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~С Рождеством~

*Daddy!Russia X Mommy!Reader X Male!Child!Belarus X Male!Child!Ukraine*

'Drabble #21 from 'All I want for Christmas' series'

"What?You've got to be kidding Ivan!" (Name) spoke at one end of the phone,rubbing her temple in soothing circles,which became more like a dig in her skull.
"I'm sorry,sunflower!I really am.But I'm quite caught..." the Russian male tried to explain,his tone unusual apologetical,a heaved sigh coming soon after.
"Look...I've got to end the call.I'll try my best,but most likely I won't be able to get home in time!" he continued,his voice full of guilt.
Not actually waiting for an answer,the phone went with an annoying beep,announcing the call was over.
(Name) felt tears spring in her beautiful (e/c) eyes as she actually realized one thing: her husband and the dad of her kids couldn't come home from Christmas because of snow.
The female remembered now why she hated snow that much.Because she was more of a sun person,the pure warm rays helping her beloved flowers grow.And if she wasn't to live in a land where it was ridiculously cold and it snowed,her husband would have been home for Christmas.
"Mama,isn't papa coming home?" the female's 5 years old daughter asked,clinging onto her (f/c) dress material,wrinkling it.
The girl had curious,glimmering liliach eyes like her father.She was a cute feminine version of his,thing which brought so much joy in both her parent's soul.
(Name) bit down on her lower lip,not wanting to ruin her daughter's happy mood.But there wasn't any other option,as the little girl seemed to notice when her mom was lying to her.
"I'm sorry baby!I think papa won't make it home today!" the female bent down in order to be the same height as her daughter.
The pretty liliach orbs immediatly darkened,the girl's vision blurred as tears gathered into her glass eyes.She nervously stomped her feet onto the marble floor,obviously flustred by what she had heard.
The infant threw herself in her mother's arms,sobbing in her chest quietly,as the female cooed,patting the long curly blonde locks of the girl.
"Please,(Daughter's Name)!Don't upset mama!" (Name) pleaded,feeling her interior tear as she couldn't do anything but promise - promise a thing she couldn't accomplish herself.
The female picked her infant,cradling her into her arms,as she watched the outside world through the snow stained windows,the glass of them the transparent canvas where flakes complex forms drew patterns.
The horizon line was far from the sight,the ocean of white enveloping the Russian capital.Sometimes the wind blew furiously,throwing piles of snow onto the freshly cleaned path from the entrance to the Braginski mansion to the front door.
"Are you worried about big brother?" Nikolai's voice came,his purple orbs dancing in distress into the orbits.
"Don't worry,big sister (Name),he is just fine,I'm sure!" Dmitri spoke in a soft voice,a small smile playing onto his pale features.
(Name) smiled to both young boys,ruffling the Bielorussian's platinum hair in the process,not receiving a growl as he used to.
"What about you three go and unpack presents?Time will pass by faster and I will be able to see if the cookies are baked!" the female proposed as she placed her daughter with care onto the floor,all of them brightening and runing off to the tall everlasting green tree.
While the children ripped off the Christmas themed sheet,(Name) took out of the oven the last batch of cookies,placing them somewhere high,where the kids couldn't reach them,so that accidents were avoided as the sweet treats cooled off.
With a sigh,she placed the last ginger cookie onto the white porcelain plate,some of the shapes being a sunflower,decorated by her daughter in bright yellow and brown sprinkles.
(Name) smiled to herself,heading towards where she had previously left the three of them,hope pulsing through her delicate veins,as she could hear her heart roar in her ears.
Placing the plate onto the glass table,the female heard the front door open shortly and close soon after,as if wind opened it and closed it by its forces.
Her eyes widened in surprise when in the frame of the living room door appeared him - in his tan coat,his cheeks red from the pinch of the frozen winds like small needles in his pale flesh,some snowflakes caught in his blonde hair which glimmered with a silvery tint in the dim light,his lips wind kissed - but his liliach orbs glimmered in happiness,as every single time he got home to his family.
"Ivan!" (Name) squeaked,throwing herself at her Russian husband,embracing him even if his clothes were freezingly cold and she was only in a thin mid lenght dress.
"Don't cry sunflower,da?I made it home for you and my precious (Daughter's Name)!" the purple eyed male smiled softly,wiping a tear which threatened to fall his wife's beautiful eyes.
"B-But how?I thought you were caught in the airport because of the weather!" (Name) protested,refusing to tear up once again.
She knew how vulnerable the Russian male felt when she was crying,not knowing if a thing would cheer her up or make her situation worse.
"Some snow can't stay in my way home!I wanted to be with my family for Christmas!" he explained,embracing closely the female's fragile body.
(Name) gave him a gentle smile,that warm and breath taking one with which he had fallen in love.Because the female's smile reminded the powerful nation of a perfect summer day,neither too cold,nor too hot,in which he could stay in a sunflower field and watch the clouds pass by.
That was the way he and (Name) spent their time when they were younger,pointing certains strange shaped clouds and laughing how sitting on the healthy brown humid soil made the flowers look so tall and themselves so small compared to them.
"Я люблю тебя,(Name)!" Ivan spoke up as he caught some (h/c) locks into his large hand,watching their colour change under the glimmering of the tree instalation.
"Я тоже тебя люблю,Ivan!" (Name) responded in a honeyed tone,her melodical voice making the male's eyes grow tired as it was soothing as a lullaby.
The female placed her petite hands into her husband's larger ones for support,as she got onto the tips of her toes to get at least to his chest and make him get the hint - which he did and met her halfway,placing his wind bitten lips onto her soft and warm ones.
The kiss was gentle and loving,a second of bliss requesting another,so that the feeling kept together their lips pressed one to another for quite a period of time before both parted for air,the same silly smile painted onto their mouths.
In the background (Daughter's Name) gasped at her father's sight,getting up as fast as possible to greet the male,shortly followed by the Bielorussian and the Ukraienian boys.
Ivan chuckled to himself as his daughter clinged onto his pants,knowing that the moment of peace was over and that the silence was to settle upon the large mansion only when the three infants were to go to sleep - and only then he would be able to hear his wife's almost inaudible breathing,caress her soft (h/c) locks and kiss her warm,plesantly smelling skin which always lingered onto his own,invading his nostrils.
The wind still blew cold,roaring at the corners of the building,snowflakes brought into a dizzy and unorganized dance in spiral,but the warmth of the house was welcoming and sweet flavoured.

'С Рождеством Христовым!~'
Ivan Braginski – Russia
Nikolai – Male!Belarus
Dmitri – Male!Ukraine
You – You

Translations :

‘С Рождеством Христовым’ (Russian) = ‘Merry Christmas’
‘Я люблю тебя’ (Russian) = ‘I love you’
‘Я тоже тебя люблю’ (Russian) = ‘I love you too’

I randomly picked a character and this time Ivan was the first one to cross my mind.I remembered how once my dad was almost to miss Christmas with my mom,my little brother and me because he had a business trip which had to be done before the winter holidays.
Fortunately,he got just in time and well,I thought that the situation fitted for the Russian.
I hope you enjoy!~ Love,Suu!~

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and now my feels are officially broken. o well, it's fine. i'll fix em later so they can be broken and mushed by more stories! but very adorable story!!!
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Oh? Why though? I thought it was fluffy and heartwarming. Have I done something wrong somewhere?
Thank you. :)
the-penmans-mind Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Student

Russia is seems so nice... Why wouldn't the countries be his friend? I would... Love the story

VanillaSuu Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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