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November 28, 2012
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~Christmas in Rome~

*Italy X Reader*

'Drabble #7 from 'All I want for Christmas' series’

The once hot Italian air was now somewhat crispy,bringing chills down the passers spine as they improperly dressed,cold pinching at their rosy cheeks with no mercy.
The atmosphere brought new aromas besides the variety of pasta,either with Alfredo sauce or the bolognese ones,and even the daily eaten pizza seemed better baked,as if a sort of magic was put upon the ingredients.
Different types of dishes were exposed to the public on the long cherry wooden table clothed in red and vivid greens,porcelain plates alligned,as well as silver utensils and crystal glasses.
The fine white marble chamber - which surprisingly enough seemed a princely ballroom waiting for the royal guests - held that lovely smell of pasta,combined with granita and the sweet scent of pannetone freshly baked.
The red satin curtains left unveild the sight of the beautiful paved streets of Rome,but the interior was more inviting and familiar.
The everlasting green tree was decorated with big red spheres,peridot green heart shapes and snow white glass snowflakes powdered with silver sparkle.A golden yellow star was above the other smaller decorations,seemingly imposing and lighting the whole room,as if that was the divine star of which the Bible spoke of.
(Name) did the last touch of her make up,precisely modifying the eyeliner's curve,making it more full and her pretty (e/c) eyes sparkle in unison with the golden shadow at the edge.The female's curled up lashes seemed to hold drops on them,as she had previously used a glittery incolour mascara for extra effect.Her full lips were covered in a soft ruby red lipstick,matching with the big pointsettia flower which held her hair into a simple bun,some locks escaping and graciously waving down into dandy curls.
(Name) peeked once more into the mirror,a sigh escaping her lips,caressing the silky material of her (f/c) dress which beautifully embraced her upper curves,loosening a little from the rather slim waist,before making her leave to greet the visitors.
The female loved the Vargas family - and all the relatives they had.She loved how many they were and how their bound never snapped.It was as if a string was keeping them in place and wasn't to broke too soon.
Descending carefully the white marble stairs,she beamed a smile towards her cheerfull husband - which in the next instant took her into a dizzy and silly waltz - but she appreciated such attentions she got.
Of course it would have been nice for the newly wedded to be alone for the Christmas - but (Name) didn't mind having them either - she had learnt by time to love evey single member of the 'famiglia',as they said.
Romulus,the twins 'nonno',Lovino,the older foul mouthed brother in law,Francis,the overromantic uncle,Antonio,the merry Spaniard cousin,Vlad,the youngest of the cousins,who was Romanian and so many others.
"Benvenuti a tutti!E Buon Natale! " (Name) sweetly wished them all as she invited them to sit.
As a response,Romulus kissed his cute 'nipote' ‘s hand - as he liked to call her - Lovino whispered a 'Buon Natale' back,Francis,Antonio and Vlad responding in their own language.
"Now-a,let's-a sit everyone!" Feliciano requested,sitting himself after everyone did so - placing (Name) onto his lap.
"I'm really happy you could come!Especially you,Vlad,as your home is so far!" the female sincerly said,trying to escape her husband's tightened embrace - but she couldn't,as he was seemingly too strong for her.
(Name) pleaded with her eyes and after a few seconds the coffee brown eyed male realized,loosening the grasp.
Before she could actually walk away,Feliciano put his wife on the sofa with much care,next to his older brother,pecking her lips before skipping to the full table.
"What-a do you want-a to eat-a?" he asked the guests.
"Pannetone!Because (Name) made it,hasn't she?" Romulus questioned,giving a smile towards the female's direction.
The girl nodded,at which everyone's features brightened - receiving the Christmas themed plates Feliciano gave them.
"(Name),have-a you got-a some weight?" Lovino broke the silence,the colour from the female's cheeks dropping.
"Of-a course she has-a!We're-a gonna have-a bambino!~" Feliciano responded instead of (Name),gaining wide eyes from everyone and a cough from the older twin.
"Ohonhonhon!~ Looks like little Italy has grown up,now,hasn't he?" Francis laughed his odd laugh,actually pleased by the news.
"Congratulations chica!" Antonio said,but was shortly cut by Lovino.
"And when were-a you going-a to tell us, idiota?" he angrily questioned,making his way to the brown eyed Italian.
"Vee~,fratello,please!" Feliciano tried to explain himself - at which (Name) started to laugh cutely thinking how complete would be the scene with her husband waving a white flag.
"Uh Oh!" she suddently gasped for air,instinticvly putting her palms on her tummy.
"Bella,are-a you okay?" the younger twin asked,his voice full of concern.
"!I am.The baby is kicking!Here!" (Name) answered,reaching for Feliaciano's hand,who started caressing the female's tummy gingerly as his face brightened in happiness.
"That is-a the best present ever, mia bella!" he said as he started poking with his index finger the soft flesh of the girl.
"Feliciano,what are you doing?" (Name) asked,pointing her index finger to her lower lip.
"Talking-a with mi bambino through morse!~ " the Italian answered as if it was the most common thing in the world.
"Ti amo,Feli!~ My silly Italian lover!~" the female said in between giggles.
"Ti amo troppo,tesoro!" he responded,pecking sweetly the soft lips of his wife.

'Buon Natale!~'
‘famiglia’ (Italian) = ‘family’
‘nonno’ (Italian) = ‘grandfather’
‘Benvenuti a tutti’ (Italian) = ‘Welcome everyone’
‘E Buon Natale’ (Italian) = ‘And Merry Christmas’
‘nipote’ (Italian) = ‘granddaughter’
‘bambino’ (Italian) = ‘child,baby’
‘chica’ (Spanish) = ‘girl’
‘idiota’ (Italian) = ‘idiot’
‘fratello’ (Italian) = ‘brother’
‘bella’ (Italian) = ‘beautiful’
‘Sì’ (Italian) = ‘yes’
‘mia bella’ (Italian) = ‘my beautiful one’
‘Ti amo’ (Italian) = ‘I love you’
‘Ti amo troppo’ (Italian) = ‘I love you too’
‘tesoro’ (Italian) = ‘treasure’

Feliciano Vargas – Italy Veneciano
Lovino Vargas – Italy Romano
Romulus – Rome
Francis – France
Antonio – Spain
Vlad – Romania

I own nothing but the plot line!~

This is a fail…I`m sorry!!! TT^TT I really think Ita~by would do a great hubby and an awesome daddy. And lol,that would be a sweet family.xD
I really love pannetone. :3 I bake it with my mama on Christmas Eve and it tastes good – we make it with choco and dried fruits.
Enjoy the cute Italian!~ Love,Suu.

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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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Lovino: Ash,have-a you got-a some weight?

Me: *raises up a frying pan* You said~?
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Lovino: Jorden ,have-a you got-a some weight? 

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"Feliciano,what are you doing?" (Name) asked,pointing her index finger to her lower lip.
"Talking-a with mi bambino through morse!~ " the Italian answered as if it was the most common thing in the world.

oh feli... XD
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