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November 26, 2012
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~Buon Natale~

*Romano X Reader*

'Drabble #5 from 'All I want for Christmas' series'

The female straightened with the bridge of her soft palm the red material on the table,paying extra attention so that not a single wrinkle was present on it.The small dark haired boy gave her snowflake patterned napkins,for which she beamed her best smile at him and started folding them in beautiful Christmas themed shapes.
The little boy gaped his mouth in surprise,clapping his hands in excitement as if his mother was using some sort of magic he had never seen or ever heard of.
Truth to be told,he thought that his 'madre' was magically making things appear or disappear,such as when his stubborn 'papà' wasn't able to find his jacket even if the female told him was in a certain place,he would defeteadly come to her with a pleading face and she - calm as ever - would take his hand and give him the item from the previously specified spot.
Now the way his mommy was able to do such wonderful things,the little boy couldn't explain to himself.But he didn't even feel it was necessary,as she was always there for him to help no matter for what reason.
As (Name) ended folding the napkins,she started putting in order the silver spoons,knives and the porcelain plates,as she wouldn't trust herself to let her 5 year old son to do it by himself yet.
She started settling the dishes,giving (Boy's Name) the small ones,so that he felt he really contributed - which in his mother's eyes was more than satisfying.
The door opened with an almost inaudible click,but the small boy seemed to have an incredible hearing when it came to this.
He rushed in an instant at the door,greeting his father by tackling him into a hug - with which he was already used -.The dark haired Italian chuckled at his son's antics,putting aside the bags he was carrying,lifting up the boy into his arms.
"Ciao bella!" the male greeted,pecking his wife's lips.
"Hey Lovi!~" (Name) responded in a mockingly tone - but the tsundere Italian already got used to his wife calling him names and he couldn't get upset on her even if he wanted to.
"What has my bambino done today?" Lovino asked his son,tickling his chubby cheeks with his index finger.
"I've helped mama with the preparations!And waited for papà to come home!" (Boy's Name) cutely responded,trying to reach for his father's finger.
"That's right!I guess Santa had seen this and will keep (Boy's Nickname) on the good kids list!" (Name) winked towards her husband,kissing the soft flocks of brunette locks her son had.
"Really mama?" the boy questioned,his honeyed eyes widening in excitement.
"Sì bambino!You had been a very good baby this year!And the previous!" Lovino responded,kissing both his son's rosy cheeks.
The boy reached for his father's face,getting a tight grip on the snow white shirt while he innocently did as the adult did.The Italian's eyes wided in surprise,but soon enough his expression turned soft,his large palms caressing with care the small back of the child.
"Mama shouldn't be on Santa's good kid's list!Because she didn't take her pills papà!" the boy said,puffing his cheeks,hopping off his father's lap.
"You haven't?" Lovino cocked an eyebrow at (Name),waiting for an answer.
"I plead guilty,dear husband!" the female laughed awkwardly.
"(Name)..." the Italian sighed,patting his lap.
"You know it's for both of your and the baby's health!" he continued,caressing the female's swollen tummy.
"I know Lovi!I'm sorry,really!I'll be extracarefull,promise!" (Name) said in a honeyed tone,resting her head on the male's shoulder,her arms circling his neck.
"I trust you mia bella!Ti amo!" Lovino whispered in the female's ear,bringing a smile to her pretty face.
"Ti amo troppo!" she responded,engaging into a soft kiss,one in which their lips melded into eachother,caressing the soft skin with a special care - to show how much they cared one for another.
"Mommy,can I ask uncle Prussia where babies come from?" (Boy's Name) asked from the other room.
Both (Name) and Lovino paled at the question and gave eachother that look - the look which was a silent promise that Gilbert wasn't to corrupt their innocent son - and their daughter which was to come.
"Buon Natale!" the Italian and his wife wished to eachother as they watched with their young son the big star shaped snowflakes fall on the already frozen ground,covering it in pure white.

'Buon Natale!~'
Lovino Vargas – Romano
You – You

I own nothing but the plot line!~

‘Buon Natale’(Italian) = ‘Merry Christmas’
‘madre’ (Italian) = ‘mother’
‘papà’ (Italian) = ‘father’
‘Ciao bella’ (Italian) = ‘Hello beautiful’
‘bambino’ (Italian) = ‘child’
‘sì’ (Italian) = ‘yes’
‘mia bella’ (Italian) = ‘ my beautiful one’
‘Ti amo’ (Italian) = ‘ I love you’
‘Ti amo troppo’ (Italian) = ‘I love you too’

So this is a fluffeh with daddy Romano and mommy Reader!xD I have nothing to say about it…just that,yeah,fluff has taken over me…
I don`t whether it`s good or not!
Enjoy!~ Love,Suu!~

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Sequels :

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Comments are appreciated!~ :iconstolenkissplz:
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SkyeHighArt Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Uncle Prussia..... That oughta be one interesting uncle right there. AND NO, YOU MAY NOT ASK HIM WHERE BABIES COME FROM!!!! Dear god, no...
AnimePanther921 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
SO CUTE! AND FLUFFY!! *chokes on fluffiness* K-Kawa..... *faints from lack of breathing*
MyDepictionOfFiction Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Bad Nicholas, sobbing his mum in! Nick is now on the naughty list!
Theanimeangel Featured By Owner May 8, 2014
Why does reader-chan need pills?
VanillaSuu Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Welp,there are some pregnancy pills. Mostly vitams to keep the baby safe and healthy. :) So nothing to worry about.
cortohdow Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014
I love it! IT'S SO FWUFFY I'M GONNA DIE! *faints from fluffyness*

But when I read >>"Mommy,can I ask uncle Prussia where babies come from?"<< I thought I die laughing ^^
VanillaSuu Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
But please don't die. Roma needs you. :3

Hahaha.xD Prussia shouldn't,but I thought of it as rather funny. 
cortohdow Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
Aw :3

Yeah it's just... imagening Prussia as an uncle xD
LittleMissHetalia Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Student Writer
just..plain..yes :iconspainapprovedplz: 

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VanillaSuu Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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*starts fanning you like a mad woman* T^T
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