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Monochrome kiss - Ciel X Reader
'What is your wish?' the masculine voice asked with an echo from the heart of the forest.
'I want you to kill them!' she answered,branches hitting one another as a small breeze ran through them.
His eyes became a pure scarlett as a wolfish grin spread onto his handsome features. Into his pale cheeks - too pale to be mundane - the prettiest of dimples carved,shadows falling upon his forhead. His aura consumed itself,disipating into thin air as he descended from the tree,landing with grace onto the ground into a kneeling position. He wore a black tuxedo and under it a pearl white perfectly ironed shirt. His ghostly white hand rested itself onto his chest,where his heart was supposed to be frenetically beating in order to pump blood through the veins. One knee was planted into the muddy,still wet soil,while the other was just above the ground.
His features couldn't be seen because his raven black bangs covered his face,but he certainly did have beautiful carbon black lashes
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 46 25
Kys mig - Denmark X Reader
~Kys mig~
*Denmark X Reader*
'This is a Valentine's Day Special' <3  
Red all over the place. That once lovely color transforming into an absolutely sickening to the sight.
The female watched with big (e/c) hues the fuss around her,but paid no mind.
What was it all about again? All those heart shaped cards,the great amount of roses at the florists,the yummy scented chocolate wrapped up with pretty ribbons,all that confused the girl.
A group of teenagers - or a pack,as Lukas,her Norwegian friend liked to call them - started squealing in delight and flutter their arms in the air in an exaggerated manner. Why for you ask? Well,(Name) wasn't sure,so she brushed it off and went down the street on the not so lonely road.
Taking some lefts and rights,passing by beautiful buildings,she finally reached her destination - none other than the bakery the Dane opened for people.
Opening the front door with a swift movement,the (nationality) female was welcomed by t
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 54 22
Intoxicated - Scotland X Reader
*Scotland X Reader*
'Valentine's Day Special'   <3
The red haired bartender cleaned one of the many glasses that day,peeking at the atmosphere the pub downtown held.
Placing the glass with the others,he tightened the silly carbon black apron at his waist,watching with bored jade green eyes the sight.
It seemed that the place was full now,with Valetine's nearing. Of course,there were unlucky people too.
"And then I told her - Vodka is cheaper than dinner for two!" the Finnish boy bragged,his chocolate orbs clouded from so many shots of Vodka he required - but damn,was he good at holding his liquor.
"Apparently,telling her that she was the meat to my burger wasn't good enough dude!" the American complained,his Captain America t-shirt soaked with a mixture of alcoholic beverages.
"Why doesen't she notice me? She is my senpai!" the Japanese boy complained,head resting against the table,causing the red head to chuckle.
There were peaceful drink
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 176 64
Mature content
Sweet pastries - Denmark X Reader :iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 116 30
Litteratur - Norway X Reader
*Norway X Reader*
'A pleading cry for help screamed murder,cutting through the crispy air. It was cold already and it didn't help a little bit that the temperature seemed to drop even more low than it was. Frozen tears fell onto the rosy cheeks of the female as she prayed that maybe - just maybe - her fiancée would forgive her and give her a second chance. Through blurry aquamarine sight she could see her breath come in visible puffs,swearing it could crystallize on the moment and form some sort of complex snowflake. The blonde chuckled to herself at her silliness - she missed now her little sister and she hated the fact she had to let her behind just to please her parents and the whole society through it. Being the fiancée of the well known cardiologist,Patrik Lindström,had its perks. He might have been a great doctor,but when it came to love he was nothing like Alexander.
Oh,Alexander... How Frida's eyes turned soft all of a sudden. She
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 60 31
Never * Scotland X Reader*
*College!Scotland X College!Reader*
The atmosphere was already tense and ready to pop anytime. A symphony of broken chords played in both of their minds,the same sick sound of snapping,created by their plain imagination.
She placed a hand against her temple in thought,brushing away the few locks which clinged stubbornly to the patch of skin.
His eyes were monotonous,some might have said they lacked emotion,but there was something in the back of all that tones of greens.
With a swift,almost too feminine motion,he brought the cigarette to his pale lips,inhaled some of the smoke and let the rest of it dissipate into thin air,creating some sort of veil of blueish white in between them two.
The red haired man let his arm fall limp near his body as he parted his lips in order to say something - but he couldn't,as he heard his name being called,as well as the sound of steps against concrete invade their ears.
The female made a step back,as if she took precautions for people not
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 78 28
~Teen wolf~ *Denmark X Reader*
~Teen wolf~
*Denmark X Reader*
"What? No way I'm going to do that Beilschmidt!" the teenage girl protested,placing her backpack onto the desk where her assigned seat was.
"Keh!" the Prussian snickered,crossing his arms over his chest.
"What about you lil' Dane?" ruby red orbs played mischievously in the orbits as they met scruntizing peridot green.
"Nej! Now be kind and get out of the way!" the blonde huffed in annoyance,motioning for the platinum headed to do as she pleased.
"God morgen (Name)!" Svea piped up,automatically brightening up as she put her school bag aside and embraced the female.
"Good morning to you too Svea!" the (nationality) girl chuckled,accepting the warm embrace.
Her features morphed though when she realised something of major importance - the Norwegian's absence.
"And Lukas? Weren't you guys always coming together?" she questioned,seeing the short Dane become stiff for mere seconds.
"I don't know! He has his own stuff to deal with!" Svea
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 63 23
Marine!Norway X Reader
~At the bottom of the sea~
*Marine!Norway X Reader*
Waters,being them still or moving,represented a place human couldn't explore without aid. Still with the technological progress,some pits of the oceans weren't touched or known - and maybe it was for the best if they remained so.
Some waters were sweet - as rivers or lakes - other salty - oceans and seas. First were easy to be conquered by humans - the last ones though,as much of a connection,were tricky and sometimes even an open battlefield.
The sea was always the expression of life in literature and it remained so through time. While describing the curly waves,the pretty shade of blue which transformed into shallow turquoise as it reached the shore,the foam created as the water swayed back and forth into a dizzy waltz or the variety of life in between the folds,any author was positive he was transmitting the cycle which was never to break.
Inhaling the cold salty air,the blonde boy in his early twenties retreated his glo
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 46 15
~Christmas in Villnius~ *Lithuania X Reader*
~Christmas in Villnius~
*Lithuania X Reader*
'Drabble #27 from 'All I want for Christmas' series'
'I'm talking about,talking about my love...' the radio played in full street,the final vowel prolonged in the crispy air.
The female smiled small,but still noticeable,as she burried her frozen hands in the welcoming pockets of her winter coat,steps echoing onto the sidewalk's pavement.
"It's just a silly contest!" the Estonian said,adjusting his glasses onto the bridge of his nose as he tear his greenish blue eyes from the screen.
"Silly or not,we have to be a part of it!" Raivis sighed heavily,big amethyst orbs hidden by the upper lid.
"We should be more positive about everything,you know?" the Lithuanian required,gaining huffs of air in response.
"Toris is right boys! Come on now!" the female piped,slipping out of her seat near the counter.
"You already said you were working onto a song,Kuula,if I remember well,weren't you Ed?" the (h/c) po
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 46 36
~Happy New Year~ *China X Reader*
~Happy New Year~
*China X Reader*
'Drabble #2 from the 'Dawn crept upon us' series'
"You are helpless,aru!" the Chinese man protested,a tired sigh parting his rather pale lips.
The brunette earned all the curious gazes upon him,some even quizzical and puzzled.
"I am sorry! The little dude quite disappeared on its own!" the teenage looking American brought his hands up in defense,sincerity written in his cerulean blue eyes.
"What have you done now,you bloody git?" the bushy browed male questioned,putting down his cup of Earl Grey tea onto the expensive looking plate.
"Mais mon ami,let's not draw conclusions like zhat and blame poor Alfred!" the Frenchman piped in,subtle hint of red wine in his breath,curly locks on one side of his face.
"Actuarry Francis-kun,Arfred is at faurt! He was supposed to take care of a panda..." the other brunette explained in a very polite manner,slightly bowing his head.
"...and he lost it,da?" the Russian continued,his amethyst o
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 34 28
~Mitt hjerte~ *Viking!Norway X Reader*
                        ~Mitt hjerte~
*Viking!Norway X Reader*
‘Norway`s ending from ‘Love at war’ series Viking!Denmark X Reader X Viking!Nordics’
‘Jag undrar , om hon skulle klara av mig om hon såg vad jag egentligen är , om hon såg hur trasig jag verkligen är’
"I'm leaving to Sverige!" the female declared,already slipping her small hand into the large one of the Swedish Viking.
"Why?" the Dane questioned,horror spread across his features,ocean blue eyes wide,while the other Viking let his navy gaze speak for himself.
"I can't decide under pressure. It will be either Lukas trying to convince me that you are unworth of me or you that he is too cruel for my tastes!" the (h/c) sighed,breath coming in visible puffs as she did so.
"It's your choice!" the Norwegian finally spoke,gaining all gazes upon him.
"Berwald is the only person w
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 88 23
~Mit hjerte~ *Viking!Denmark X Reader*
 ~Mit hjerte~
*Viking!Denmark X Reader*
‘Denmark`s ending from ‘Love at war’ series Viking!Denmark X Reader X Viking!Nordics’
‘Bara en liten gnista bara ett ord ett ord kan sätta eld på en skog…’
"I'm leaving to Sverige!" the female declared,already slipping her small hand into the large one of the Swedish Viking.
"Why?" the Dane questioned,horror spread across his features,ocean blue eyes wide,while the other Viking let his navy gaze speak for himself.
"I can't decide under pressure. It will be either Lukas trying to convince me that you are unworth of me or you that he is too cruel for my tastes!" the (h/c) sighed,breath coming in visible puffs as she did so.
"It's your choice!" the Norwegian finally spoke,gaining all gazes upon him.
"Berwald is the only person who could properly take care of you at the moment! The Dane and I still need time to heal!" Lukas went on,tone lowering while rea
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 69 30
*Secret!Agent!England X Hacker!Reader* FINALE
~L'amore e femmina~
*Secret!Agent!England X Hacker!Reader*
'England's ending from 'Mafia!Boss!Romano X Hacker!Reader X Secret!Agent!England'
'L'amore é femmina,e non riceve non si da
(Tic tac,non riceve non si da)
La prendo comoda,calcolo el possibilità
(Tic tac,una possibilità)…'.

