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December 13, 2012
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~Fröhliche Weihnachten~

*Trouble!Maker!Prussia X Police!Officer!Reader X Matchmaker!Spain X Matchmaker!France*

'Drabble #19 from 'All I want for Christmas' series'


The female received suspicious looks from her male mates as she went on to meet her boss.Of course the black uniform suited her quite well,giving her a mysterious air,her (h/c) hair caught into a bun at the back so that it looked quite short.Men being men - because they have instantly thought a female companion will fail the missions just because she was female - but oh,they were so wrong,because (Name) was the top student at the Police Academy,surpassing all her mates both in theory and practice - watched her with wide eyes,some chuckling to themselves,some just watching her quite marched steps as if she was sort of a soldier and they concluded one thing - she was beautiful and nothing could change that.
(Name) knocked twice at the boss' door,receiving a short and dull answer in the terms of 'Come in',which she actually did.
Closing the door behind her,she stopped in front of the wooden desk at which a shaggy blonde headed male with emerald green eyes watched her tense muscles and the perfect salute.
"Officer (Last Name) sir,at your order!" she millitarly said,her voice confident,though somewhat soft.
"So you are Miss (Last Name)!It's a pleasure to meet you.I'm officer Arthur Kirkland and I will be supervising you in your first missions!" the Brit extended his hand and (Name) did the same expecting a friendly handshake - but she received,to her surprise,a delicate kiss upon the back of her palm.
"You're a female love,don't expect me to treat you like those bloody gits!Also,I'm having a first mission for you!" he explained,giving her the needed data as she noted down on a white and blue stripped notebook,nodding.
"Officer Jones will accompany you!He is a junior too.I have got an advice for you : if you want to get back alive,it's not the criminals I'm worried about,but Mr.Jones' horrible driving skills!" Arthur dismissed the female,who saluted once again and made her way in front of the police station.
A sandy blonde male who chewed on a gum and popped baloons carelessly,the music blasting through the bulletproof windows stand on the driver's seat.
(Name) sighed heavily to herself,tapping twice the window - at which,miracously,the cerulean eyed male reacted.
"I guess you are Officer Jones,aren't you?" the female questioned in a serious tone,cocking an eyebrow waiting for the answer.
"Yes babe!And you?" the American grinned,propping his arm onto the car's door.
"Officer (Last Name)!Now move,I'm driving!" (Name) ordered,which,surprisingly enough,the blonde obeyed.
Grabbing the keys from Alfred,she inserted them and started the engine,which ressembled a cat's purr.Driving cautiously,taking rights and lefts,the American just threw his hands at his back for support,yawning.Though it didn't take too long for (Name) to press at the maximum the acceleration pedal,abusing the steering wheel as she receptioned the message from the main station.
Arriving at the said place,the female slowed down at an ridiculously slow speed,trying not to capture unneeded attention if the emergency was for real.
Stopping the still warm engine,her hand instinctively went at her belt,a way of reassuring herself that she had the support in case of danger.
Alfred almost dashed off of the black and white car,but the female stopped him doing so,pressing her index finger onto her full lips in sign of silence - at which the male nodded and followed her closely.
"Tsk!I thought punks like you would be intelligent enough to know that robberies in the middle of the day are not a great idea!" (Name) spoke up cockily,pointing her gun towards the masked man,aiming for his torso.
The albino watched in amazement as the petite girl appeared out of nowhere,confronting the large,well built males,who weighted God knew how much more than her.
One of the black masked males tried to defend himself by taking a random old lady as human shield - but before he could do so,(Name) pointed the gun at him and the bullet scraped his skin - but enough for him to bleed quite badly.
Thinking she wasn't paying attention anymore,another tried to attack her,but she just let her body down,one hand on the cold marble of the bank,her leg kicking hard onto his,causing the solid male to lose his balance and fall.
That was the day when the Prussian took a liking into (Name).And that was also the day when Officer (Last Name) and Officer Jones passed the initial test.

