom he proposed to some days ago.
"I'm really sorry,(Name)!They weren't taking no for an answer!" the Englishman explained,not able to face her as he did so.
"When are you leaving?" the (h/c) asked,patiently waiting for her soon to be husband's response - or at least that was what she had thought until now.
"Tomorrow morning,love!" another heavy sigh flew off the male's chapped lips and disappeared into thin air.
Trying to stay strong,(Name) bit onto her lower lip until she felt the salty red liquid trickle down her lip,which quivered silently.
A smoldering sob formed into the female's chest,ready to implode any time now,a desperate cry for help - but not for her,but for her destiny,for the cruel fate not to take her gentelman from her before it was his time.
She simply clinged onto the male's mint green military top,slightly wrinkling it as she tightened it into her small fists,until her knuckles became white.
Planting her face into his chest,she inhaled his sweet scent - the aroma of camomille and mint tea permeated onto the soft material,the same aroma his hot cavern hold when they shared kisses,blending with the fresh cologne he always used and insisted that every respectable gentleman should too.
Arthur's embrace was never a powerful one - but neither was it weak.(Name) felt protected everytime the blonde wrapped his arms around her form or when he placed his hands onto her hips,starting a gentle waltz which he leaded,as they bathed into the raw sun rays in their small garden.
The same garden where they had tea at 5 pm sharp,the green liquid already placed into the small cups and carried onto a silver tray along with the box filled with cubic sugar and a porcelain kettle with mint.
It was true happiness for both,as they took a brake from their daily routine,meeting in Arthur's small garden,drinking tea and eating scones - which the female baked,as soon as she took notice of the blonde's incapacity when it came to prepare food - sharing loving glances,the emerald green orbs piercing through the (e/c) ones seemingly to read their depts,at which the female blushed and battered her long eyelashes,causing the Englishman to feel so blessed for the simple fact he had her.
Even when he was stacked in papers,work engulfing him to its peak,Arthur never forgot of (Name) - he sent her every single morning a Tudor rose - and she noted,before she reached 18,the flower was sent unbloomed.Beginning to the day she turned 18,the scarlett red roses were fully bloomed and showing all their beauty.
And finally,the day when he had proposed.Of course they loved eachother and as sappy as it might have sounded - and strange to some people - the blonde knew to choose the perfect words at the perfect times - swearing that he could bring the moon at her feet,but never give up loving her,that she was a radiant star in the night's sky,guiding people as an angel in the darkness of it - that she was a diamond whose shine won't fade - a perfect sculpted diamond.
How Arthur got on one knee,revealing from his inner pocket a velvety red box which he opened - at that time,(Name) gasped for air,her eyes watering in happiness.When he asked her the question and she immediatly answered with a yes,a satisfied smile tucking at the corner of his lips,he slipped that golden band onto her ring finger.
And now,here she was,being notified that only one day - and not even a full one - was the limit time until Arthur and the other British soldiers had to leave to fight for the country.
(Name) scanned with her glass (e/c) eyes the male she loved - he indeed looked handsome in his military uniform,the mint green jacket fitting him like a glove alongside the slim pants and black leather knee length boots.But as she was proud of him,it made her so sick thinking he might die in the war.
"Please,my sweet (Name)!Don't be so upset about it!I want to remember your loving smile!" the Brit spoke up,wiping away the hot tears which pricked at the edges of the female's eyes.
"Promise me something,Arthur!" (Name) said in a serious,trembled tone,catching his larger hands with her smaller ones.
"Anything love,anything!" Arthur responded not knowing what it actually followed.
"Promise me that you'll come back home safe!" the (h/c) continued,a visible flat line placed upon the male's lips.
"I promise (Name)!" he crossed his heart,brushing the feeling off.
Arthur knew that he might not keep his promise - that eventhough he had kept all his promises until now,he might miss this one.He wasn't certain he would come back in one piece - or if he was at least going to come back alive.
He feared that himself - but he had to be brave in order to keep his beloved (Name) and the people of his country safe.
The (h/c) placed a cold hand upon the Brit's pale cheek,giving him her best smile.He smiled too - though it was bitter-sweet,insecurity never leaving his soul.
He framed the female's porcelain face with his calloused hands,bringing their faces together,until the tips of their noses touched.
It was his way of asking (Name) if he was allowed to kiss her - at which the female nodded in approval.
Fluttering her eyes closed,she felt Arthur's soft lips upon hers,tasting sweetly as the milk he previously added in the tea,sort of a dizzy dance,though in sync,where their lips molded one into another,pressing with care.
"I love you,(Name)!" the blonde spoke after he broke the kiss.
"I love you too,Arthur!Just come back home to me!" (Name) responded in a whispered tone,resting her head onto the male's shoulder.

