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November 29, 2012
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~Glædelig jul~

*Denmark X Reader*

‘Drabble #8 from ‘All I want for Christmas’ series’

The laughs echoed in the large living room,blending together so no one knew anymore how his own laugh sounded like.
The sapphire blue orbs of the Dane franatically scaned the vivid atmosphere,a smirk plastered onto his features as he choosed his target,hitting the play button on the camera.
Matthias sneaked behind the velvety red couch which gave him a pretty good view upon the navy blue eyed male without giving off his position.He started narrating in a whispered tone to the inanimate recorder as if it was a person made out of flesh and able to respond to what he said.
“This is uncle Lukas!He is quite a party pooper,but damn,he`ll love you a bunch!Gah!I shouldn`t have used that word.Forget it!This is a bad word.You should never use it!” the Dane continued,facepalming.
“I can hear you,Dane!” Norway cut him off,cocking a light blonde eyebrow while he made his way in front of the couch,not before putting aside the fragile glass spheres.
Seeing him come dangerously near,a squeak escaped the taller`s Nordic lips,but he continued the dialogue as if nothing was to happen – even if he knew it was quite the opposite.
“It smells like trouble!When you see uncle Lulu doing this,run!Run as if your life depended on it.If this is the last thing I`m saying,it`s because your butter loving onkel killed me through strangling!” a serious,still silly expression made him look both mature and childish at the same time.
“Oh,yeah!I forgot!” Matthias suddently lost his seriousness,his cocky attitude kicking in.
“I`m not wearing a tie today!~ Thank you,(Name)!” he blew a kiss towards the camera,running in the opposite direction of Lukas.
“What an idiot!” the Norwegian breathed,returning to decorating the dark green tree.
“Uncle Tino is better!” the Danish male said,pointing towards the purple eyed nation.
“He is good at baking and loves Christmas!Like a lot!” he continued,focusing the camera on the freshly baked ginger cookies.
“But he easily gets scared!And he`s the wife in the relationship!” Matthias burst out laughing,scaring the little Finnish male.
“Oh,it`s you Matt!” Tino placed a hand on his chest,a relieved sigh flying by his parted lips.
“Stop saying that!I don`t want him to get the wrong impression!” the small nation continued,giving his merry smile and a gentle wave towards the camera.
“Can I have some cookies then?” the Dane asked excitedly,his mouth watering at all the good looking and sugar scented sweets.
“No,you can`t!They are for tonight!” Tino answered,a sympathetic look plastered onto his rosy face.
“Aww!Off we are then!” Matthias pouted,continuing his so called journey – not before grabbing a handful of chocolate dipped cookies.
“(Name) would have let me eat as many sweets as I wanted to!Even if she was to bake another batch!” he explained as he reached the living room once again.
Assuring himself he didn`t step on a mined land – as it was certain that Lukas would make him pay for what he had previously said -,he peered his blonde spiky hair and his blue orbs,seeking for any sign of the Norwegian`s presence – but as he didn`t find any,he threw himself in the middle of the warm room,capturing the Icelander in the frame while he played with his pet puffin.
The black feathery bird left his master to softly caress his stripped beak,nuzzling his palm with it,before pinching in the pale white flesh as a revenge.
“Uncle Iceland is a strange person!But you see,he is Lukas` younger brother,so it isn`t so strange,is it, min engel?” Matthias whispered trying to tape Emil`s flustred face while he shooed off his tricky pet.
“He is the youngest,so we love to mock him!Especially when uncle Norway starts his ‘elskede bror’ argument!It`s epic dude!You`ll love it.” He said,trying not too burst into laughing.
“Stop filming this,you idiot!Or I`ll get Lukas to choke you!” Emil angrily blocked the frame which directly targeted him.
“Have you called, kjære bror?” Lukas called from the other room,causing the Icelander to gasp in surprise and get even more flustred,stomping upstairs.
“Off we go again!” Matthias resigned,going outside the house.
The Nordic crispy wind blew cold,snowflakes graciously falling from the grayish carbon sky,the horizon line not visible anymore.Piles of snow stand on each side of the main path which leaded to the front door as if the small villa was some sort of castle and frozen soft stars small fortresses.
The Dane chuckled to himself,taping the sea of white,the snowflakes sparkling like they were silvery glitter randomly thrown on the ground by a hand from above,which was hidden behind the smoky clouds,delicately painted on the once baby blue canvas.
The outside decorations were all set up and the blonde male got aware of it as soon as the large Swede plugged in the installations in the outlet,the colours playing a symphony on the windows,the roof and on the pure white snow,golden yellows,navy blues,ruby reds and vivid greens,the pupils of the Dane dilating considerably as he watched in awe everything.
“This is Uncle Berwald!He is quite scary,but he`s good when it comes to building things!” Matthias talked once again to the camera,gaining a death stare from the Swedish male.
“Y’ sh’ld g’t ‘ns’de!Y’u w’ll c’tch a c’ld!” Berwald said in a monotone voice,his boots making a scrunching noise as they touched the ground.
Entering the comfort of the house,a wave of heat hit the Dane – as well as a feminine laugh which he loved so much.
“And the most important member of the family,the Queen of the North!” he said in a reverent tone,placing the camera on the female`s small figure.
“Believe it or not,she is my wife!~” the male somewhat proudly stated,(Name) watching him with curious (e/c) eyes.
“Say hi to the camera,mommy!” he urged the female to do as requested in an excited manner.
“Hi there,King of the North!” (Name) played along,waving her petite hand towards the purpleish lens.
Matthias placed the object on the glass coffee table,catching his lover into a tight embrace,still loose enough so that the female could breath normally.The Dane`s hands made their way to (Name)`s swollen tummy,stroking it gently,as he placed a sweet,loving kiss onto her glossy lips,capturing them with his own into an intoxicating dance.
Jeg elsker dig,(Name)!” the sapphire blue eyed male said,his arms protectively wrapped around the female`s form.
Jeg elsker også dig,daddy!” (Name) responded,pecking the taller`s Dane lips,giving him the best smile she had – and that he had fallen for.
He rested his forhead on hers,thinking how things have escalated – quickly – and how from a female he had met through Lukas,he started missing her – that cute look she had when she was pointing her index finger to her lower lip when she was deep in thought,how her smile bloomed on her face,the tips of her lips kissed by delicate butterflies,the warmth of her fragile hands – those slender fingers on which he wanted to put a ring on – and he did later on.
How genuinely stupid he was when he thought that (Name) was in a serious relationship with the Norwegian and how much Matthias hated when Lukas captured the female`s hands in sign of goodbye – it was a friendly act,but his heart ached at the thought of (Name) loving the navy blue eyed male and not him.
The Dane cocked his head to the side,capturing his wife`s lips into a feverish kiss,because he always remembered how precious was the female for him.She was the best thing he could ask for and nothing could be more satisfying for the cocky Danish male than to spend Christmas with his family,all his brothers,the love of his life and the still unborn member of the Nordics.

