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February 9, 2013
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~Arms of angel~

*Daddy!England X Adopted!Son!America X Reader*

'Spend all your time waiting for that second chance
For the break that will make it okay
There's always some reason not to be good enough?
And it's hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction,oh beautiful release
Memories seep from my veins
They may be empty and weightless,and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight ... '

Arthur rubbed his temples in soothing circles,watching the stack of papers onto his wooden office desk waiting to be completed.
Truth to be told,he had no motivation to go on the charade he called life.He loved Alfred a lot,but sometimes the boy wasn't enough for him.
Something was missing to complet the portrait of a happy family life and he didn't know actually what.
Pouring some scotch into the medium sized square glass,the Brit sighed,bringing it to his lips and gulp it from once all the brown liquid.
Watching with tired emerald green eyes the framed picture of himself and a cheery Alfred,he smiled bitterly,thinking that the little American boy was slowly growing up and started asking more questions at which he couldn't respond - not because he didn't want to,but just because there were some things he couldn't explain to the  5 year old boy.


"Who of them is he?" a teenager green eyed male asked,placing his hands onto the glass which separed him from the bunds of joy - some peacefully sleeping,some crying their healthy lungs out.
"Do you see the one in the corner?" the elder male questioned,at which the blonde nodded his head in approval,watching with curious eyes the cute little new born child.
"I know mama wanted to give him away,but do you think there is any possibility for me to keep him?After all,he is my brother in a way!" Arthur spoke,his emerald green gaze never leaving the infant's body as his chubby legs moved at a fast pace for a newly born.
"I think I could do something about that!" the man responded,placing his soft gaze on the same child as the Brit.
"Do you want to keep him in your arms?" he continued,after a long time of pondering.
The English boy's eyes turned wide,but soon he nodded in approval,shortly following the elder man with small steps.
For certains considerents,adrenaline rushed through his veins,his heart pulsing into his ears with every step which got him closer to the baby's cradle.
Not even noticing when he got there,Arthur was snapped out of his thoughts as the male gave him the infant.Reluctantly reaching his arms,hesitating at the beginning,the Brit opened wide his strong arms,embracing the infant with much care.
How could he say that he was able to take care of the boy?He was nothing that an unexperienced teenager himself.
All insecurities leaked out of his body though when the baby boy kept a tight grip upon the pale slender finger - he wanted to live and he needed protection,comfort and love for that - a cozy shelter Arthur could provide,because he was sure now as the infant opened his eyes,revealing a pair of cyan blue eyes full of innocence and fragility,that he was the only one who could take care of him better than anyone.
A small yawn escaped the boy's lips,which caused the Brit to chuckle at how adorable the baby was.

~End of flashback~

The British male brought the glass to his lips,warmth rushing to his cheeks as he lost track of the number of consumed alcohool.
He sunk deeper into the chair,reminiscing once again a dear memory of his.


"Say Alfred!Alfreeed!" the blonde prolonged the word in order for the boy to understand.
"Awwwed!" the infant tried to copy him,but failed,happily clapping his small hands together.
"Well,I guess that's fine too for the moment!" the Brit chuckled,ruffling the sandy blonde hair of his son in a parental manner.
Alfred tightened and opened his palms towards the green eyed male,his laugh echoing throughout the large mansion.Arthur took the hint and brought the boy into his embrace,hearing him sigh happily as he did so.
"Awwtur!" the boy tried,laughing once again at the end of the great effort.
"Good!" Arthur smiled,gingerly pressing his lips upon the American's boy sandy blonde hair.
"Now what about a snack?" he proposed,seeing how the cyan blue eyes turned wide and sparkled in excitement at the said word.
"I guess that means yes!" the Brit laughed,heading towards the kitchen with Alfred in his arms.