~Time skip~

The bomb exploded with a loud boom above the Brit's head,who only did to shut his eyes closed and think about his good times,when he was back home with (Name).
His golden blond locks were a mess,dust and blood caught onto them,the battlefield a screaming mass as people got shot,their bodies falling limp to the ground.
Piles of corpses were formed here and there,some of the injuried soldiers either taken by some mates to the nursery,for others the said action being too late as their breath came in shorter rasps and they coughed onto their own blood.
Not the idea of dying in battle scared the Englishman - but rather the fear of his fiancee's sorrow at the notice of it.He couldn't imagine that,he forbid himself to do it.
He needed his mind to be clear in order to act fast,because there was a matter of seconds on which a bunch of human lifes were stringed.
Hearing the roar of another projectile,the Brit covered his ears with his sweaty palms,closing his eyes once again.The sound seemed to pass through his flesh,making him sick and tired and also aware of the fact that every single bone and muscle in his body ached.
He thought once again of the little garden,of the tea,the small talk,the roses and the precious look upon (Name)'s face when he proposed to her.
"Kirkland got shot!" a voice whailed,attentioning the others as he put the emerald green eyed Brit onto a stretcher.
"Move!We have to treat his wounds!" another one played into his mind,from seemingly other world.
The voices faded soon as the blonde male fell into a deep slumber,not feeling his muscles aching anymore and the funebre music of the bombs and dying screaming in the background deaf.

~Time skip~

The notice that World War II ended spread soon.Some places were affected by the battle,though the British soil was less touched than the German and Japanese one.
People paced nervously waiting for the lists of dead soldiers to arrive.
As soon as two people sticked them to a pannel,they went as fast as they came back in,in order not to be engulfed by the masses.
(Name) felt a knot form into her stomach,sickness suddently kicking in.
Several people fell to their knees,crying their eyes out - mostly mothers who lost their beloved sons into the bloody,unneeded war.
Reaching the lists,she started with the missing ones - but Arthur was nowhere to be seen.
Tears already gathering into the female's eyes,she felt on the edge of fainting.
But as her eyes scanned the dead soldiers list and reached the bottom,a shakily,relieved sigh escaped her lips.
And the waiting started - days passing by one by one.(Name) felt more sick not knowing what has really happened to her fiancee.
With every day's end,she lost her hope little by little.The female got to that point where she didn't know anymore - either Arthur was alive and lost somewhere or he was dead.
Taking the boquet of red Tudor roses wrapped in a black support,(Name) egressed the comfort of her home in order to depose the flowers and pray for the dead soldiers - and for those who haven't reached their homes yet.
And right then,when hope seemed to dissipate into the mold filled air,he appeared.His skin scraped,a scar across his right arm,his clothes ripped from one point,leaving his muddy skin visible.
The female dropped the bouquet onto the ground and caught the Brit into her arms,cradling him as if there was no tomorrow and as if she was his mother.
"Welcome back home,honey!" (Name)'s voice trembled gravely,but it betrayed how genuinely happy she was to see him.
"I'm glad I'm home,love!" Arthur answered,inhaling the female's sweet scent - a scent he missed that much and reminisced whenever the rotten smell of corpses tried to reach his nose and make him throw up - it was like a medicine for his soul.
It felt really good to be safe and in his lover embrace,able to keep the promise he made.

'Shine bright like a diamond!'.
Arthur Kirkland – England © Hetalia , Hidekaz Himaruya
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!

Subjects: World War II
Song: Rihanna – Diamonds -> [link]
Period: 1939 – 1945
Camps: The Allied Forces and The Axis
Warning: Sensitive topic.

I`ve choosen to write this,because my grandma told me how a close friend of hers and her fiancée were separated by the war.Being part of the Axis,along with the main powers,she couldn`t find out if he was ok or if something has happened to him.I found it quite tragic how the eldest sister has notified her that her brother has died in battle.
Things happen,but it really remained in my mind,so I`ve written this.For all those who lost someone dear in war.For my grand grandfather,who fought for our country.
I feel unfortunate that I didn`t have the chance to meet him in person,to know how he really was.
What I wanted to show though is that some people survived the battles and I didn`t want to make too much of a tragedy of it – even if sometimes is.

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Comments are appreciated. :3 :iconstolenkissplz:
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I love your story, that make me cry !
my grandfathers (both) died too (not in ww2) while the Khmer Rouge regime before my parents and me was born so i know how you feel :(
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I'm.trying not to cry right now...

But still... shine bright like a doitsu!!!!
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I had to be listening to a sad song, ;w;, this nearly made me cry and with my mom just sitting, makin' bracelets while my eyes are like becoming red ;c but this is a great story c':
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It's not boring. It's a fact and history and a lof of stuff happened back then. Stuff which changed people's life and so on and so forth.
Thank you! I'm really glad you've enjoyed reading it. 
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Question of the Moment: Do you really love Christmas that much?
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Thank you! I`m glad it helps you in any way. :)
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so beautiful. ;w; yet so sad.
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