‘Glædelig jul!’~

‘Glædelig jul’ (Danish) = ‘Merry Christmas’
‘onkel’ (Danish) = ‘uncle’
‘min engel’ (Danish) = ‘my angel’
‘elskede bror’ (Danish) = ‘brother dear’
‘kjære bror’ (Norwegian) = ‘brother dear’
‘Jeg elsker dig’ (Danish) = ‘I love you’
‘Jeg elsker også dig’ (Danish) = ‘I love you too’

Matthias KØhler – Denmark
Lukas Bondevik – Norway
Emil Steilsson – Iceland
Tino Väinämoinen – Finland
Berwald Oxentierna – Sweden
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!~

And here`s the Christmas special for the obnoxious Dane!~ Because he is cute and deserves a lot of love. And lol,I think he`d be an epic,overprotective daddy!~
Enjoy!~ Love,Suu~san!

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Sequels :

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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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FrancisAckermann Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
He's the only Hetalia Character who truly manages to make me blush and stuff. And I'm not lying! When I read other reader inserts with other characters I feel happy, too, but Denmark... I think it's unhealthy xD

But I think that it also is important how something is written. And this was written so well! No wonder I'm a grinning and blushing mess right now~
Why doesn't he exist?!
Kira-Jones Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013
I love that you made the story through him making a video!!! It's so CUTE and so realistic!!!!! Aw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VanillaSuu Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hehe. It was just an old idea of mine. Because I love capturing important moments. Thank you~
Kira-Jones Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
It was just so cute!!!!!  I can't stand it!
Goddess-ofMercy Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"If you like her, you should put a ring!" XD Good Beyoncé quote there. Good job as always Suu-san~ :iconclappingplz:
VanillaSuu Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hehe~ I am influenced by such things! xD Thank you~
Goddess-ofMercy Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
XD Your welcome! ^_^
KaraAkuma Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
Wait a sec...I might be wrong...but wasn't Lukas the character for Poland ?
VanillaSuu Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It`s okay if you ask!~ So,let me explain. :D Indeed,Poland`s name is Feliks Lukasevik. But Norway`s name is Lukas Bondevik. So that quite is a part of Poland`s last name. I hope I could help!~
KaraAkuma Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
Oh...I understand now...thank you for enlightening me :) >_< I can be a bit of an idiot sometimes
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