~End of flashback~

Feeling his eyes tear up,the Englishman clasped a hand over his face,covering the green orbs in the process.Maybe he was still too sober to forget some things which hurt - though,he didn't know why.
Or maybe he did,but he just didn't want to acknowledge his love for the (h/c) female.
It all started one day when Arthur was in search of a female who could take care of Alfred while he was at work - because knowing how his son acted,he didn't trust himself to let him all by himself.
Checking possible babysitters,the list grew scarce because they were either too old and couldn't handle Alfred's energy or too unexperienced and mean.Ready to give up,he met (Name).
She was sitting on a bench at the twillight,reading a book,being plainly her beautiful and gentle self.Arthur admired her from a distance,but couldn't do more.Females seemed to avoid him as soon as they caught glimpse of the small boy he took as son.
Alfred though ran towards the female,catching her legs and clinging cutely onto her.The Brit ran shortly after him,ready to apologize,when the (h/c) haired female patted her lap,putting her book aside - and brought the boy to her chest.
Brushing her slender fingers through the infant's sandy blonde locks,his eyes seemingly grew tired and he peacefully fell asleep - thing which was unlike Alfred,because it took ages for Arthur to tuck him under the covers,not too mention to make him close his eyes that fast.
Even if at first he took a liking into her because she was gentle towards the blue eyed boy,the Brit's feelings grew little by little - blooming into such a beautiful,still full of heart aches love.
Wiping his tears off,the male heard delicate steps against the wooden stairs,rushed and that inaudible breath now huffed.
Appearing in the door's frame,the female's small form held something of great concern.(Name) made her way towards the wooden desk,her nose scrunching in disgust as she could feel alcohool lingering into the air.
The male heavily brought his body up,feeling dizzy,sloppily making his way towards the (h/c).
Keeping a tight grip onto her shoulder,he pressed his body against hers,capturing the female into a embrace she couldn't escape.
"I swear you drive me mad sometimes,love!" the Brit purred into the female's ear,who did nothing but listen.
Even if she was to fight,the male was way more powerfull than she was - and it was not as she felt disgusted by Arthur's touches,even in the state he actually was.
"Arthur,you are drunk!What about you go to sleep and we talk tomorrow?" (Name) sighed inwardly,placing a soft hand against the male's soft cheek.
"No!Now...I am going to talk now!Because tomorrow I won't be able to say it and I don't want to lose you!" the green eyed male grunted,placing his face into the crook of her neck.
"I love you (Name)!With my entire being..." a hot wet tear escaped his eyes,caressing the exposed skin of the female's shoulder.
She snaked her arms around his neck,bringing him closer to her chest,stroking gently his hair.
"And it aches so much when that bloody French bastard comes near you.I just can't...!" hurt words escaped his lips,causing (Name) to tear up too.
They fell together to the wooden floor,their embrace not breaking as they did so.The male burried his head into the female's chest,feeling her heart beat's pace slowing.
"Arthur,please...!Look at me honey!" (Name) pleaded,framing the Brit's face to met her (e/c) gaze.
"I love you too!I love you!I love you,get it?" words echoed in the male's head,causing his eyes to go wide.
Trying to digerate the information,soon a smile tucked at the corner of lips.
The blonde bent his head down,capturing the female's mouth with his own,pressing his lips to hers,bits of alcohool lingering onto his tongue and shared now with beautiful female.
Even with that sickening smell,(Name) couldn't help but taste the sweetness Arthur's lips kept,a mixture of tea and milk,the fresh cologne invading her nostrils as soon the drink's smell died down.
Giving her one last soft gaze,the Brit placed his head against the female's chest,her heartbeat lullying her to sleep,as well as the delicate touch as she combed his shaggy blonde locks with her slender fingers,humming a soft tune until the male's breath came in sync with hers,soft and silent.
"Papa?" little Alfred asked,trying to rub sleep out of his tiny eyes.
(Name) brought her index finger to her lips,requesting silence,at which the boy nodded and came to her.
"It's okay Alfie,papa was tired!Would you go to sleep for me,please?I'll bake you something really really good tomorrow if you do!" the female requested in a soft whisper,giving her best smile.
"Okay!Good night mama!" Alfred bent and placed his lips gingerly onto the female's cheek,heading sleepily towards his room.
Tears gathered once again into (Name)'s eyes - this time though they meant happiness,because of the boy she had always seen as her son.
Sun light shyly peeked its head,broding the horizon line with a sole golden thread,slowly replacing the darkness of the night,engulfing it gradually.Tomorrow was to come and hope to - hope for a new beginning.

'In the arms of an angel...!'
Arthur Kirkland – U.K.
Alfred – America © Hetalia,Hidekaz Himaruya
You – You

Story: © VanillaSuu,2013
Song: Arms of an angel – Sarah McLaughlin

I hope this is as you imagined it love,because I couldn`t help but turn it all cute and a bit dramatic too! T^T And aww,I don`t know why,but chibi!America is so asdfghkl!!! Cute!~

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Comments are appreciated. :3 :iconstolenkissplz:
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