The (h/c) sighed,looking once more at the reflection in the mirror.She was pleased with herself and with her life,but secrets kept coming and that caused a small disorder in her thoughts.
As the blonde finished placing her locks into a cute,messy bun,she gave her the best smile she ever had.
The Danish female stood next to (Name),taking hold of a larger brush and two smaller,similar to the first.
"Are you still thinking about it?The decision I mean!" Suu asked,the small breeze making the musical pipes meet and soothing notes invade the silence.
"I think I quite know by now who I am about to choose!My question is - can I pick one without hurting the other?" th
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 37 16
~Helpless~ *AU!Armin X Reader*
*AU!Armin X Reader*
"Look,haha!" a boy's voice came,as well as his laugh.
The little girl perked up her head in sign of interest,placing her stuffed toy onto the park's bench.
"Come on! Aren't you going to do anything about it?" another one taunted,pushing the blonde boy into the sand.
The frail looking boy stood from the space where other kids played,dusting off his pants and not caring about the small bruises here and there. His lips though were sealed and he kept his composure,though it was obvious he was on the verge of tears.
"We can show him some!" a taller and seemingly older boy proposed,voice laced with venom as he pushed the blue eyed boy around.
"Stop it in this very instant!" a feminine voice demanded,stoping the ruckus caused by the bullies.
Before she could take back her words,(Name) realised that was her voice and that she stood up for the boy she didn't even know in the first place.
"Or what?" the tall guy asked,a cocky smirk already developing onto hi
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 92 26
~Krig~ *Viking!Denmark X Reader X Viking!Norway*
*Viking!Denmark X Reader X Viking!Norway*
When the Danish Viking's tiredness took the best of him at the break of dawn,(Name) smiled inwardly at his peaceful features,draping a warm coat to keep him away from cold. Gently standing from her place,the shuffle of her long dress against the floor was inaudible as she went to check onto the blonde boy,who cutely stirred into his sleep. The (h/c) had to supress the giggle bubbling into her throat at the adorable sight in order to go on with her plan - and she did.
Taking her own coat from near the entrance door,she slipped into it,opening the wooden material without sound and closing it the same.
The first thing which hit her though was the harshness of the morning wind,deadly cold,slapping her as hard as a metal.
Bringing her coat closer to her chest,(e/c) eyes wandered to the neighbouring house,where peace was present. The Norwegian's blonde bangs cascaded in his face,covering the smoothness of one eye and a cheek,his thin l
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 73 12
~Vodka~ *Drunk!Finland X Reader*
*Drunk!Finland X Reader*
"Um,why is Norge carrying Fin on his shoulders around the house?" the (h/c) asked,surprised at the sight.
Closing the door in hope she had taken the wrong path and mistaken the wooden door with the five scandinavian flags - which was almost impossible,mind you - the female scrunched her petite nose realising she didn't do as guessed. Sighing,she opened once again the door,the sight of a wasted Lukas shouting profanities in Norwegian - or that's what she thought - while carrying a very excited Tino welcoming her - sort of.
"What the actual ...?" (Name) gasped in surprise,pinching her cheeks in order to assure herself she wasn't dreaming - aaaaand she wasn't.
"Ya know,they get like this once a month!" a feminine voice explained,startling the (h/c).
"It's like they are werewolves or such,becoming... Fabulous over night! But they just get drunk!" the Scandinavian girl laughed,muttering a small 'Look' before taking Lukas' bottle of alcohool.
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 434 331

