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December 9, 2012
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~Fröhliche Weihnachten~

*Daddy!Germany X Mommy!Reader*

'Drabble #15 from 'All I want for Christmas' series'

It was those of once upon a December days.The capital city of Germany was enveloped in a thick layer of white,fluffy snowflakes still making their way to the ground into a dizzy,still mesmerizing waltz.
The sky was painted in soft greys,smokey blacks and here and there could be seen delicate navy blues.
The skeletical branches seemed to almost snap under the weight of white powder,but somehow they managed to support it.Some just got rid of it with the help of crispy wind which blew cold above the shiny stars,skattering them onto the ground and swirling them into a passionate danced circle,followed one by another.
The baby blue eyed infant tapped with a slender pale finger the glass of the window on which frozen shaped snowflakes were plastered by the previous night's blizzard.
He was entranced by the outside world,but on the other side he knew very well that the cold pinching at his exposed skin wouldn't be a plesant feeling.
A shiver went down his spine,so he resumed watching the snowflakes adding to the white mass,making it even more dense and plopped down onto the couch,swaying his small legs back and forth to keep himself busy.
His papi was usually the first one to wake up,but every time when Christmas was awaiting on the corner,he would just take his time and stay more with the blonde boy's mami.
Two pairs of feet could be heard descending the wooden stairs,causing the blue gaze to move in the said direction and to be welcomed by his mother's gentle smile and his father's failed attempts to slick back his messy hair.
(Name) chuckled at Ludwig's visible frustration,as his honey blonde locks seemed to be against the large German male.The adult's frown was soon replaced by a small smile,as well as his lips were gently pressed upon the female's delicate ones.
"Guten Morgen,(Boy's Name)!Why are you up so early?" (Name) asked somewhat surprised,sitting near her little boy on the couch.
"Guten Morgen mami!" he sort of saluted,which caused the female to giggle at her son's seriousness - he ressembled in so many ways his father that (Name) couldn't help but feel all warm on the inside and a child once again.
"Your mama is right.Was has happened?Is it something vrong?" the German male questioned,bringing the small boy into his lap,ruffling his hair.
"I was waiting for you to get up.So you can tell me a story,as you do each year!" (Boy's Name) looked up into his similar tone of his father's eyes,who only did to scratch his neck awkwardly deciding if it was the best to tell him now or later.
"It's ok liebes!I think (Boy's Name) is big enough to know everything!" (Name) sweetly reassured the German male,soothingly massaging his stiffend shoulder which loosened as his mucles relaxed at the delicate touch.
"Vell...I have met your mami vhen ve vere your age!" Ludwig started,pointing his index finger to his son's chubby cheek,tickling him.
"Uncle Gilbert vas babysitting her one day,so he decided it vas the best to bring her to our home.And he did it!I have instantly took a liking into your mami,as she clinged onto bruder's sleeve,her eyes big and watery." the German stopped for a second,reminiscing every single detail which preserved,untouched by the cruelty of time.
"Ve became best friends soon,as she vas always the one to help the others and not to misjudge by the initial reaction.But as ve have grown,I have realized your mami meant a lot more to me.She didn't seem to notice how protective I vas of her,neither did she understand the notes I used to sent to her.And my heart ached when I thought of the fact she might love bruder and not me.She seemed happy with him." Ludwig breathed,interrupted by (Son's Name) gasp for air.
"I hanged around uncle Gil only to get to spend more time with your papi.I was really longing to see him even for a couple of minutes.I was too shy to confess my love for him.We were hurting eachother without even knowing.Each time we delayed speaking our minds out we got even more caught into becoming far one from another and even if we were so close,we couldn't see eye to eye.As in a spider web!" (Name) explained to the boy who only did to nod his head in approval,anouncing he had understood his mother's message.
"Ve kept lying to ourselves that ve are better off like zhat.And one day,when I have finished highschool,I've enroled into army.Thanks to your uncle Feliciano,I vas able to confess before leaving.I still remember your mutti's tear stained face,hiccuping and telling me that I better come back home alive or else she would have married uncle Lovino!" a deep bass chuckle escaped the male's throat.
"But vhat vas even more precious vas the Christmas Eve vhen I came back home,as promissed.Because your mama has vaited for me and even if outside vas cold as it never vas,she came to velcome me.Zhat's vhy ve stay more together when Christmas is almost here." the German ended,tightening his grip onto the delicate hand of the female.
"And then you got married and I was born.Good thing you came back home, papi!I wouldn't have liked uncle Lovino to be mein papi!" the blonde boy sighed in relief causing the two adults to glance at eachother and burst into laughter.
"I'm going to ask Santa to be nice to uncle Feliciano and to give him my present for the next year!" (Boy's Name) said as he hopped off his father's lap and dashed towards the kitchen - where always a plate of home made cookies and apple juice waited for him.
"Ich liebe dich, Süße!" Ludwig sighed contently,wrapping his fierce arms around the fragile form of his lover.
"Ich liebe dich auch, Schatz! " (Name) responded,pecking her husband's lips.
"We better get ready!The boys will come for lunch!" the female sugested,at which the German male protested through a grunt.
"I don't like vhen Lovino comes.He swears way too much,for Gott's sake!" Ludwig practically growled,getting all protective over his family - and for his 5 year old son's education.
It was enough that the blue eyed boy inherited the 'taken vital regions' from his ruby red eyed uncle,the German thought.
A kiss was shared between the two before they made their way to the kitchen in order to join their son.

'Fröhliche Weihnachten!' ~
‘Fröhliche Weihnachten’ (German) = ‘Merry Christmas’
‘vatti’* (German) = ‘daddy’ -> 'papi'
‘mutti’* (German) = ‘mommy’ -> 'mami'
‘Guten Morgen’ (German) = ‘Good morning’
‘liebe’* (German) = ‘love’ -> 'liebes'
‘bruder’ (German) = ‘brother’
‘mein’ (German) = ‘my’
‘Ich liebe dich’ (German) = ‘I love you’
‘Süße’ (German) = ‘sweety’
‘Ich liebe dich auch’ (German) = ‘I love you too’
‘Schatz’ (German) = ‘treasure’
‘Gott’ (German) = ‘God’

Ludwig – Germany
Gilbert – Prussia
Feliciano – Italy Veneciano
Lovino – Italy Romano
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!~

Just a little drabble which came to my mind for today.My grandmother told me the story of someone who was close to her and had a similar story,but I`ve edited it a little,because it was quite depressing.And I thought since it was about wars and stuff,it would fit Germany.
Either way,enjoy!~ Love,Suu!~

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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:

Edit 1 : Special thanks to :iconleichenpuppe: for pointing that instead of ‘vatti’ I could use ‘papi’ and instead of ‘mutti’,’mami’,because no one uses them anymore.Also,instead of ‘liebe’,which is the form of love as a noun and it expresses the feeling,I should have used ‘liebes’ when addressing as a endearment form.
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btw, love this!!
VanillaSuu Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Well,haha,not really. xD Just that his uncle Gil thaught him that.
Thanks. :3
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VanillaSuu Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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