~End of flashback~

It was Christmas Eve.Nothing special was to happen at the Police main station.(Name) was on duty - and some might have asked why - the answer was simple - everyone had a family to go at,even Officer Kirkland - he had a small son named Peter from what the female remembered.
Even the always PMS-ing Italian had someone to go to - Lovino told her once about his twin brother,Feliciano and about his girlfriend,Celina,who was Spanish.
But (Name) hadn't,as her family was far from the city she was obliged to be Officer in.
The phone buzzed annoyingly,being picked up by Otto,the boy who notted down all the calls and reported them.The blonde boy gave an apologetical smile towards (Name),who frowning,got up knowing already who did that.
The Bad Touch Trio,as they called themselves,didn't seem to learn their lesson,no matter how many times the female imprisoned them,either for public disorder,either for disturbing silence at ridiculous hours or for painting graffitti on the walls of the German capital.
And what was worse,that certain leader of the trio,Gilbert Beilschmidt,tried every single damn time to hit on her.
Pressing with force onto the acceleration pedal,(Name) speed up,eagerly waiting to capture her helpless pray.But it wasn't anymore funny to do so.
Watching the brown bricked constructions,she slowed down,egressing out of the warmth of the car and stepping into the cold of the night.
Her eyes widened in surprise at the message written on the walls,throwing one palm onto her mouth in order not to brake herself the law - as it was quite late and a squeak would have been too much.
Her eyes watered and through that blurry vision she still could make the neon coloured letters,the words written everywhere:'Ich liebe dich'.
"Do you love me too?" the Prussian asked calmly,his breath coming in visible puffs as his hands were resting into the jacket's pockets.
(Name) nodded in response,throwing herself at him - and as soon as she did so,the albino's arms snaked around her small form,bringing her close to his body.
"Well mon ami,it seems that our plan 'as worked,now,'asn't it?" the Frenchman smiled widely,his baby blue gaze upon the two lovers.
"!I thought from the start that the chica loved Gil.She was just playing hard to get.Now let's go,I'm starving!" Antonio whimpered,making his point clear as he dragged away Francis with him - and not because he was hungry,but because he wanted some privacy for the two.
"You'll have to clean up if you don't want me to take you to the police station once again!" (Name) said as the warmth of the ruby red eyed male's enveloped her and lulled her to sleep.
"Keh, verdammt,I vas certain you vill make me do zhis!" Gilbert complained,still chuckled to himself,causing (Name) to do so as well.