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Frozen-ish by BlackDiamond13 Frozen-ish :iconblackdiamond13:BlackDiamond13 182 19 APH Finland - Hetalia by BichoScorpio APH Finland - Hetalia :iconbichoscorpio:BichoScorpio 64 13 Little Red Riding Ice by maivalkov Little Red Riding Ice :iconmaivalkov:maivalkov 332 142 Doitsu in Hetaland. Part 1. I'm late! I'm late! by Tanuki-desu Doitsu in Hetaland. Part 1. I'm late! I'm late! :icontanuki-desu:Tanuki-desu 127 11 APH_Belward and Tino by xiaoyugaara APH_Belward and Tino :iconxiaoyugaara:xiaoyugaara 545 84 The Nordics in Suit by katnel88 The Nordics in Suit :iconkatnel88:katnel88 151 29 [APHSIMDATE] SONO NATSU NO HI: PROLOGUE by 0xWhaii [APHSIMDATE] SONO NATSU NO HI: PROLOGUE :icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 204 131 Doodles 17: Nyotalia Boys by ExelionStar Doodles 17: Nyotalia Boys :iconexelionstar:ExelionStar 347 84 Norway in Hamatora art by Aka-DenSuFreak Norway in Hamatora art :iconaka-densufreak:Aka-DenSuFreak 44 23 The 3 great warriors by xong The 3 great warriors :iconxong:xong 3,961 372 Arthur Kirkland -Reporter by coriado Arthur Kirkland -Reporter :iconcoriado:coriado 191 9 Sesshoumaru Sketch by Narikoh Sesshoumaru Sketch :iconnarikoh:Narikoh 286 51 [APH] Romania and Bulgaria by Edo--sama [APH] Romania and Bulgaria :iconedo--sama:Edo--sama 165 21 I order you Sebastian by Dillingham I order you Sebastian :icondillingham:Dillingham 27 8



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~ArtBlog-Nerd's Questions~


1) Have you ever played 'Seven Minutes In Heaven'?

Yes,I did. It was more like 'Seven Minutes in Hell'.

2) Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?

Lately it's an usual for me.

3) Have you seen the new Captain America movie yet? (No spoilers, please. :aww: Nerd hasn't seen it yet and would really~ like to one day. :D)

Yup,did. Best choice ever.

4) Coke or Pepsi?


5) Pizza or Pasta?


6) One Direction or Justin Beiber?--//killed


7) Nickelback or Simple Plan?

Simple Plan.

8) Natasha Bedingfield or Ed Sheeran?

Ed Sheeran.

9) Nicki Minaj or Jessie J?

Jessie J.

10) Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch?--//srapped

Tom Hiddleston.

11) dA or tumblr?


12) Twitter or Facebook?


13) (Now we're getting into some srs s***. Brace yourself.) APH: Axis or Allies?


14) APH: Italy or Romano?

Romano. *he gave me pizza for this,k?*

15) APH: Prussia or Germany?

Prussia. *I like hipsters*

16) APH: America or Canada?

Canada. *cutiepieeee*

17) APH: England or France?

England. *scones are bad,non? but he's a sweetheart*

18) APH: China or Japan?

Japan. *I'rr take responsabirity*

19) APH: Eat England's cooking for a week or train with Germany for a week?