~End of flashback~

"And zhis is how I met your mother guys!" the Prussian ended,proudly crossing his arms over his chest.
"So you were a deliquent,papi?" (Daughter's Name) asked confused,still munching on a ginger cookie.
"And how come mama is not a police officer anymore?" (Boy's Name) completed,putting aside his glass of milk,the trace of the glass causing a white moustache to form above his upper lip.
"No süße.And to answer your question...I proposed to your mama and vhen the awesome me got her pregnant vith you two by invading her vital regions,ve decided it vas ze best for her to stay home." Gilbert explained,taking a napkin and wiping off his son's moustache and with another one the pieces of ginger which got caught onto his daughter's chubby cheeks.
"Mama,what means vital regions?" (Daughter's Name) asked cutely,her ruby red eyes sparkling with curiosity - at which her mother paled and slapped the albino on the shoulder.
"I'll explain you when you'll get older honey!Now just let papi be and go with your bruder and get changed,because we are going outside!" (Name) sugested,the twins hopping up and down in excitement,dashing at full speed towards their rooms.
"That hurt, liebling!" the Prussian complained,rubbing his red mark in hope of calming the pain - which was quite nothing.
(Name) got onto her knees on the soft carpet where her husband was,placing her wet and warm lips onto the said mark.
The albino's tensed muscles relaxed,his ruby red eyes softening at the plesant feeling.
"Come on now,daddy!We are going outside to build fortresses and make snow angels with our kids!" the female softly said,drawing soothing circles onto the male's back.
He 'hmm'- ed contently in response,the twins trudging down the stairs,all bundled in winter jackets,hats,mufflers and mittens.
(Name) got up,helping Gilbert do the same,taking their own equipment.Opening the front door,a wave of cold air hit them,pinching at their exposed skin.
"So who is my ally?" the female asked her two children.
"I'll be with mama!" (Son's Name) declared,clinging onto his mother's leg.
"And I'll be with my awesome papi!" (Daughter's Name) got by her father's side,the groups spliting and hiding behind the snow fortresses.
"Who will we attack?And when mama?" the (e/c) eyed boy asked,peeking though a small space of the frozen fortress.
"Just wait,my baby!Your daddy is reckless!" as soon as the female said that,Gilbert launched himself into open field,receiving a snow ball into the face and one onto his forhead.He fell dramatically with a thud on the ground,the snow crunching with a melodical sound under the boots of the other three.
"You are patethic,papi!Mama is so much better!" (Daughter's Name) pouted,crossing her arms over her chest.
"Yay,we won!!!Can we go in and eat cheese sponge cake?" the boy asked happily,at which (Name) nodded in agreement.
Being by theirselves,the female settled her body down in the snow,frozen glimmering stars getting caught into her hair and onto her clothes.
Gilbert caught his wife's hand with his own,the silvery band with ruby red stones stood onto the female's ring finger.
Watching the grey painted canvas from the ground,only a darker tone of blue here and there, and rarely a creamy white,the couple started to laugh melodically,Gilbert humming a tune as (Name) sang the German version of the carol: 'O Tannenbaum'.
"Ich liebe dich,meine Frau!" Gilbert stopped humming,breathing the words,as blueish materialized breath floated in the air.
"Ich liebe dich auch,mein Mann!" (Name) responded,a small snowflake settling itself on her tongue.
"I chocked on a snowflake!" the female dramatically joked,rolling in the soft white layer of snow.
The Prussian laughed to himself,but stood and snaked his fierce arms under his wife's legs,bringing her up.(Name) squeaked in surprise,but as soon as the albino settled her down,she pouted.Snaking her arms around his neck,the female brought his head down,pressing her frozen lips to his - at which he responded with equal passion,the intensity of their actions growing as Gilbert brought (Name)'s body closer to his by enveloping her into a hug.
It was as cold as before,if not,even more,but neither of them sensed the cold pinching at their skin as the feverish kissed warmed all their system up.
The female's hair glimmered into the dim lights of the installations,snowflakes still falling with grace onto their forms and onto the already frozen and tear stained ground.

'Fröhliche Weihnachten!~'
Gilbert Beilschmidt – Prussia
Antonio – Spain
Francis – France
Arthur Kirkland – U.K.
Alfred F.Jones – U.S.
Peter – Sealand
Lovino – Romano
Celina – Fem!Spain
Feliciano – Veneciano
Otto – HRE

I own nothing but the plot line!~


‘Fröhliche Weihnachten’ (German) = ‘Merry Christmas’
‘mon ami’ (French) = ‘My friend’
‘sí’ (Spanish) = ‘yes’
‘chica’ (Spanish) = ‘girl’
‘verdammt’ (German) = sorry,nope xD I won`t translate it.It`s a no no!
‘Süße’ (German) = ‘sweety’
‘bruder’ (German) = ‘brother’
‘liebling’ (German) = ‘love’
‘O Tannenbaum’ (German) = ‘O,Christmas tree’
‘Ich liebe dich,meine Frau’* (German) = ‘I love you,my wife’
‘Ich liebe dich auch,mein Mann’ (German) = ‘I love you too,my husband’

This is for my sister dear,who asked me to do a Prussia X Reader Christmas special before she goes to a trip.It was her idea with the police thingy and I have just found the words to describe it – and modified a little.
Hope you enjoy schwes and please,get better and be back home soon,because I`ll miss you!! TT^TT
Reader~chan is badass in this,lol!xD Sorry if you don`t like it!!!
All in all,I hope you enjoy!~ I love you people!Suu!~

Finland :
Norway :
England :
Male!Belarus :
Romano :
Iceland :
Italy :
Denmark :
Scotland :
Spain :
Netherlands :
Latvia :
Male!Hungary :
America :
Germany :
Austria :
Sweden :
France :
Prussia : here
Estonia :
Canada :
Russia :
Bulgaria :
Male!Ukraine :
Romania :
Switzerland :
Australia :

Sequels :

England :
Norway :


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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:

Edit 1 : So,instead of ‘Mein Frau’ I should have written ‘Meine Frau’! Special thanks to :iconsaelinlee: for pointing my mistake!!! :iconslowhugplz:
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