Eat England's cooking for a week. *scofs while munching burnt scone* Well,I'm not an athlete.

20) You've made it to the end!! Congrats~ Cake made by America or Cake made by France?

Definetly by France. American cakes are too bright coloured for my taste.


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10 things about Suu:

1. I like apple juice.

2. I fell while I was on the bike.

3. Because of number two I have a lot of nasty bruises.

4. ESC this year wasn't as exciting as the previous one.

5. Forever a Loreenator.

6. We've got the power!!! //sings//

7. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard~ ... Actually no,because my boyfriend would kill 'em all.

8. Pastaaa <3

9. I made a new super secret recipie for pasta and my babe enjoyed it.

10. My boyfriend's name is the same as my favourite Norwegian's singer.


~ArtBlog-Nerd's Questions~


1) APH: Spain or Romano?


2) APH: What could I work on in terms of my writing?

I haven't read in a long time your fics,but improvement comes with time,so don't worry about it.

3) If you could cosplay any chara from any anime, who would it be?

Sebastian Michaelis. *do I have to mention the anime?*

4) What's your favorite article of clothing?

Bed sheets// slapped

Ok,ok. Scarfs. I adore them.

5) Does it bother you that I don't spell 'favorite' with a 'u'? (Well, I'm sorry but I'm American and in America we spell differently than the British.)

Oh. Not really. I know many people who do this.

6) What fandoms are you currently in? (List the top 3-5 of them)

1. Hetalia

2. Black Butler

3. Durarara

4. My little monster

5.Blue Exorcist

7) Do you like songs in English or in another language?

Mostly in English. But I also love them in Scandinavian languages,or French,Italian and so on.

8) Who's your role model (in real life, people. It can't be an anime/manga chara)?

At the moment my Programming teacher.

9) Cats or Dogs?


10) Are you excited to have the school year finally over and done with?

I still have 2 weeks of classes and one month of exams. So nope. :'(




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10 shade of I don't give a *censored* cookie :

1. I blurt out 'Let it go' at mostly everything and it gets awkward sometimes.

2. I watch shows I used to hate,but they became pleasant actually.

3. I really like Joeffrey's actor from GoT. Is that bad?

4. I wanted to go to comicon in my country this year,but couldn't because of some major projects.

5. My male teachers are pervs.

6. Why are guys confessing now that I'm taken?

7. I love my life no matter what.

8. I love everyone around here.

9. My head hurts at the moment.

10. Good night my babies!~


~MiyukiHayashi45's Questions~


1.) Grade average?

Huh? As in my average mark at  school? Because that would be a 9.

Or should I define it?In this case - puts on glasses - average means to me something I can daily pass by, that can pass me or I can always have in an arm's reach.

2.) What do you dream to be?

An Engineer.

3.) Tsundere, Yandere, Kuudere, Dandere... Somewhere between two?

I guess Dandere and Tsundere?

4.) What languages can you speak and how fluent are you in them?

Well,obviously my mother tongue. Then immediatly after English - I can speak fluently,write,listen and write/read literature. Second is French - I can speak it,but a less than English. Italian and Spanish - I can completly understand them,I can speak them a little bit,but I don't know to write. German and Swedish - Beginner.

5.) Like looking at digital art (MMD, Photoshop, DAZ Studio, etc.) or drawing more?

Looking. I don't have the necessary time to draw. The only drawing I do are 3D's and exploded views of pieces. :) Or using the CAD systems.

6.) Country you live in? If in America, what state?


7.) Favorite type of food? (Japanese, Mexican, German, etc.)

French cuisine and Italian.

8.) Favorite world culture?


9.) Favorite history? (European, Asian, German, Chinese, etc.)

National history.

10.) Favorite memory that happened at school?

I passed // slapped

Well,I've made a lot of good friends. But my favorite memory is when I won a prize at a very hard national Foreign Languages competition. My English teacher didn't have the necessary time to tutor me for it,so we just went with it and I worked by myself. When my teach read the result and had seen me on the top of the list,he just yelled out of happiness and shook my shoulders,telling me on a very happy tone that I won and he was proud of me. It was my best day at school and it made me cry.


I am alive ;u; ... but barely breathin! OAO

  • Listening to: Vitas - Opera
  • Reading: Wat
  • Watching: Wat
  • Playing: Wat
  • Eating: Wat
  • Drinking: Coffee


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